Lakme Rose Powder Review

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Lakme was one of the initial Indian cosmetic brands and has been catering to the needs of Indian women since its launch in 1952! Today, the brand has thousands of products to suit every Indian skin tone and every occasion, within the affordable range! ❤
One of the best products being The Lakme Face Powder! ❤
Most of the loose face powders available in Indian market are white or quite light in colour which fail to blend in with a vast majority of Indian skin tones.. This Powder from Lakme is essentially manufactured to suit a wide range of skin tones and comes in two variants- Soft pink ( A light pink shade for fair to medium complexions) and Warm Pink ( A warm peach shade for wheatish to dusky skin tones)… ❤

Today I am reviewing LAKME ROSE FACE POWDER in warm pink! Read on to know more! ❤


Lakme Rose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder

DESCRIPTION: Lakme Rose Powder, with Sunscreen. 02, Warm Pink. For wheatish to dusky skin. Face Powder.

INGREDIENTS: Talc, zinc stearate, Titanium dioxide, cyclopentasiloxane, aluminium hydroxide, stearic acid, perfume, rosa damascena extract, cl 77491, cl 77492, cl 19140, cl 15850, phenoxy ethanol, butyl paraben, ethyl paraben, methyl paraben, propyl paraben.

Lakme Rose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder

COST: INR 150 for 40g.

SHELF LIFE: 36 months.


Lakme face powder comes in a hard, sturdy, buff coloured, plastic tub with a maroon, plastic screw cap and a transparent inner lid that has 5 tiny holes in it… The inner lid keeps the product safe, hygienic and prevents accidental spills… Also, it allows one to tap out only the required amount of powder, without any wastage! ❤
A good quality puff is also provided​ alongside to ease the application… 🙂

Lakme Rose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder

The rose powder has a mild, pleasant smell that somewhat resembles the fragrance of roses.. It has very fine texture and gets easily blended ​into the skin..

One can use it as a setting powder after makeup or just pat it over after applying the daily Sunscreen or moisturizer to achieve a shine free, matte look!
Even on being used without makeup, it gives a little coverage and evens out the complexion.. ❤

Lakme Rose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder

Lakme rose powder slightly controls the oil secretion too and keeps the face shine free for a longer duration.. ❤
As for me, I have a combination-oily skin during Summers and it keeps my face oil free for about an hour, while during Winters when my skin gets normal-combination, it keeps my face fresh and matte for atleast 4-5 hours… ❤

Lakme Rose Powder
Lakme Rose Powder

Also, it has added benefits of sun protection (The SPF isn’t mentioned!), which is definitely a plus point.. ❤❤❤

This rose powder is a perfect choice for daily use, when you just want something to blend in your skin and give you a naturally fresh, even, matte and no makeup look.. ❤

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1. Inexpensive, easily available and travel friendly. Buy it from here!
2. Suits a wide range of skin tones.
3. Available in 2 shades.
4. Blends easily and looks natural.
5. Gives slight coverage to uneven skin.
6. Goes well with or without makeup.
7. Has Sunscreen in it.
8. One tub lasts very long..

I couldn’t find any con as such in the product… 😛

RATING: 4.75/5

FINAL TAKE: This rose powder from Lakme is my cult favourite as I am not much into makeup and it gives me that natural, fresh look whenever I go out! 😀

Hope it helps! ❤

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  1. Although recently i am using lakme compact and quite like it. But after reading your review my next buy will be surely this rose powder bqz it has sunscreen as a plus point.

  2. I’ve always thought that this was actually rose in color and wouldn’t suit me. Guess I was wrong, it looks quite natural on the skin.

  3. After reading review and details sound like must have product plus cost effective alone with sunscreen I’m going to buy this

  4. I don’t recall the last time I used Lakme Rose Powder – must have been ages. It’s nice to see despite all the new products this has still thrived.

  5. This is something I used to use earlier… And after getting on to bb creams somehow forgot about this.. A reminder at the right time where my skin is oil prone in the monsoons… Added it to my list

  6. I remember using this once during my skool days…amma got this for my dance competition… N post using this I got rashes 🙁 stull wen Eva I go to cosmetic shop I stare at this rose powder and amma hits on my head…. 😀 But ur review is really impressive.. May be I shld try this once again. .

    1. Might be some sensitive skin issues.. i have been using it for an year and it has suited me well 😛

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