D-I-Y Rice Water And Lavender Toner

Hello my beauties! ❤❤❤
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‘Regular is boring!’ Isn’t so???
For a person like me, who gets bored with stuffs pretty easily, the above sentence is the reality of his/her life! 😛 😀
So, as I ran out of my regular toner, a few days back, I decided to give my skin a small break from all the store-bought toners and make a really easy but effective facial toner at home, with an ingredient that is present in every kitchen – RICE!

Yes! Rice! 😛

But hey, it’s not just rice, it has got a floral twist to it! 😉 😉 😉

Read on… ❤


DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

• 1 spray bottle.
• Water, as required.
• 1/2 cup of white or brown, good quality rice.
• 10-12 drops of Lavender essential oil.
• A few drops of Jojoba oil (Optional), if you have a dry skin!

Lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil soothes the broken, sunburnt, inflamed skin and being anti-bacterial in nature also fights acne, wrinkles & eczema!
Rice soaked water: Rice water contains many minerals and vitamins that are essential for a glowing and healthy skin! It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cell growth, improves blood circulation, heals acne and eczema, tones and soothes the skin!


STEP 1 – Take a clean bowl and add 1/2 cup of rice in it.

DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

STEP 2 – Add 1-1.5 cups of water into the bowl and stir it.

DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

STEP 3 – Let the bowl rest for 15 minutes and meanwhile rinse the spray bottle.

DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

STEP 4 – After 15 minutes, strain the rice and keep the rice water aside.
STEP 5 – Add 10-12 drops of Lavender essential oil into the spray bottle and pour the rice water over it, into the bottle.

DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

If you have a dry skin, you can also add a few drops of Jojoba oil at this point, so that the toner doesn’t leave your skin stretchy!
STEP 6 – Close the bottle and shake the contents well!

DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner
DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner

And your DIY Rice Water And Lavender Toner is all ready to be used! ❤

Cleanse your face, pat dry and spray this DIY toner directly on to your face!
Alternatively, you can spray it on a cotton ball and then apply it on your skin! ❤
You can also use this toner to mix your powdered face packs and scrubs! 😀

This DIY toner works great for combination to oily skin and instantly tones up the face! ❤
Normal to dry skinned beauties can add a few drops of Jojoba oil (as mentioned in the above steps) to avoid any stretching of the skin on application!

SHELF LIFE: This toner would easily remain in a good condition for a week or so, if the weather is cool! But I would suggest you to store it in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and always check for any foul smell before using it on your skin, so as to be sure that it has not got spoiled 🙂

(Also read about my DIY Geranium And Rose Water Deodorant here!)

I hope you liked this DIY! ❤
Do let me know your views over it! 😉

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  1. Toners are so important to our skin … this is such an easy diy.. definitely trying this instead of wasting money on toners ..

  2. Wow, this is such a quick and amazing toner recipe. I would love to try this at home and use it every day. I like these amazing homemade and easy stuff that you come up with.

  3. Wow you’re such an expert in DIY s. Loved this super easy yet innovative toner idea! So that’s how you do rice water,I used to think rice water is the water left behind post cooking the rice. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear… This means a lot to me! 🙂
      And for skin care, rice water is made by soaking rice in water! 😀

  4. This is such a fabulous diy toner. Rice water is so helpful for skin. I have dry skin so will make sure to add few drops of jojoba oil as u suggested.

    IG: @ms_tantrum

  5. Wow never imagined rice water would have such incredible qualities. This is a really good write up. Mother nature rules after all. I am gonna prep this coming weekend. Thanks!

  6. wow, I never thought this much could be done with just rice and lavender. I am definitely going to try this at home. Thanks for sharing

  7. This happens to be your second post which I read and find super helpful. Although I will have to find myself jajoba and lavendar oil but it’s drug store products. Hassel free and cool. I love this diy too.

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