Hello Dear Ladies! ?❤?
I hope you all are doing great! ?

D-I-Y skincare is something that has always excited me! ?
So, when I ran out of deodorants this time.. I thought why not create something myself to fill those empty bottles! Atleast, it is going to be alcohol and toxin free! ❤?❤

So, Today I am going to share with you all, the deodorant recipe that I made; ?


1. Geranium essential oil.
2. Pure, undiluted Rose Water. (I used the one from MITTI SE)
3. Filtered Water.
4. A spray bottle. (A new one or an used bottle of spray toner/face mist)

1. Geranium essential oil- It has antibacterial properties and hence minimizes the body odour. Geranium oil treats acne, is helpful in healing cuts and wounds, has regenerative​ properties… It also works as an insect repellent and is an anti inflammatory agent!

2. Rose Water- It maintains skin’s pH, has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and hydrates the skin.. It also helps in healing cuts and broken skin and aids in cell regeneration.


1. Take a clean and dry 100ml spray bottle.

2. Pour about 10-15ml of undiluted, pure rose water into the bottle.

3. Add 40-50 drops of Geranium essential oil into the bottle.
4. Fill the bottle with 50ml of water.

5. Shake well and TADAA!

Your DIY DEODORANT is ready to be used! ?❤

This Deodorant or body mist doesn’t contain any sort of added preservatives and chemicals, hence is completely safe on the skin. It even helps in healing the skin while controling​ the body odour! Plus, it has a wonderful fragrance of Rose and Geranium! ???
You can spray it as many times you want and can even increase the concentration of the geranium oil in it for a stronger fragrance.
This spray can also be used as a face mist for all skin types except for the sensitive skin or for those who are allergic to geranium oil! ❤

P.S.- It might not be able to control excessive body odour.

IMPORTANT: Shake the bottle well before every use as Natural ingredients tend to separate.

Hope It Helps ❤