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Gone are the days when menstruation was talked about in hushed tones and Intimate Hygiene was a topic unknown to more than 3/4th of our population!!!
Today, although the taboo around ​these natural phenomena are still somewhere present in the minds of the people, We have come a long way in spreading awareness about personal hygiene, especially among women! ❤

But just spreading awareness would hardly do any good if we don’t provide good, safe and comfortable sanitary necessities to our fellow women!

Today, there are so many options for Intimate Hygiene Products available in the market, but are they all equally good? Do we even know properly about all the newer and lesser known brands that have top quality products at the same price as their more famous counterparts?

We usually don’t care and go for the popular brands… I had always trusted the brands leading the Intimate Hygiene market and many of them failed me miserably, causing rashes(That is a fact!)! 🙁

The most important thing to remember while buying a sanitary napkin is that it should be made up of a breathable and soft absorbent material, preferably cotton, so that it doesn’t cause infection or rashes and keeps the intimate area dry! And that the intimate washes should be gentle on our delicate skin and should not upset the vaginal flora! ❤

And today I bring to you a brand, that might not be as famous as the brands you use, but the quality​ of Products it offers would blow your mind.. and also, the products and perfectly comfortable on skin and Dermatologically Tested! ❤

(All the samples were sent to me by the brand in exchange of an honest review! All the views here are my own, and I have written this post after trying out all the samples!)

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

• BELLA PANTY SOFT, PANTY LINERS: The Bella Panty Liners come in four different variants, namely, panty new(162mm), panty soft/ deo fresh(162mm), panty classic(165mm) and panty mini(135mm)! I received the Deo fresh variant which has a mild yet extremely pleasing floral smell that had made the entire Bella carton fragrant! ❤
I usually don’t find the fragrance of sanitary pads much pleasant but this was definitely an exception!
The description on the outer cardboard box says that these panty liners are gently scented and are made of a breathable material and I completely agree with it! ❤ I usually develop rashes if I use a sanitary pad with a not-so-soft and non-absorbent top sheet and was quite doubtful about how these pads are going to be! But these panty liners are definitely the most soft ones I have come across till date! They don’t have that netty top sheet but a super absorbent soft cotton layer that completely soaks up white discharges and the light flow on those last days of periods really well leaving the intimate areas dry! ❤❤❤
Also, the width and thickness of these pads are just perfect and neither do they​ peek out of the panties nor do they make me feel that I have worn something! ❤

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

COST: Rs. 64 for a pack of 20 panty liners!

NOTE: Dermatologically Tested and Recyclable! Delicate; latex free and anatomical shape.

SHELF LIFE: 7 years!

• BELLA SILKY DRAI, NIGHT PERFECTA ULTRA XXL: The Bella Silky Drai sanitary pads come in four variants too, namely, Ultra L(285mm), Ultra L Deo Fresh(285mm), Ultra XL Heavy Flow(285mm) and Ultra XXL Night(315mm)! ❤
I received the Ultra XXL Night variant from Bella that has the Magic Gel leakage Control System and claims to be Quick and Highly Absorbent and best for the night-time! ❤
These Sanitary pads are extremely long but fit perfectly on the inner side of the panties and cover it will.. With two perfectly positioned wings, the pads stick firmly to the undies and absorb even the heaviest of the flows pretty well!
Also, the pads are really thin, 2mm in thickness to be precise, and are free from any kind of fragrance, So, would not make you feel uncomfortable or uneasy during those nights! ❤
But what I liked the most about these pads is again the material they are made up of! They are really breathable and damn soft on the skin..

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

COST: Rs. 85 for a pack of 7 pads.

HOW TO DISPOSE: Wrap in the pocket-pack that it comes in and throw it into a dustbin; Do not flush; It is recyclable.

SHELF LIFE: 5 years.

• BELLA STAY DRAI, IDEALE NIGHT ULTRA THIN: This variant from Bella is again a heavy flow absorber and IDEALE for night times or for those days when you need to be outdoors for hours at a stretch but you are bleeding extremely heavily! ❤
The pack claims that the pad contains microcapsules for advanced protection against leakage and odour and has a flexi-fit technology for ultimate freedom!
The pads are extremely long(315mm) and very thin (2mm or even less) and have an almost unnoticeable floral fragrance in them.. Also, the material is damn breathable and super soft and absorbs really well.. It claims to keep the intimate areas dry and comfortable and that it what it exactly does! ❤

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

COST: Rs. 190 for a pack of 14 pads.

