Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover Review

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Women Love Shopping( Much to the dismay of Men! 😛 )! And that’s a universal truth! 😀
As for me, I sometimes don’t​ understand If I shop for need or somehow make the items my need after buying them! 😛

The product that I am going to review today was bought just because it was on a discount (I pity myself! 😀 ).. But Now it has become an essential part of my vanity… And that for a reason! ❤❤❤

Read on to know more about it.. 😉


Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

DESCRIPTION: One second nail polish remover with vitamins, silicon and almond oil. No cotton needed.
Dip each finger into the sponge and twist your nails against the sponge to remove all traces of nail polish. Remove your nail polishes without using cotton wool, while nourishing your nails with silicon, vitamins and almond oil.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Ethyl acetate, isopropyl myristate, cyclo pentasiloxane, almond oil, vit E and vit B5.

Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

SHELF LIFE: 5 years.

COST: INR 65 for 40ml.


The Blue Heaven ‘Dip & Twist’ nail polish remover comes in a pink coloured plastic bottle with a screw on cap.. There is another lid, inside the outer cap, that just sits on the mouth of the bottle for extra protection.. ❤
All the details are mentioned over the body of the product.. The packaging is really sturdy and durable and hence, travel friendly! 😀

Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

The bottle is fitted with a soft, black coloured, cologne sponge that is completely soaked in the nail polish remover liquid.. The sponge also has a slit in the middle for the nails to be dipped inside..

The best thing that I noticed about this nail paint remover was its smell.. It smells nothing Like the regular removers; In fact, it actually has a pleasant kind of fragrance to it.. ❤ The fragrance lasts on the nails for quite some time after using the remover but it is mild enough not to bother the Sensitive noses..

Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

Talking of its efficacy, this nail polish remover actually works like magic on the nails! ❤
The first time I used it, I just dipped my nails (Dual coated with nail polish!) into the sponge and twisted it for 2-3 times before taking it out of the bottle… And TADAAA!
All the color from the nails had miraculously vanished.. ❤❤❤

It took me just around 2 minutes to remove the paint from all my fingers, whereas I usually keep struggling to remove the nail polish using traditional liquid removers and it takes atleast 10 minutes to do the same!
And the biggest plus point?
There was no mess, no sticky hands, no cotton balls! ❤❤❤

Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

Now, It definitely removes all the nail paint in a twist or two.. But the paint around the corners of the nails require some special attention to get completely removed.. But then, it hardly take 2-3 more twists for it to vanish too! 😀

Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover
Blue Heaven Dip And Twist Nail Paint Remover

The remover doesn’t dry out the nails and instead keep it moisturised and shiny! It has Vitamins E, B5 and almond oil for nourishment of the nails… Honestly, I haven’t seen a nail polish remover with so many nail nourishing ingredients.. ❤
Also, the shine and the glossy look remains on the nails for quite a few hours before fading.. ❤

The only thing that I dislike about this nail polish remover is that after 4-5 cycles of use, the nail polish that has accumulated in the sponge starts to stain the fingers while twisting the nails.. But it usually doesn’t stick to the fingers much and washes away with a little soap and water!

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1. Inexpensive and easily available; Get it here !
2. Completely Travel friendly.
3. Creates no mess; doesn’t require cotton balls.
4. Works effectively; removes the nail polish in 2-3 twists.
5. Pleasant fragrance; doesn’t smell predominantly of alcohol.
6. Contains vitamins and almond oil; nourishes the nails and makes them shiny.

1. Complete ingredients list is absent.
2. Requires a bit of effort to remove the paint from inner corners of the nails.
3. After a few uses, the nail polish accumulated in the sponge starts to stain the fingers.

RATING: 4.25/5

FINAL TAKE: This nail polish remover from Blue heaven is one of the best removers I have ever come across.. Due to its efficacy, its cost, its fragrance, its nourishing property and definitely due to its non messy ways.. It can be a day saver when you want to remove the color from your nails while traveling or if you don’t have enough time to go for liquid removers.. ❤

Hope It Helps ❤

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44 thoughts on “Blue Heaven Dip & Twist Nail Paint Remover Review

  1. Will surely try this once. A good fragrance will always be the one thing I looked for in a remover. Will get one in this one it seems.

  2. This looks affordable and worth buying nail polish remover. Love that it doesn’t dryout the nails and keep them moisturised.

  3. The product is extraordinarily useful.Removal of nail polish in two minutes is amazing, Would be trying this

  4. Firstly I must say that the person on whom the nail polish removal was done had great nails. Secondly, this product seems really cool. Have shared info with friends. Will now share with family and based on ur feedback may be buy it ?

    1. First of all thank you so much as those are my nails! And thanks for sharing with your friends! Means a lot! ❤

  5. I love the fact that the brand is reasonable offering great products. Thanks for sharing this useful nail polish remover. Would love to try it 🙂

  6. I have used a few product from Blue heaven and the brand is reasonable. This product seems great. I hate using remover for that strong smell they leave, but this seems to be less messier from your review.

    1. Yes.. It is definitely very easy to work with, doesn’t smell bad and is affordable 😀

  7. Even the remover from Blue heaven is my favourite but would love to try this dip twist as its travel freindly and if kids running around its easy as it will not spill. 🙂

    1. Once washed with soap the stain goes away as the base is quite Moisturisating so it doesn’t stick to the nails! 🙂

  8. Sounds wonderful & looking nice. This type of nail polish remover is new to me. Really it is time saver for most of the women. I will be definitely try this nail polish remover

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