Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel Review

Hello dear people! ❤❤❤
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So, do you like coffee?
Well, I love it and I guess, we all do! 😀
Coffee is not just a beverage, it is an emotion!
Oh! Can anything ever replace the sheer joy of having a warm cup of coffee in the morning!!! ❤

Now, what I love the most about coffee is its fragrance… I can keep sniffing roasted coffee beans for hours!!! 😀
So, when I came across this coffee shower gel, I knew I had to try it! ❤

Today, I am reviewing the same after weeks of use… Read on to know if it stood up to my expectations! 😛


Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel
Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel

DESCRIPTION: Coffee, because, well COFFEE!! The coffee in the shower gel protects your skin from harmful UV rays and gently exfoliates your body for a smooth and supple skin.
Crafted with passion, skill, fresh ingredients and skin expertise. After all in life, all you ever need is love, glowing skin and Good Vibes!
Created for all skin types.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Coconut & Corn Based Surfactant, Aqua, Lactic Acid, Glycerine, Coffee Extract, Coffee Oil, Lysine.
No parabens. Cruelty free.

Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel
Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel

Pump out botanical goodness in your palm. Steadily and smoothly massage it across your wet body and lather up. Rinse well with water and walk out all cleansed.

BE CAREFUL OF: Contact with eyes. They won’t like it. Rinse thoroughly with water in case that happens. Natural ingredients may be irritating to some people. Always conduct a patch test before use.
Store in a cool, dry place.
For external use only.

COST: Rs. 125 for 100ml, Rs. 225 for 200ml.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months

Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel
Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel


Good Vibes coffee UV protection shower gel comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a golden coloured flip-cap for the 100ml variant and a pump dispenser for the 200ml variant… The overall packaging is quite sturdy (though the quality of the bottle plastic is much inferior compared to that of brands like Biotique, Fiama or WOW) and leak-proof which makes it suitable for travel purposes!
The label around the bottle contains most of the necessary details about the product printed over it… However, the list of ingredients present is incomplete and I doubt that it contains sulphates… 🙁

Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel
Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel

The shower gel is transparent and has just a tinge of brownish-golden colour to it. It has a runny, honey-like consistency and a great fragrance… BUT it doesn’t smell like coffee! It reminds me of “coffee and chocolate flavoured cookies” instead of actual coffee… Anyway, the smell is pleasant and also quite mild… So, I don’t think it is going to bother sensitive noses! 🙂

Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel
Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel

The shower gel lathers quite well when used with a loofah or bath sponge and just a little more than half a teaspoon of it is enough for one use… It cleanses the skin really well and removes all the oil, gunk and impurities from the skin surface… This shower gel leaves my skin clean, fresh and smooth! ❤
It also leaves behind a very mild fragrance on my skin (i.e., so mild that I can smell it only when I sniff my hands 😛 ) which lasts for an hour or so, post-use…
Now, this shower gel claims to provide protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun… I have been using it regularly for over three weeks now and to be very honest, I have not seen any sort of difference in my skin, be it in terms of the complexion, the texture or the tan! So, I really don’t think that this product helps much with sun protection!

I have a normal body skin type right now and this shower gel doesn’t leave my skin dry or stretchy… However, it also doesn’t provide any extra nourishment or hydration to the skin and so, I don’t think that it would work well for dry to extremely dry skin types… In my opinion, it is best suited for normal-dry to oily skin types!

(Also read my review of Biotique Bio Apricot Refreshing Body Wash here!)



1. Sturdy, leak-proof and travel-friendly packaging.
2. Doesn’t contain parabens and is cruelty-free!
3. Lathers well and removes all the oil and impurities from the skin surface.
4. Leaves the skin clean, fresh and smooth.
5. Leaves the skin slightly fragrant.
6. Doesn’t dry out the skin.
7. Suitable for normal-dry to oily skin types.


1. Availability is a big issue since it is ONLY available on Purplle. [Buying link]
2. Though not expensive, in my opinion, it is a bit overpriced (considering similar products from other brands).
3. The list of ingredients present is incomplete and it may contain sulphates.
4. The fragrance isn’t quite “coffee” like.
5. It claims to provide “UV protection” but I have not noticed any difference in my skin texture/complexion/tan.

RATING: 3.75/5

FINAL TAKE: Good Vibes coffee UV protection shower gel is just a regular shower gel which cleanses the skin well… It doesn’t have that energising coffee fragrance and also doesn’t provide much help when it comes to sun protection…
So, I wouldn’t recommend you to invest in this product, but if you really want to buy it, it is not bad… 🙂

Hope it helps! ❤

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50 thoughts on “Good Vibes Coffee UV Protection Shower Gel Review

  1. I have heard the benefits of coffee on skin and this seems to work really well for someone like me who is a coffee lover too:)

  2. Coffee in any bath product is amazing. It rejuvenates my body and skin feels so better. Thank you for share a detailed review of this UV protection shower gel.

  3. This one looks nice for toning as it has coffee. And the fact that it has UV protection that can’t be measured as it can’t effect current tanning but it prevents further from the damage

  4. I really like the way you write reviews, crisp and to the point. This coffee shower gel looks like a good product but I don’t like coffee fragrance especially on my body. But thanks for the great review, I will recommend this to a friend. Also, love your creativity in pictures.

  5. This sounds like must try option for experience the goodness of coffee. I wish it would be available at other platforms also for easy access

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  7. Your review is an eye opener!
    Im not really sure i would like to invest in it and the fact its nit easily available. I definitely liked going through your blog and the pictures were shot brilliantly

  8. Uv protection showet gel is totally new for me. But I want to give it a try as its budget friendly too

  9. This seems great and useful product ..I always love the way you use and then review the products !!

  10. Shower gel with UV well, honestly I go only that makes a layer on my skin and not wash away as shower gel. Hat’s off to your honest reviews.

  11. I like the idea of a fresh and refreshing coffee shower gel.Thanks for such a well balanced review without shady promises

  12. Honesty in your words has my heart. I love the flatlay very much!!! Also I wanna try this product. It is affordable plus it has caffeine which is good for skin.

  13. Shower gel with UV Protection would be very interesting especially since it would be washed away. Glad to see a honest review.

  14. Being a coffee lover, my interest was piqued reading about the Good Vibes Coffee shower Gel. But a tad disappointed that the fragrance is really mild. Also, the availability seems to be an issue. Thanks for the candid review.

  15. I am not sure how a shower gel can provide UV protection if it washes off. Thanks for the detailed review. Wish the ingredients were listed in detail and the product was readily available.

  16. We have always heard tht coffee z a blessed indeed for our skin coffee works great & get a good shine.. Nice post ty for sharing definitely will check it..

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