SHELF LIFE: 5 years.

• BELLA FEMININE WASH, SENSITIVE: The Bella Sensitive Feminine Wash is for Women with Sensitive skin. It claims to be extremely gentle, non-irritating, soothing, refreshing & regenerative and has a physiological pH that is essential for the Healthy vaginal flora! ❤
I had received a few sachets of the Feminine wash from Bella and have been using them regularly for quite​ a few days now.. ❤
It comes in a good quality, aqua coloured (That is my favourite colour! 🙂 ) plastic pouch that has a small cutout on a side which makes it really easy to tear it with bare hands and hence travel friendly! ❤
The wash has an extremely mild, pleasant aqua smell and is in the form of a transparent-bluish liquid that lathers very well and a few drops are enough to clean the intimate areas effectively… This wash doesn’t tingle but soothes the intimate areas and keeps the area completely dry and odor less for several hours! ❤

I am quite loving this feminine wash and am planning to buy the full-sized bottle​ soon!

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, SLS, glycerin, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, sodium chloride, PEG 120 methyl glucose dioleate, PEG 7 glyceryl cocoate, disodium undecylenamido mea sulfosuccinate, betaine, panthenol, allantoin, dmdm hydantoin, parfum, lactic acid, tetra sodium EDTA, methylchloroisothiazolinone, Cl 42090.

COST: Rs. 3 for a sachet of 3 ml; Bigger sizes available.

USAGE: Apply externally to intimate area and rinse off!

SHELF LIFE: 12 months.

• BELLA 100% COTTON BUDS: The Cotton Buds from Bella come in a sealed plastic pouch with a small hole on the top to push the buds out! ❤ I am in love with this simple yet convenient packaging as there’s no need to open the boxes or pull out the trays to take them out, unlike the bud packets of many renowned brands! And this makes it really handy and travel friendly! ❤
The cotton on the buds is quite soft against the skin and well attached to the sturdy, white coloured plastic stems.. I have used it for quite a few times.. to clean my bleeding Lipsticks and even to wipe off the extra kohl from my eye lids and it has absorbed and cleaned up everything really well.. The absorptive capacity of these buds is quite good and also the cotton fibres do not wear out even on being rubbed harshly! ❤

I am really very happy with the Bella 100% Cotton Buds and would definitely recommend you to pick these up the next time you go out to buy cotton buds! ❤

Bella Hygiene Care Products
Bella Hygiene Care Products

COST: Rs. 45 for a packet of 100 cotton buds.

NOTE: Recyclable; Cotton buds should not be used to clean the ear canal!

SHELF LIFE: Upto 5 years.

(Also read my review over Mamaearth Apple Cider Vinegar here !)


1. Extremely good quality products.
2. All the sanitary napkins are soft and breathable.
3. All the sanitary napkins are highly absorbent!
4. The feminine wash is of a really good quality and keeps the intimate areas dry and odor less for several hours!
5. The cotton buds come in a handy packaging and are quite soft against the skin; Plus, they absorb pretty well!
6. The pricing of all the products are similar to their competitors and I personally Don’t find them to be pricey!


1. The only thing that I disappointed me a little was that although they are available online everywhere ( On Amazon , Nykaa and Bella ), I haven’t seen them much in local stores.. But yes, they are available in Kolkata in Metro Cash & Carry. In other cities they are available in supermarkets as Spar, Big Bazaar, Hypercity, Lulu, Health & Glow. 🙂

In The End, I Would DEFINATELY RECOMMEND You All To Try Them Out As I Am Myself Going To Buy These Again Once I Finish Them All! ❤

**PR samples but completely (100%) honest review!**

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  1. Personal hygiene is very important and Bella products sound promising. I get rashes often and I think I should try their sanitary napkins…

  2. Great to read such reviews, which are usually not taken and promoted. We all need these products, found liners and feminine was great and I shall look to get one:)

  3. Personal hygiene is so important there are products which man dont even know if they are available in the market!!!!


  4. We ladies experienced very bad during those problematic days. But your nice review sounds quite good and a solution for our period time. I will be definitely try these Bella s personal hygienic products

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