Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel Review – Wild Strawberry

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Have you ever wondered why strawberry is one of the most common and most loved flavours around the world? 😛
Be it toffees, jellies, ice creams, biscuits, fragrances, soaps, body lotions, shower gels or lip balms… Strawberry is one flavour that you are definitely going to find in all the categories, in abundance! 😀

And the reason is pretty simple… 😛
Strawberries don’t just have the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and a mouth-watering fragrance (that makes them so delicious), but are also loaded with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, manganese and potassium and are totally free from cholesterol, sodium and fat, which altogether protects the body against heart diseases and cancer, lowers the blood pressure, fights aging of the skin, reduces oiliness and acne, provides protection from UV rays and also brightens up the skin… (Phew!!!) Thus, making strawberries a perfect choice for all good things! ❤

Now you can proudly say that you loveee strawberries, irrespective of your age! 😀
And well, I love them too! ❤❤❤
So, today I am going to review a strawberry body wash that I am absolutely crushing on, these days, because of its yummy fragrance! ❤
Read on to know more about it! 😀


Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

DESCRIPTION: Gratify yourself with Body Cupid’s Wild Strawberry Shower Gel. Enriched with the anti-ageing goodness of natural strawberry seed oil and power-packed with moisturizing power of natural shea butter. This no parabens, no sulphate formulation indulges your skin with intense nourishment. Its sweet and fruity fragrance is an incredible mood lifter that goes beautifully with your glowing skin and radiant smile.

TO USE: Wet your body under the shower. Pour a coin-sized dollop of the shower gel on a wet washcloth, loofah, or sponge. Squeeze and squish gently till lather begins to form. Massage gently all over the body. Rinse off thoroughly.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Polyacrylate – 33, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Decyl Glucoside, Cocodiethanolamide, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Betaine Anhydrous, PEG 50 Shea Butter, D- Panthenol, Strawberry Seed Oil, PEG 150 Distearate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Fragrance, Color Cl 17200 & Cl 16185

Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

COST: Rs. 400 for 250ml & Rs. 778 for 400ml

SHELF LIFE: 24 months from the date of manufacturing


The body cupid’s wild strawberry shower gel comes in an aesthetically pleasing, cubical, transparent plastic bottle packaging with a pump dispenser (400ml) in golden and black/a golden metallic screw-cap (250ml), on the top! It is also laced with a yellow ribbon bow around the neck of the bottle which makes it look really cute… ❤ The body wash comes in two different sizes and the smaller one (250ml), with a sturdy and leak-proof screw-cap, is totally travel-friendly! ❤
Both the bottles contain all the details about the product mentioned over it…

Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

The body wash has a transparent, bright red colour to it and is in the form of a gel-like liquid with a runny consistency!
And the fragrance… Man, it’s just delicious!!! 😛 The gel smells like a yummy, extremely sweet dessert made out of pure strawberry cream! ❤ The fragrance of the body wash is not very strong but is really rich and lingers until the lather is rinsed off! ❤

Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

The gel lathers really well with a loofah despite the fact that it doesn’t contain any kind of sulphates and a little less than a coin sized amount of it is enough to cover the entire body in a luxurious lather! ❤ The lather cleanses the skin of all the dirt, oil and impurities and leaves it feeling clean and fresh! It also leaves the body a little fragrant but one needs to sniff really hard to smell it… 😛

Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

Now, the body wash claims to provide ‘intense nourishment’ to all the skin types and although it does keep the skin hydrated and nourished for a really long time, I don’t feel that it actually provides any extra moisturisation to the skin… I have a dry skin type which behaves quite normal during the hot and humid days and turns extremely dry during the winters… And this body wash fails to provide enough hydration to my skin during the colder months, leaving it dry and stretchy…
But during the hotter days, it keeps my skin well-nourished and I don’t feel the need to follow it up with a body lotion… ❤
This body wash also doesn’t make the skin feel heavy or greasy, even on the hottest and most humid days and so, in my opinion, this would be a perfect nourishing body wash for oily to normal skin types, throughout the year… While dry to extremely dry skin types may follow it up with a moisturizer during the colder days or whenever they feel the need for it! 😛

Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry
Body Cupid Bath & Shower Gel, Wild Strawberry

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1. Easily available online on Amazon, Nykaa, Snapdeal and on Buy WOW!
2. Sturdy and gorgeous packaging; comes in two sizes with the smaller one being absolutely travel friendly! ❤
3. Free from parabens and sulphates and contains wild strawberry seed oil along with natural shea butter! ❤
4. Laced with a mild to moderately strong fragrance of deliciously sweet strawberries! ❤
5. Even though it doesn’t contain sulphates, the body wash lathers really well with a loofah and a bit less than a coin-sized amount of it is enough for one use!
6. Cleanses the skin really well of all the dirt, grease and impurities and leaves the skin fresh and supple!
7. Doesn’t dry out the skin at all and instead leaves it hydrated and slightly nourished; oily to normal skinned people wouldn’t feel the need to moisturise the skin after using this body wash, while dry to extremely dry skin types may need a layer of moisturisation, especially during the winter months…
8. Leaves the skin very mildly fragrant after bath, although the smell vanishes within sometime!


1. Quite expensive! 😛
2. Doesn’t provide the drier skin types with ‘intense’ nourishment! 😛

RATING: 4.65/5

FINAL TAKE: If you are a strawberry lover like me, this body wash is just what you need to jazz up your mood on a rough day! ❤ The perfect blend of delicious fragrance, luxurious lather and hydrating properties makes this body wash a great option for anyone, except maybe for people with an extremely dry skin type, especially during the harsh winters! 😀

Hope it helps! ❤

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  1. I have used the other variant of this one …I m really fond of this brand products …Good review

  2. The product looks great but sigh, I have a aversion for strawberry flavour in any form. Would love to try in some other fragrance for sure.

  3. This bath gel sounds really nice when some one like me always look for a relaxing bath. I would love to try this for sure.

  4. This sounds like a find! I am the only one in my family who is high on using body shower gels rather than soaps. I believe it maintains hygiene. This review of Body Cupid’s bath shower gel is next on my to buy list.

  5. such a cute packaging. Its quite expensive though but would love to try in future.

  6. Personally I don’t like the strawberry flavor. But its a good option for those who love this flavor. And organic paraben free products are good for skin always.

  7. This is quite a comprehensive post showcasing all the pros and cons of the shower gel. Since I am a fan of strawberry fragrance I can really give this one a try. And yes I agree its little on the expensive side, but I am sure worth investing.

  8. I have dry skin particularly Keratosis pilaris on my arms. I need my bodycare to be intensely moisturizing. I wish brand releases another version of this body wash. Good that it’s paraben and sulphate Free though.

  9. This new strawberry infused bath & show gel by Body Cupid seems to be amazing. The product packaging is amazing. Will recommend this to my friends as well.

  10. It was love at diets sight with this strawberry body wash, the packing and the hydrating properties bowled me over.

  11. The first thing that attracts me is strawberry fragrance bcoz strawberry is my favourite flavour and can’t deny on the packing it’s too good

  12. First thing attracts me is it’s packing and colour ..I am sure it’s refreshing to uplift the mood

  13. I love anything which has strawberry fragrance. It really uplifts our mood. So i am definitely going to try it out

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