Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion Review

Hello my beauties! ❤❤❤
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Well, if I ask you “What’s your skin type?“, would your answer vary ‘seasonally‘??? 😛
If yes, welcome to the clan of ‘Weird Skin Types‘! XD
I have a default combination skin type which turns normal to slightly dry during the spring and the fall and gets extremely dry during the winters! 🙁
Now, the biggest trouble is that finding a gel based moisturiser or a nourishing creamy moisturiser is easy… 😛 But getting hold of a moisturiser that fills the gap between the both is damn difficult! 😀
So, most of the times, either it is “Oh so greasy!” or “Oh so stretchy!” for me during those transition months! 😛

Today, I am going to talk about a lotion which fits into that gap perfectly ❤ and has made my life a tad easier!!! 😀


Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion
Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

DESCRIPTION: Nourishes and revives; daily use moisturiser!
I am 100% free of petrochemicals, phathalates, toxic ingredients, parabens, artificial fragrance and colour. Enriched with SPF 15, I protect, moisturise and rejuvenate your skin. The revitalising extracts of almond fruit and lotus leaf seal in the moisture imparting instant relief to dry and delicate skin. The combination of wheat germ and jojoba oils together with mango seed butter effectively repair and soothe dry and damaged skin. My potent blend of patchouli, geranium and rose essential oils revive the skin leaving it with a lustrous and healthy texture.

HOW TO USE: Gently massage the moisturiser onto your skin. For best results, use daily after cleansing, toning and oiling the skin, morning and night or whenever your skin feels the need for some extra care.

CONTAINS: Aqua, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Beeswax, Aloe Barbadensis Juice, Pelargonium Graveolens Essential Oil, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, Pogostemon Cablin Essential Oil, Triticum Vulgare Vulgare Germ Oil, Rosa Damascena Essential Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Fruit Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Food Grade Colour.

COST: Rs. 190 for 100ml ; Rs. 320 For 220ml.

SHELF LIFE: 36 months.

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion
Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion


The Aroma Magic almond moisturising lotion comes in a simple but sturdy, transparent plastic bottle packaging with a screw-on cap! The bottle has a beautiful label around it that contains all the details about the product mentioned over it… ❤ The bottle can undergo a lot of pressure without leaking or rupturing which makes it travel friendly… But what I do not like about the packaging is the absence of a pump dispenser or a flip cap which leads to a lot of product wastage as the lotion is quite runny, and hence, makes it inconvenient for on-the-go applications! 🙁

The almond moisturising lotion is pure white in colour and has a mild but pleasant, sweet-vanilla kind of fragrance to it that hardly lingers for a minute or two after application, and so, it isn’t going to bother the sensitive noses… 😀
The lotion is quite runny in consistency and has a texture that lies somewhere in between watery and slightly creamy! 😛
And due to this, the lotion spreads on the skin with ease and just a tiny amount of it is required to cover the whole face and neck… ❤

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion
Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

The lotion gets completely absorbed into the skin with a little massage and leaves the skin supple but non-greasy! It nourishes the skin and takes care of the slightly dry patches and peeling skin around the nose and the lips pretty well! My facial skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated and non-stretchy after use… What I love the most about this lotion is that it can be layered, i.e., multiple layers can be applied one on the top of the other for extra nourishment… And it still doesn’t make the face look dark and greasy, unlike the Lakme moisturisers… 😛

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion
Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion

This moisturising lotion is custom-made for normal to slightly dry skin types… And with that I mean ANY skin type that is ‘normal to slightly dry’ or that behaves like ‘normal to slightly dry’ skin type due to the seasonal changes… It would make combination to oily skin go greasy if applied during the hotter months and would fail to provide enough moisturisation to the dry skin during colder days! 😛
But it provides the perfect nourishment to most of the skin types during the transition months of the year! ❤❤❤

(Also read my review over Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub here!)


1. Very affordable and easily available both online as well as offline! You can get it from Amazon, Flipkart or Nykaa…
2. Sturdy packaging; doesn’t leak or break under pressure!
3. Organic product; doesn’t contain parabens, petrochemicals and other toxic ingredients! ❤
4. Has a subtle, pleasant fragrance that fades away on application…
5. Spreads very easily and just a tiny amount of the lotion is required to cover the entire face and neck… Gets absorbed with a little massage and doesn’t leave or make the face greasy! ❤
6. It would suit most of the skin types during those transition months when creamy moisturisers are too heavy for the dry skin and gel moisturisers leave the oily skin stretchy! It would also work well for normal to slightly dry skin types almost throughout the year! ❤

1. Not enough moisturizing for a skin type that is or turns dry to severely dry during the winters… My combination skin turns extremely dry during the winters and this lotion fails to provide it with sufficient moisturisation! 😛
2. Doesn’t come with a pump dispenser or a flip cap which makes the application messy and leads to product wastage quite often!

RATING: 4.25/5

FINAL TAKE: The Aroma Magic almond moisturising lotion is a moisturiser that nourishes the skin, keeps it smooth and supple and doesn’t make it greasy or heavy… A moisturiser that would suit every skin type during one part of the year or the other… And a moisturiser that I definitely recommend you all to try out! 😀

Hope it helps! ❤

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    1. Hello! It would work well for you during transition months and summers. If your skin gets too dry during winters, then it won’t provide enough moisturisation during winters! 🙂

  1. Weel as per your review then I can go for this cream in Summers while for winters I can switch to more buttery creams. Thanks for simplifying this.

  2. It is dry and stretchy here in Delhi, so I was looking for something that will give me moisturization without greasiness. Will try this.

  3. Aroma magic has some amazing products.. I have tried this particular products..

    And is it ok to use on dry skin

  4. good review. I generally dont like (or find helpful) the runny variety, but as you rightly pointed out for those transition months it would be the perfect solution!
    and thank you so much for sharing about the ‘weird’ skin, i have similar issues and thought maybe its me or something wrong I am doing with my skin care!!!

  5. This looks like a great moisrurizng lotion to our skin. I will definitely give this a try. Where did you buy it?

  6. I love aroma magic products & this almond moisturiser is so good, it has good moisturising power and what a pleasant smell. I really love it

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