DIY Coffee Face Pack

Hiiii Beautiful Souls! 😀 😀 😀

I hope everyone is doing great!!! ❤

Finally, it feels like the rainy season is approaching in its full swing! ☔ 😀

It’s time to grab a romantic novel, a cozy blanket, a WARM CUP OF COFFEE, and a seat by the window! ❤❤❤


Well, how many of you love coffee? ❤

Personally.. I love everything that smells of coffee… From toffees to cake and pastries to body lotions and face scrubs… 😛

**Badly addicted**
So… Today I am up with a DIY face pack recipe with coffee ☕ which I have been using and loving lately! And yes, it is super duper easy to make! ❤

So let’s start! 😀



1. 3/4th tbsp. Coffee (Nescafe, Bru or whichever is easily available; I used Nescafe classic! )

2. 3/4th tbsp. milk.


1. COFFEE : Coffee is not just a good exfoliator but also provides softer, healthier and hydrated skin and can even work towards tightening of large pores. Coffee dehydrates fatty cells, causing a reduction in cellulite and also treats puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. It has skin Brightening and skin tightening properties which helps in fighting fines lines and leaves behind a glowy face. Coffee it a great source of anti oxidants and can fight nasty rosacea, redness and skin damage caused by the harsh sunrays too!

2. MILK : None of us are unaware of the skin benefits of milk! Milk is a great all in one product, being a cleanser, toner and a heavenly moisturizer!

It is a natural anti tanning, anti acne and anti ageing agent that provides a radiant glow to the skin while Tryosine in milk prevents excess melanin production resulting in a fairer skin!

DIY Coffee Face Pack
DIY Coffee Face Pack


1. Take the coffee in a clean and dry bowl.

2. Add 3/4th tbsp. Of milk and mix it properly till you get a fine syrup like consistency.

3. Apply the mixture on to clean face and neck, avoiding the eyes area, with bare hands or a face pack brush.

4. Let it sit for about 20-25 minutes.

5. Wet your hands and slowly Remove the pack while massaging your face in circular motion.

6. Wash your face, pat dry with a towel and follow-up with your regular skincare routine.



Well, recently there has been much hype about coffee scrubs…

I know Coffee is a brilliant scrub but I just thought why not try it as a face pack! (As my exams end, my DIY fever rises!) 😛

So, I have used this pack for quite a few times now and though it feels a bit sticky and messy during application, the results are worth all the mess! ❤

This face pack gives my face a nice radiant glow and makes my skin look plump and hydrated. Also , I have noticed reduction in my acne size as soon as I wash off the pack.. ❤

I generally develop a lot of puss filled zits all over my face upon threading and this face pack magically made 60-70% of those zits vanish! ❤

I am personally loving this as it is damn easy to make and super effective!

Do try it and let me know if you liked it! ❤

(Also read about my DIY Oatmeal Gram Flour And Turmeric Face Pack recipe here!)

Hope It Helps! ❤

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46 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Face Pack

  1. This is super easy and quick to make face mask. Good thing natural with goodness of coffee and milk. Would definitely give a try

  2. Coffee based face-pack. Seems like super cool option for coffee lovers. Nice product, im sure many would love using it after reading 🙂

    1. Use oatmeal and gram flour mixture on your skin for cleansing and gentle scrubbing… Regular use will help to brighten the skin! Also, drink adequate amount of water to keep the skin supple and hydrated! ❤

  3. This diy is soo easy and i would love to use coffee in my skin care routine.. Because i love coffee a lot

  4. As much as DIY facial pack concern, I just love to use the ingredient Coffee. It has been a life saviour for me.

  5. Guess what i was in the mood for dome DIY masking and came across your post,im glad, would love to make this one,looks really effective.

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