D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack

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Well, here at my place, the heat is already making us boil and the black umbrellas and shades have found a place in our handbags yet again… 😛 😀 XD

So, as the Summer is already knocking at the door, I thought of putting up a simple DIY with some FRESH citrusy fruits that would provide a blast of freshness and would also reverse the damage done to the skin by the sun, at the end of the day! 😀

Read on! ❤


D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack
D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack

PREFERRED SKIN TYPE: Combination to oily skin.


• 1 square centimetre ( or less ) piece of turmeric; If fresh turmeric isn’t available, use 1/2 a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder.
• Fresh peel of 1/2 an orange (small).
• 1 or 2 slices of orange.
• Rind of 1/4th a lemon (small).
• 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice.
• Filtered water to dilute the paste.
• 1 tablespoon of Honey/Coconut Oil. [Optional; Just to leave the skin moisturised!]

D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack
D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack


1. Fresh Turmeric: Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which calm down the skin, bring out the natural glow and also fight acne and infections…

2. Fresh Orange Peel: Contains greater amount of Vitamin C and citric acid than the fruit itself and helps fight dullness & acne…

3. Orange Fruit: Contains citric acid, vitamin C, natural oils and anti-oxidants which fight acne and infections, free radicals, dullness and provides a healthy looking glow to the skin!

4. Lemon Rind: Contains limonene, citric acid, glycosides, etc., which fight acne and infections, dullness and enhances the glow and complexion of the skin!

5. Lemon Juice: Loaded with anti-oxidants, citric acid and vitamins and enhances the complexion, fights acne and infections and provides a glow to the face…


STEP 1: In a bowl, take less than a centimetre square piece of fresh turmeric (or turmeric powder), lemon rind, orange peel, orange slices and lemon juice.

STEP 2: Take a mixer grinder and add all the ingredients in it.

STEP 3: Add 15-20 ml of water and grind everything together until the paste becomes smooth. You can add in honey or coconut oil at this point, if you wish.

STEP 4: Take out the paste in a bowl and it is ready to use!

D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack
D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack


STEP 1: Apply the face pack all over your face and neck with the help of a face pack brush. AVOID the EYE and UNDER EYE areas, ACNE, WOUNDS and CUTS… Apply liberally on the nose, chin, forehead and neck and apply just a thin layer everywhere else on the face!
The excess face pack can also be applied on the hand and legs…

STEP 2: Keep the face pack on for about 15 minutes [or more ONLY if you CAN bear the tingling sensation for long] and rinse it off with cold water. Towel dry the face and apply ice or cold compress for a few seconds to calm down the skin.

NOTE: Fresh orange peel has a good amount of citric acid in it which might lead to a slight burning sensation on the face especially if you have a dry or sensitive skin! You can dilute the pack or add in honey/ coconut oil to lessen the tingling sensation!

D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack
D-I-Y Fresh Orange Lemon And Turmeric Face Pack


• Since all the citrus fruits used in this DIY recipe are fresh, they contain far greater amount of citric acid and vitamin C than the dried powder masks… And citric acid is known to TINGLE the skin and lead to a burning sensation if used on sensitive or dry skin, although it doesn’t harm the skin… So, people with sensitive skin or dry skin should avoid this mask…

• Fresh orange peel, lemon rind and lemon juice contain citric acid which increases skin’s sensitivity to sunrays… It is advisable to use this face pack during the evening or night or wear a sunscreen with a good SPF content if you use it during the day!


Regular use of this face mask would help to heal the acne, breakouts and infections; fight dullness and uneven skin tone; remove fresh tan and enhance the skin making it smooth and glowing! ❤
It works best for combination to oily skin types and removes excess sebum secretion from the face without drying out the skin completely! ❤

(Also read my DIY Gram Flour Oatmeal And Turmeric Face Pack Recipe here!)

Hope It Helps! ❤

Do let me know if you liked it! 😉

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  1. I’ve never tried turmeric along with orange and lemon. But this looks great diy mask especially during summer

  2. The mask looks so good! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow. Just wanted to check with you if it will be ok for anyone with large pores?

  3. Woww this is such an easy and refreshing mask. Citrus masks are great for brightening skin. I love that you also added turmeric for extra benefits.

  4. Tanned skin has always been a problem for me especially due to my running. It’s get worse during summer and am I glad to come across your post. Trying it out this week.

  5. I have a combination skin type but I rarely use homemade face packs as I don’t get much time from my busy schedule, #momlife. However, I totally loved this one as all these ingredients are easily available at home and it will hardly take 5 mins to make the mask. I will be trying it tomorrow.

  6. Hey, I’m a sucker of anything and everything DIY! The one you have mentioned here seems to be amazing and I’m definitely gonna try it out.

  7. Wow, just wow. I was looking for this kind of DIY face masks. I think it will work best on my skin.

  8. I am a person who love to use face pack. I have acne prone skin still I do experiment with face packs 🙂
    You have shared a good one and specially its a home made pack.. I am going to use it soon and will share my experience too.

  9. You put so much into creating on post. It is really admirable. What I loved the most in this post was that you give the benefits of the ingredients used separately. It is one clean and neat post I must say. Btw the heat in Mumbai is equally unbearable. The humid weather is turning hotter so much that I almost scorched my eyes in the heat when I forgot my glares! I will try this mask and give you a review. ♥️

  10. This seems like a very interesting face mask with the goodness of orange and the best part is it does not make the skin dry need to try out this mask this summer

  11. Wow.. a fairly simple mask with ingredients from the kitchen. Always hate throwing away orange peel when i know how beneficial they are, but usual get bored of having to dry them to make powder. This is a great use for them..

  12. this diy is sooo simple!! this being the orange season even a busy mom like me can find the time to get some orange peels and use it to my benefit.

  13. Orange and turmeric both are so good for skin. It.must be a great pack. I have sensitive skin so little worried for the tingling part

  14. Nice review, fresh citrus fruits face pack is really good for our skin in place of many branded companies products. I love to read your reviews too much. I will definitely try your fresh fruits diy face pack. Love you

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