Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack Review

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‘Khadi’ is one word that always reminds me of (or better say, I associate it with) the country side…
Large, unpolluted, naturally green fields…
Mud houses and spinning charkhas…
People wearing rustic, handmade clothes…
Makeshift swings hanging from the banyan tree…
Meals made from home-grown vegetables and eating from brass or sal leaf plates… ā¤
Pure, natural and satisfying! šŸ™‚

So, when a brand includes ‘Khadi’ in its name, you already know that it is going to provide you with something rustic (read not-so-fancy), natural and effective! ā¤

Today, I am going to review a face pack from one such brand – Khadi Natural, which I had purchased a few months back… Read on to know if it stood up to my expectations! šŸ˜€


Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack
Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack

DESCRIPTION: Khadi fruit face pack is made from papaya juice, akhrot (walnut) oil, olive oil, orange extract, etc. It is useful for all types of skins.

DIRECTION OF USE: Mix 5-10gms of the fruit face pack in milk or rose-water and apply on neck and face. Wash it with cold water after 5-10 minutes.

INGREDIENTS: Papaya juice, akhrot oil, olive oil, orange extract, etc.

SHELF LIFE: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

COST: Rs. 90 for 50gms, Rs. 180 for 100gms.

Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack
Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack


Khadi fruit face pack comes in a sealed cylindrical steel container which contains the face pack powder, tightly secured inside a zip lock pouch! The labels on the container contain all the basic details about the product mentioned over them! I love the fact that no fancy, unnecessary plastic stuffs are used in the packaging, making it feel quite rustic and natural! ā¤ The steel container in turn, is really sturdy, travel friendly and can also be reused to store small stuffs, which is again a great thing! šŸ˜€

Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack
Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack

The face pack powder is pale yellow in colour and has a really soft and fine texture! It smells of multani mitti but also possesses a dominant sweet hint to it! šŸ˜€
The fragrance of the face pack is moderately strong and may or may not irritate the sensitive noses, depending on one’s own likings… šŸ˜›

One amazing thing about this face pack is that it can be used in combination with anything and everything that you want! Water, milk, rose-water, yoghurt, honey, cucumber juice, tomato juice and aloe vera gel are just a few common examples… It can also be mixed with other powdered face packs or included in DIY recipes!

Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack
Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack

I, personally, prefer using it with plain water or rose-water and 1 teaspoon of the powder makes enough paste to evenly coat the entire face and neck… The face pack does tingle a bit initially, but the sensation vanishes gradually as the pack tends to dry… It dries completely within 15 minutes of application and can be easily rinsed off with water!

Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack
Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack

The face pack pulls out excess sebum and oil from the skin and the pores, without completing drying out the skin and also adds a very slight yellowish tinge to the skin (which actually suits Indian skin tones), making the skin feel clean and look grease-free, bright and a bit glowy! ā¤
This face pack doesn’t make the skin look miraculously different, but it definitely makes the skin look a little healthy, immediately after use! ā¤

Also, I have an acne-prone, oily skin type, and the face pack never gave me any breakouts… Instead, quite a few times, I actually felt that it somewhat soothed (‘soothed’ and not healed or reduced) the live acne that was already present on my face!

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1. Quite affordable and easily available online on Nykaa, Flipkart and Amazon!
2. Thoughtful, travel-friendly and reusable packaging!
3. Moderately strong but pleasant herbal fragrance…
4. Comes in the form of a soft, fine powder; can be mixed with any solvent, according to the skin type!
5. Hardly takes 15 minutes to dry up completely; good choice when in a hurry!
6. Pulls out excess sebum/oil from the face and adds a very slight yellowish tinge to the skin, making the skin look matte and bright!
7. Doesn’t break out acne-prone skin types and might even calm down a few live acne present on the face, although the effects are very mild!
8. Adds a little hint (almost unnoticeable in a single glance) of glow to the face, immediately after use!


1. Tingles a little and has a moderately strong fragrance, so, it might make the people with sensitive skin and sensitive noses feel a little uncomfortable!
2. Complete ingredients list is absent!


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FINAL TAKE: If you love traditional face packs or love making DIY ones at home, I would recommend that you give this face pack a shot! It easily blends in all DIY recipes and can be used in combination with any ingredient that you like! The face pack isn’t miraculous and neither does it claim to be so, but it is quite good and works positively, making the skin look a bit healthy… ā¤

Hope it helps! ā¤

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49 thoughts on “Khadi Natural Herbal Fruit Face Pack Review

  1. This sounds great since I’m follower of herbal products. Looks promising from your records. Would love to try

  2. I used their face wash and quite like it. Love their natural formulation.

  3. I have been using Khadi for a long time and simply adore the facepacks they offer. They have a strong name in the skin care market. I loved its neem and tulsi face pack.. Haven’t tried fruit one but given the review shared by you, I would love to try this one.

  4. I like natural ingredients based face packs. I am never comfortable with what the chemical might do to my skin. This sounds like a good product.

  5. I quite like khaadi products and I often also use powdered facepacks instead of a face wash on days I don’t have time on hands but my skin feels very oily…

  6. Khadi is one brand I can trust blindly. I have tried their rose water and a few other products too. This face pack is just what I need to add in my skin care routine.

  7. I have never tried this brand’s product but heard that they are very good. I loved your straightforward review and hope to start with this product.

  8. Khadi you give me any product and I will accept its open arms. This brand is pure, aesthetic and natural. This fruit pack also seems a perfect product for sensitive skin.

  9. I can so relate to “soothing of acne” than healing. When pimples are raging crazy, anything that minimises the heat feels so good. Happy to learn this face pack does calm the breakouts! I find your post quite an interesting and informative read.?

  10. I am using Khadi face pack and is definitely a must have in your beauty bag… It simply gives good effect… Khadi products are amazing

  11. I had only tried one if their bar soaps in the past and loved it. I would really like to try more from the brand. It’s such a lovely natural organic brand that more and more people should know about.

  12. I love khadi products will give these a try.. the fact that they are made from all things natural is enough for anybody to try them.

  13. You have wonderfully explained about the product with proper detailed review . I am glad i came across this post. Would love to buy these homemade packs ā¤

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