Hello Beauties! ?
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From the celebrity sheet mask selfies to A-Mask-A-Day hashtags.. Sheet masks are the trendiest stuff in the market right now! ❤
And why shouldn’t they be? ?
Sheet masks are not only super easy to use, but they also save us from the mess created by traditional face masks.. ???
Also, the sheet masks are loaded with skin rejuvenating serums that deeply nourish the skin which the regular masks/packs sometimes fail to do! ?

Mond’sub was the first brand that introduced the concept of sheet masks to me a few months ago.. And since then, I had been planning to try them out! ❤❤❤

Finally I got a chance to try two of their masks.. and Here goes my REVIEW over one of them! ??❤??

(For the review over the other one, click here !)


DESCRIPTION: 5 Anti-oxidant and nutrient supplement.
After a week of busy working, skin on Friday is thoroughly exhausted and has lost lots nutrition. It is necessary to do some solutions to help skin regain the youth.
With the extract of pomegranate and​ sheep placenta, this mask can help skin recover and active oxygen control activity and supply the needed nutrient in order to keep a healthy skin.


1. Cleanse the face.

2. Tear the pouch and apply the sheet mask on the face properly; make sure there are no air gaps in between the face and the mask!

3. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.

4. Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum on the face.

5. Rinse with water.

TIPS FOR USING SKINCARE PRODUCT: Before using a new skincare product, you are suggested to try on skin behind ear first. If you feel uncomfortable or allergy effect, you are suggested to stop using and consult doctor.

INGREDIENTS: Water, glycerol, propylene glycol, amino acid moisturising factor, pomegranate extract, sheep placenta extract, allantoin, etc.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years.

COST: INR 149 for 20g(1 sheet).


The Pomegranate+sheep placenta facial mask comes in a black and orange coloured, cute pouch and all the details of the product are mentioned on its backside.. ❤

A white coloured, thin sheet of mask completely dipped in the silky smooth, transparent serum is present inside the pouch.. The serum has a mild but pleasant fragrance to it and a bitter sweet taste that somewhat resembles the taste of pomegranate.. ? (Okay! I know the description of the taste of a mask makes no sense at all, but i licked it mistakenly and found it to be really yummy, so thought of sharing the fact! ???)

The masks is actually of a size bigger than an average Indian face.. But the portion of the mask that sticks to the nose is slightly smaller and doesn’t cover my nose fully! So, except for the nose, the mask sits on the face perfectly!??

I applied the mask after coming back home from a facial threading session at the parlour which had left my face quite red and sensitive.. ?
This mask soothed and calmed down my face instantly and the burning sensation from the threading session was completely gone! Also, I always develop zits on my face after threading( God knows why! ?), but this mask didn’t let my skin break out even into a single zit! ???

I kept the mask on for about 20-25 minutes and massaged the whole facial area and the neck with the serum remaining in the pouch after removing the mask, as directed.. ❤

The mask transformed my skin from being rough to super smooth, glowy and soft.. ?
It helped my facial skin recover from the damage that it had underwent the whole week And also made it a tad brighter than before.. ❤

(No filter| Left- Before the mask; Right- After the mask!)

I have an extremely oily skin that gets completely shiny within half an hour of washing my face but the mask miraculously kept the oil at a bay from my face for about 1.5 hours without making my skin dry or stretchy.. In fact it kept my skin well moisturised and I didn’t feel the need to use a Moisturiser, the whole day!!! ???

I, honestly, never expected​ a sheet mask to do so much good to the skin.. This is one of the best sheet masks for oily skin and I can vouch for it! ❤❤❤

1. Easily available online.
2. Can be used anytime and without creating any mess.
3. Not very expensive.
4. Makes the skin really soft and smooth.
5. Makes the face quite bright and glowy.
6. Controls the sebum secretion to quite an extent but doesn’t leave the face dry; Infact keeps it moisturised!

7. Would suit all skin types perfectly! ❤

1. The mask fits really well on the face except for the nose area.

2. The effects do not last too long! ?

RATING: 4.75/5

FINAL TAKE: This is one of the best facial masks I have ever used and I would completely recommend it to everyone for a weekend skin pampering session at home! ❤ It smoothens, softens and brightens the dull and tired face! ❤❤❤

Hope It Helps ❤

**PR samples, But completely (100%) HONEST review!**