Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash Review

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**ORGANIC SKINCARE** – It is a word that all of US are familiar with.. A word that is really hyped up…

But is it really as beneficial as they say?

Do organic products really work better than the cosmetic products that the beauty industry offers???

Well… I knew organic skincare products, unlike the chemical cosmetics, won’t do any harm to our skin, if not good…

But will they really work as effectively, was always a big question for me!!!!

The product that I am going to review today, is a face wash bought from an organic brand “Mittise”… It claims to have “Anti Acne & Anti Tan” properties, that too at an inexpensive price… ❤

And this is the product that actually cleared all my doubts and made me completely believe in the effectiveness of organic products! ❤❤❤

Read on to know more about it… 🙂


Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash


Clears pores, removes fine wrinkles, imparts a uniform complexion, healthy glow. For all skin types. Store in a cool, dark place.


Almond, orange peel, lemon peel, black and red gram, rose, Fuller’s earth, neem, turmeric, alum, natural surfactant, essential oil of orange.

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash


Make a paste with water. Use as a daily face wash or as a mask.

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash

I simply take about 3/4th teaspoon of the product in a bowl and mix a few drops of water with it to make a thin paste and massage it all over my face and neck.. I leave it on for a couple of minutes before finally washing my face!

SHELF LIFE: 18 months.

COST: INR 190 for 50g.

The Mitti Se Wild Essence face wash comes in powdered form and has a sort of pale chrome-yellow in colour to it… The powder has a mild, pleasant smell, something that reminds me of Biskfarm’s Googly biscuits! 😛

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash

It comes in a super cute, hard plastic bottle which has a plastic cap fitted in it with a medium-sized hole to tap the powder out.. It ensures that one doesn’t spill the product accidentally and is quite easy to work with! ❤ Again it has a white plastic cap over the inner lid and a metal cap at last which makes it damn too travel friendly! 😀

Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash
Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash

So, the first time I used it, I really had zero expectations that it would actually work, as I couldn’t see even a bit of lather while massaging it onto my face! 😛

But when I washed my face, it left me shocked! ❤

It had made my face so bright and clean… removing all the dirt and oil completely from my skin, without stripping it off its moisture! ❤❤❤

Now, before I begin with its effects on my skin.. I need to tell y’all that I have been undergoing treatment for my disturbed digestive system for quite a few months now, and being the lazy bum that I am, I rarely work out! 😛

This led to a great amount of toxic build up inside my body, which in turn created a havoc on my face about one & a half months ago! 🙁

I had suddenly developed a hugeeeeeee number of pimples all over my face.. 🙁

I tried 2 to 3 types of Anti Acne face washes, DIY recipes and everything that I could… But none of them really worked.. Even my HG product for pimples, that had been working for me for years, failed altogether!
It was then, when I received my order with this face wash.. And thought of giving it a try( just as a cleanser), as I had no guts to use any of my chemical laden face washes(None worked anyways) anymore!

Although I wasn’t expecting anything from it… But Just within a few days of religiously using this face wash, I saw my face getting clearer.. ❤❤❤

I guess within a week of using it, my forehead was completely devoid of pimples.. Yes, there were a few pimples here and there on my cheeks, and a few new ones kept on showing up, but as soon as they showed up, they vanished too.. This face wash didn’t let any of them grow bigger!!! ❤❤❤

Also, the scrubbing action of this face wash removed the dead skin cells left by the pimples and faded away the acne scars to a small extent too!❤❤❤

Now, all the other symptoms and health issues that I had earlier, persisted… So, I can safely say that the pimples didn’t decrease automatically..

It’s been 15-20 days I am using this face wash, and my face is completely free from Acne now.. Although a few zits do show up, they shrink and disappear within no time… ❤❤❤

So, I am damn confident that although it might take some time ( As it is natural and mild), it would work greatly for all type of pimples caused due to skin impurities and hormonal imbalance.. ❤

Now, to its claims of being “Anti Tan”.. Well, it successfully removes all the fresh tan at the end of the day, that I accumulate during the day on my face and makes my face bright and smooth! ❤

Also, it improves the texture of the skin and imparts a healthy glow to the face!! ❤

This face wash is a perfect 2 in 1 face wash and is definitely going to be my HG face wash now… 🙂

(Also read my review over Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash here!)



1. Inexpensive and easily available on the Brand’s Instagram page, through order on WhatsApp or on Mitti Se’s website!

2. Removes oil, dirt and grim from face effectively.

3. Doesn’t dry out the skin.

4. Makes skin bright and smooth and improves its texture.

5. Removes fresh tan to a great extent and imparts a healthy glow.

6. Work wonders on acne and blemishes.

7. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


None! Except the fact that some might find the powdered form a bit time-consuming to use, especially when in a rush.. But it hardly takes 30 seconds to make a paste.. And since it is a dry powder, it has no chemicals what so ever as preservatives!  ❤

RATING: 4.9/5

FINAL TAKE: Do I need to write anything more after all that I said? 😀 ❤

Head over heels in LOVE with this product!
(P.S.- Sorry, I wrote a bit too much today! ❤ But I guess I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to this awesome product if I skipped even a single sentence! 😀 )

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  1. The product looks good. I would only want to check on the quality checks that were done coz it is a skin related product. Otherwise looks cool, will share with my friends.

  2. The name itself says it all, organic product looking after all the issues of the skin. Would love to try this…

  3. Sounds like Effective face wash for acne problems as per your experience. And affordable too. Love the organic combination which makes safe and mild on skin

  4. Wow this looks like a promising organic product for the face…i am totally against chemical product and yes support products like these are they make your skin soft and not dry

  5. I’m all for natural remedies and organic skincare, they actually work great. And I’m glad it worked for you as well, I’ll definitely give this product a try.

  6. This looks great. I was looking for something similar which can be used on a daily basis

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  10. This organic face wash looks very promising and effective one. I like its texture and attractive solid bottle. I like your review as wel and want to give it a try.

  11. wow i have a weakness for organic products!!! Especially in this chemical filled world its scary to try brands as you don’t know what filled in them!!!


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