Mitti Se Rose Water Review

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Going Organic is the latest trend these days.. Be it in terms of beauty, skincare or households supplies.. Everyone is adorning the organically made products! ❤
And why not! The disastrous effects of the chemical laden products are no more hidden from us.. 🙁

Today, I am going to review a multipurpose product from a versatile organic brand called Mitti Se, that I picked up in my haul from them.. ❤


Mitti Se Rose Water
Mitti Se Rose Water

DESCRIPTION: Freshens, cleanses, tones skin, maintains pH balance. Soothing for skin and eyes. Suitable for edible purposes. Free from artificial fragrance and preservatives. Harmless cloudy sediments may form which can be strained using cotton.

CONTAINS: Water distilled from damscena roses.

Mitti Se Rose Water
Mitti Se Rose Water

Store in a cool, dark place.

SHELF LIFE: 1.5 years.

COST: INR 140 for 50ml.

Mitti Se Rose Water
Mitti Se Rose Water


This Undiluted Rose Water from Mitti Se comes in a transparent rectangular bottle with a sturdy, white screw cap that also has a flip cap attached to it… The cap of the bottle is wrapped beautifully in a piece of white satin cloth with the help of a pink thread.. It also has a tiny satin rose pinned to it! ❤ The worst thing is that you need to remove the cloth to use the flip cap! 🙁 😛
The packaging is really sleek and leak proof.. I have carried it with me on long journeys and it is completely travel friendly…

The first thing that I noticed about the rose water, when I opened the cap was its smell.. The fragrance is completely natural and mild and yet heavenly! ❤❤❤

I have been using it religiously as a toner for a month now and I must say that it works great! It gives my combination skin the much-needed hydration and doesn’t aggravate my sebum secretion or acne!
I have used it in my DIY and powder face packs and it has never disappointed me.. ❤

The brand claims the rose water to be undiluted and edible.. I have used it in my home-cooked food and the taste was perfectly fine! ❤

So, this rose water is no doubt a multi-purpose wonder product! ❤

(Also read my review over Mittise Wild Essence Face Wash here!)


1. Inexpensive and travel friendly.
2. Undiluted and of high quality.
3. Works great for Skincare.
4. Good for edible purposes.
5. Preservatives and chemicals free.

1. Only available online. Buy it from here!
2. Available only in one size.

RATING: 4.75/5

FINAL TAKE: This Mitti Se Rose Water a must try for those who want an organic rose water! It’s preservatives free and edible too! And anything that claims to be edible is definitely going to be absolutely harmless for our skin! ❤❤❤

Hope It Helps ❤

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44 thoughts on “Mitti Se Rose Water Review

  1. Undiluted rose water is great for skin .. I have heard so many good reviews about mittise products… Now your review is tempting me to try it out soon…

  2. I FEEL its a must try product by going through ur comments on it. As a regular user of rose water, I always search for a pure one . Will have to surely try it

  3. Rose water is must as a toner to feel fresh amd also on the heat burns etc
    Love the review and packaging as it looks sturdy

  4. Wow, undiluted rose water. I love the fragrance of rose and the rose water has tonnes of benefits. Will surely try this.

  5. I love to use natural products for my skin care routine, Rose water is a natural cleanser but it is difficult to find a truly natural one! I will definitely try this one! 🙂

  6. Finding pure rose water is very crucial for perfect skin. Otherwise the benefits go null. Thanks for the review. The name of tue brand is very catchy.

  7. I’m a rose water freak. Literally I eat Rose water and I need this to try. Love the packaging.

  8. Rose water is one of my essential beauty product. I used it for cleaning my make up toning my face and as a eye drops also. I used Dabur rose water. But the product you reviewed seems best than Dabur one. Looks more natural and original. Want to give it a try

  9. Earlier i too used dabur rose water but your review sounds too good for me. It is organic and good for both skin and cooking. So I will definitely give it a try.

  10. I have been eyeing products from Mitti Se since a while… And this one goes on my list too… I had been earlier using chemist purchased rose water before I switched to the natural ones and there’s a huge huge difference

  11. I am an ardent fan of the Kama Ayurveda Rose water. But I can’t deny that the price is high. This seems like a good option for me to try out.

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