Makeup Tips For Monsoon – Tried And Tested!

“How beautiful is the rain! 
After the dust and heat, 
In the broad and fiery street, 
In the narrow lane, 
How beautiful is the rain!”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Makeup Tips For Monsoon
Pic Credit: A Dear Friend!

And there is absolutely no doubt about that! ❤❤❤
And in case you have any, just close your eyes for a moment and imagine…
”The Incessant pitter patter of the rain outside…
A cozy room…
A seat by the glass window…
A cup of hot coffee (or tea, if you please)…
A romantic book…
And ‘classic’ old songs playing in the background…”
Ah! One would happily give away all his gold to live that one heavenly moment! ❤❤❤

Makeup Tips For Monsoon
Pic Credit: A Dear Friend!

But alas! Nothing in this world comes without its own set of problems…
And with monsoon comes humidity, soiled bags and shoes, lines of wet clothes hanging inside the rooms, growth of bacteria and fungi, increased risk of infections and not to forget mosquitoes, waterlogged streets, overflowed drains, extremely unhygienic conditions at public places and general nuisance for daily commuters! 🙁
And then, apart from these common (and obviously more severe 😛 ) issues, one of the major issues that ‘specifically’ women face during the monsoon is – ‘How To Keep That Makeup Intact?!’ 😀

‘How much makeup should I wear during monsoons?’
‘How to protect my makeup from washing down with rain and sweat?’
‘Does heavy makeup during monsoons, cause infections?’
‘Why does her makeup look flawless while mine is already withering away with sweat?’
Our questions and queries are simply never-ending when it comes to makeup! 😀

So today, I thought why not talk about some basic but ‘essential’ and ‘efficient’ tips for makeup during monsoons! ❤
Read on… 😀


Makeup Tips For Monsoon
Makeup Tips For Monsoon

1. CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURISE: Washing the face with a good cleanser would remove grease and pollutants from the face, providing a clean canvas for you to work on! Use a good toner to minimize the pores and a gel/water based moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated! Rain and humidity tend to dry out the drier skin types while making the oily skin type go even more greasy… So, if you have a normal to oily skin type, avoid a cream-based moisturizer at all costs!

2. WEAR MINIMAL MAKEUP: This is one of the most common advices/tips that you would find on the internet! And why not? Firstly, the thicker your makeup is, the harder it will get for your skin to breathe… Secondly, the rainwater, humidity and sweat might make your makeup crack or look patchy or muddy, spoiling your look! So, the best thing to do is to wear a waterproof mascara, a smudge-proof kohl, a transfer-proof, matte lipstick or lip tint and pat on some translucent powder to give yourself a basic but pretty look!

3. USE A PRIMER: If you must wear makeup, a primer would help you keep it intact for long! Use a good quality, lightweight, matte, pore-filling primer that would make your foundation look flawless and make it stay put without going patchy!

4. SKIP CREAM/OIL-BASED MAKEUP PRODUCTS: Always opt for powder-based makeup products during monsoons… Even water-based ones would do! But do not use cream based makeup products! Cream base would make your skin greasy and in turn make you feel even more uncomfortable in the already humid and sweaty weather… Powdered foundation, compacts, quick drying eye shadow tints… You have a wide range of products in the market to choose from! 🙂

5. SEAL THE DEAL WITH A MAKEUP FIXING SPRAY: This, in my opinion, is one step that you just SHOULD NOT SKIP if you want to make your makeup last even for a few hours, during monsoons! Use a good quality, quick drying makeup fixer and let it dry naturally without touching or patting it! A makeup fixer would bind the layers of makeup together and help it stick on to your skin, making it last (almost) all day long!

6. CARRY COSMETIC TISSUES: Sweat is almost inevitable during monsoons, unless you plan to stay inside your room with the A.C. switched on throughout the day! And using a handkerchief on your face to wipe away the sweat when you have makeup on, is the worst thing you can do to your makeup! 😛 Always carry some good quality cosmetic tissues in your purse and use them to blot the sebum or sweat on your face… These tissues do not absorb or disturb the makeup and instead leave the skin matte, making the makeup last longer!

These are a few tricks that have worked really well for me… And I hope these would work well for you too! 🙂

Enjoy the monsoons!
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Makeup Tips For Monsoon
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63 thoughts on “Makeup Tips For Monsoon – Tried And Tested!

  1. Those are some really great tips, Hun. Specifically about using a makeup setting spray. Oh my goodness! So so so essential

  2. One thing I do during all seasons except winter is wear minimal make up. I look forward to trying your other tips.

  3. Those are some amazing tips Mrinal. I remember once while traveling in Mumbai local a woman who was trying to push her way in the compartment was soaked in the rain and that kinda made her face milk.

  4. Fabulous tips dearie! I agree using minimal makeup does a fab job. Primers and fixing sprays are a god-send in this weather. I like using water proof formulas when it comes to Mascaras and liners to avoid panda eyes.

  5. What lovely tips of monsoon. stay beautiful what if raining outside.please also tell which makeup spray should be use.

  6. These are some awesome makeup tips for monsoons. I usually follow all these tips myself.

  7. monsoon makeup is a good thing to try. I always pick up a waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Tea in monsoon is a great idea isn’t it?

  8. When I was reading your first lines, I was also visualizing the same…SRK song, a cozy room, a cup of tea…my kinda rainy day! But then ya this is the reality… messy room with wet clothes, infection etc. And ya you should avoid heavy makeup. I also carry tissues always. And makeup setting spray is much needed one.

  9. I am a novice when it comes to makeup, but these monsoon tips will be very helpful for me. Never even knew that a makeup fixing spray also exists.

  10. I didn’t even know that there us a cosmetic tissue. Loved the post. Such a fun blog train this is. Looking forward to your 2nd post

  11. Monsoon play havoc on skin and any makeup can give bad breakouts. Glad you shared tips of makeup regime during monsoons. I have never used makeup spray will try this time. Tea-a-me is a grate brand.

  12. Very very useful post. We all know the benefit & difficulties of the mansoon season. So, i will be definitely try to follow your tips.

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