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“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”- Anne Frank.
Writing has always been my passion, and Diaries? My Best Friends! πŸ™‚

I remember I was a shy, fat & insecure kid back then, whom no one actually wanted to be friends with…

I seldom had someone to share my thoughts with; I never really knew what a true friend meant until….

UNTIL the day my mom introduced me to Diaries.. ❀
The day I finally shook my hands with a diary, I felt as if I have found a life-long friend who would always be there by my side, no matter what… Sharing my thoughts with my diary always made my life easier, stress free and much more sorted out…. ❀❀❀
So, anyway… My LOVE for Writing had been long-lost somewhere under the huge pressure of everyday work, academics and stuffs…. πŸ™

Today, we rarely get time to read a favourite book, let alone maintaining a diary… Isn’t it?
But the moment my eyes fell on this BEAUTY..❀❀❀


I have had a collection of quite a few cool and creative Diaries in past… But HONESTLY, none can be compared with the captive power of this Creative Journal! (❀❀In LoVe!❀❀)
Yes, the MATRIKAS CREATIVE WOMEN’S JOURNAL…. I saw it on fellow bloggers’ websites and Some Where it RE-IGNITED my love for Diaries and Writing.. ❀

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

(Spellbound… The way it shines when light falls over it! ❀ )

I too Received my copy as a part of “Scribble Your Heart Away.. Campaign 2!” which was started as a blogger outreach program…

And I just can’t THANK them enough! ❀
Okay let’s start first with this Amazing Brand.. In their own words…


The name “MATRIKAS” derives from the Sanskrit word for “MOTHER”, denoting the powerful energies.
In donning this name, we take inspiration from the creative energies aiding in the process of ideation, innovation and expression. Validating the name through attributes, our range of Paper Products presents you with the premium space to stimulate your mind and unleash your creative best. Our range includes exquisitely designed and Diaries, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt.
We take pride in directing our creativity towards building custom niches for others to be creative in!


So… Out of the four different Journals, the one I selected was…


The other ones include.. To Write- Feather.. To Glide- Fish.. & To Dream- Butterfly…

(Well, it was really too difficult to decide.. I wanted them all! But I Always choose to fly high… So a Dragonfly! ❀ )

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

They even sent a sweet letter addressed to me along with the Diary and a leaflet with information on the contents of the diary! Thank you Team MatrikaS! ❀

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

The Dragonfly Journal that I received is covered in a Brown Satiny Fabric with a Golden Dragonfly intricately designed over it!

It stands true to its claims of “….YOU WOULD LOVE AS MUCH TO JUST HOLD ON TO AS TO FLAUNT….” ❀

Well It is so Classy, who wouldn’t want to flaunt Something like that? ❀
So this beautiful women’s journal has 8 adult colouring sheets! Yes! 8! ❀ Plus it has about 25 “Scribble your heart away…” Pages to Doodle.. ❀ (I literally Love Sketching and colouring… But neither have time nor patience for it… So this colouring sheets are a boon for people like me! πŸ™‚ )

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

It has about 4 sheets of stickers to match your mood as you pen your mind down! And those are damn funky stickers! πŸ˜€

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

Also it contains an envelope attached at the last for you to safely keep your important tiny documents or letters in there.. ❀

Matrikas Creative Women's Journal - Dragonfly
Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal – Dragonfly

The pages of this beauty are of a very high quality and the binding is just perfect! But the satiny fabric covering is what makes it STAND OUT!! ❀
Since the moment MatrikaS Creative Women’s Journal has reached me.. I have rediscovered my passion of writing.. Not a single day has passed without me pulling it out of my shelf, before going to sleep… ❀
I am going to buy all the other versions of this Journal in future.. Once I finish this one! ❀

Also, it is a perfect choice for gifting someone when you are out of ideas! πŸ™‚

Further more I would recommend it to all the Creative Ladies out there!

Go and grab YOUR Journals as I “SCRIBBLE MY HEART AWAY”…. πŸ™‚

You will love them too! ❀

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17 thoughts on “Matrikas Creative Women’s Journal Review – Dragonfly

  1. This is just so adorable. I have a got a pink matrika and i will spend some me time with my diary too. Loved reading about your memory and glad that your interest hs been reignited.

  2. Thats a beautiful diary. I am not into writing journals but yours journal looks amazing.

  3. In love with MatrikaS Creative Women’s Journal . The paper quality looks great. And love those fun stickers and envelope at the end

  4. Beautiful journal and those stickers are good way to add up to the style and writing flair .

  5. Diaries are great friends, a place where one can pour out your heart without being judged. Loved the name Matrikas and they do have such cute journals.

  6. I so enjoyed reading your love for diary. For someone with the love for writing, a simple diary can be the biggest gift ever and this looks so so pretty !

  7. I m loving the outer cover of this diary ..its shining like anything ….i dont have skill to write but definately ill gft this to one who loves writing

  8. Wow .. This looks absolutely beautiful. Totally in love with this pretty diary. It would definitely make a cute gifting choice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow that is such a beautiful diary! I too have grown up writing in journals and there is something so therapeutic about it!

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