DIY Green Tea-Sugar Lip Scrub

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D-I-Y is Love! Isn’t it?
It costs a penny and results in something really awesome at times! ❀

So…. This time, when I saw my lips getting all flakey because of being clad in Lipsticks 24×7 and because of the cold, I thought why not create something to treat this mess at home! πŸ˜‰

Here’s what I created! πŸ˜€ Read on to know more! ❀


DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub

1. Regular Sugar.
2. Green tea.
3. Coconut oil.

1. Regular Sugar- Sugar helps to scrub away dead skin cells from the lips and makes it smooth and soft!

2. Green Tea: Powdered green tea acts as an exfoliator for the lips. Also the tannin in the green tea treats chapped and cracked lips, reduces burning sensation and increases the moisture in the lips!

3. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil acts as an excellent moisture replenisher and heals dry lips.. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and fights any bacterial or fungal growth on the cracks of the lips.. Vitamin E present in the oil acts as an antioxidant too!


DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub

1. Take a tablespoon full of granulated sugar into a bowl.
2. Add a tablespoon full of green tea into the bowl.
3. Grind the mixture of green tea and sugar in a food processor until roughly powdered. (Do not grind it until finely powered!)
4. Remove the mixture into a bowl and mix 1-2 tablespoons of Coconut oil into the powder until it gets mixed well.
5. Store the mixture in a container for future use.


Take a tiny amount of the scrub on your fingers and scrub your lips gently with it for a few minutes.
Wash your lips when done with a mild soap or face wash to remove the greasiness.

DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub
DIY Green Tea Sugar Lip Scrub


1. The biggest benefit of this lip scrub is that it is homemade and the whole process costs less than 5 rupees! πŸ˜›
2. Works really well on the lips and scrubs away the dead skin cells effectively.
3. Makes the lips really soft and smooth.
4. Might even make the pigmentation on the lips lighter with regular use..

I am really very happy with what I have created!( Self praise! :P)
Do make it for yourselves and let me know if you liked it! ?

(Also read about my DIY Coffee face pack recipeΒ here!)

P.S.- You can also use it as a blackhead scrub, trust me the results are amazing!(Tried and Tested!) ❀

Hope It Helps ❀

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  1. Really lovely thing & very easy to make this inexpensive lip scrub. Thanks for this beautiful tips. I will be definitely try to make and use this scrub

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