Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.!

Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.!


Hello lovely people! πŸ™‚
I hope you all are doing great! If not please do so.

Looking for a reliable car for your parents?
Looking forward to buy the car that you have been dreaming about?
Or just planning to buy a car to bypass the daily hustle and chaos of public transport in your city?

But hold on.
Are you confused with the build? Or the mileage? Or the latest model? Or may be the best price for your car?
Well you are not the only one.

To be honest, buying a car is not a piece of cake! Months of research and analysis go at times to sort the models and editions based on parameters like durability, mileage, engine type and price. At times that goes behind taking home the perfect car!

Wait, no more worries. Someone has got you covered! πŸ™‚

Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you if you are planning to get a car!

Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.
Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.

1. The first thing that goes behind buying a reliable car, as I already mentioned, is a lot of homework! Set your priorities! Jolt down your basic requirements and also your wishful expectations from the car that you want to buy! And then all you need is to gather as much information as you can about the cars from various brands that fit into your lists! This would give you an idea of different cars available in the market along with their pros and cons, ultimately enabling you to choose the best suited one for yourselves!

2. ‘Comparison’ is the key! Compare the features, be it mileage or acceleration or gear ratio or any other aspect . But most importantly the price of the models that you like! Let’s say Car A is available at a price of $10,000 while for Car B it is $15,000. The difference between the car models being that Car B has a premium jet black color or say some extra features that you won’t probably require in near future then it would be wise to get Car A. Why waste a few bucks!

3. It is not only the cars but also the dealers that need comparison! The dealer that you are planning to get your car from might be a family friend since ages, but that should not stop you from visiting other dealers to compare the prices you are being offered!
But this logic would be of a greater help if you are looking for a pre-loved car!

In case you are looking for a used car, the first thing you might want to check is the number of miles the car in question has covered as it is directly proportional to the wear and tear which on turn is inversely proportional to the price of the car! Visiting various dealers would not only help you get the best price but also the best piece for the same model!

4. Question the dealer! Yes! Question them when you don’t understand or have little clue about a certain feature that they are stressing on! It’s a known fact, that many dealers usually try to trick buyers into buying a car that would be more profitable to them instead of you! Let them know that you are knowledgeable and know about your needs very well! This would definitely keep them from tricking you!

5. And finally, I would suggest you to visit this amazing website called “” before you plan to buy a car! is a boon for every one looking for a car. For those who want to collect information about different models and new launches, this might be a magic wand! is a user-friendly website wherein you can search for different cars based on make, body type, price. You get to know about new launches, used cars, reviews about cars, tips and everything that you as a car lover or anyone in need of a car would love at one place!

Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.
Finding Your Perfect Car Ft.

I hope these tips would help you choose the best car for yourself!

Have a great day ahead! πŸ™‚

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  1. One car that has comfort, style , technology and that too in budget is always in my thoughts. Your post is really detailed work will look forward for more tips at

  2. Buying a perfect car has become an issue due to various availability of variants and these tips will eventually be helpful in making a decision, thanks for sharing this post!

  3. Thanks a lot for the information bqz after some time we will go to buy a car. And this site will be very helpful in this matter. So, thanks again for this information

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