Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover Review

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Nails, Short or long, pointy or curvy, oval or rectangular… Irrespective of their shapes and sizes, are something that’s loved by the women of all age groups and so are the gorgeous nail paints! ❤
But, whether you are a nail polish addict or just an occasional nail paint wearer, a nail paint remover is a must have in the vanity! 😀

I have been into using nail polish removers from Lakme, Blue Heaven, Elle 18, etc., until a pushy S.A. at the store convinced me into buying​ one from Maybelline.. 😛

Today, I am putting forward my reviews over the same! ❤


Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover

DESCRIPTION/HOW TO USE: Nail color remover with vitamin E. Pour onto cotton ball and wipe off Nail color, one nail at a time. For best results pay special attention to the area around the cuticles.

COST: INR 100 for 30ml

SHELF LIFE: 36 Months.


Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover


This color show nail polish remover comes in a oval-rectangular shaped, transparent, hard glass bottle that has the name of the product and manufacturing details printed over it in black.. It has a tight inner lid with a hole for the liquid to come out and an outer black, screw cap which makes the packaging totally leak proof and travel friendly! (Unless you apply tooooooo much pressure and the glass bottle breaks! 😛 ) Apart from that, it has slipped from my hands to the floor a trillion times and never even got a scratch! ❤

The hole in the inner lid is of medium size which makes it perfect as the smaller​ holes (Have seen smaller holes in many other brands’ removers) make it too difficult for the liquid to come out! 😛

The liquid has a transparent blue colour to it and smells predominantly​ of alcohol!
Though the ingredients list is completely absent, except for the mention of Vitamin E, but It surely contains alcohol as the main ingredient! 🙁

Now, as far as the working is concerned, it works really well and removes the nail paint easily and effectively from the nails, even from the corners and nooks too! ❤
Just 5-6 strokes of cotton is enough to remove the paint almost entirely from the surface of the nails.. After which one can do away with the area around cuticles..

Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover
Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover

The best thing about it is that even though it contains alcohol, it never made my nails dry or rough! ❤ But the nails keep on smelling​ of alcohol for long even after washing hands with soap! 🙁

(Also read my review over Maybelline Colorshow Nail Colour- Flash Of Coral here!)


1. Easily available and affordable! Buy it from here!
2. Travel friendly until you apply a hell lot of pressure over the bottle to break!
3. Removes the nail paint effectively, even from around the cuticles!
4. Doesn’t make the nails dry or rough!
5. Has Vitamin E!

1. Ingredients list is absent.
2. Smells of alcohol (Has alcohol!) .
3. Nails smell of alcohol even after washing hands thoroughly!


FINAL TAKE: For the price at which the nail paint remover is offered, I completely love the efficacy! It has vitamin E which is great for the nails and doesn’t even dry them out! ❤ If it smelled a little subtle, it would have been just perfect! 😀

Hope It Helps ❤

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40 thoughts on “Maybelline Colorshow Nail Color Remover Review

  1. Maybelline Colorshow seems to be a promising product. Love the fact that it has Vitamin E and it doesn’t make the nails look dry or rough post applying. 🙂

  2. Maybelline nail paint remover – wow, definitely in my list now. Affordable and good quality – but yes alcohol’s smell is a turn off.

  3. I always need a googl nailpaint remover. something that does not affect the natural texture of my nails. this one sounds perfect will try this.

  4. The best part about it is that doesn’t dry out the nails which a lot of other brands’ remover do. Thanks for your review.

  5. Nice review. Like it. Although it has alcohol that is lasting for quite some time. Which i personally don’t like, but it has vitamin E also which is good for nails. So after finishing my nail remover i will definitely give it a try.

  6. This is just perfect as a nail remover. I don’t like the smell of alcohol at all. So I don’t think that I can use this nail remover. But rest all I like this and looks great. Like your honest review.

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