Pond’s White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub Review

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So, it’s Summer here in India.. (Going 36-38Β°C during the peak hours, especially in Kolkata! πŸ™ ) And one thing that bothers the most of us during Summers is getting tanned! πŸ˜›

Okay, getting tanned might be a trend in the West, but the case is not same here in the Mid-Eastern countries. πŸ˜€

Although, the youth, now a days, is a bit less bothered about skin colour, we still don’t want to have different complexions on different parts of our body! πŸ˜› XD

Tan is easier to remove when its fresh! Once it gets older, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of it and one may have to go through chemical peelings or other similar expensive chemical processes..
So, here is this product, that has been my saviour during these Summer months.. As you may be knowing, I am a college goer, and I have to travel a lot during the peak hours of the day.. And yes, I can’t stay at home from 11am to 4pm! (As everyone advises during the hot summer months!) πŸ˜›

So, a good tan removing product that isn’t quite time-consuming but still effective, is a necessity for me! πŸ˜€

I had been using this amazing and affordable tan removal scrub for quite a long time now, and here goes my review over it! ❀❀❀


Pond's White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub
Pond’s White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub

DESCRIPTION: POND’S WHITE BEAUTY, Sun Dullness Removal Facial Scrub, with TanSolve beads and 50% brightening cream, this foaming cleanser gently scrubs away the surface skin cells that have become dull( from dirt, dust ,excess oil) to reveal beautiful fairer looking skin.

COST: INR190 for 100g, INR110 for 50g.

HOW TO USE: Wet your face, create lather, gently massage onto face and neck, then rinse off.


Myristic acid, glycerin, water, propylene glycol, potassium hydroxide, palmitic acid and stearic acid, lauric acid, glycol distearate, decyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, hydrated silica, poluquaternium 7, dmdm hydantoin and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, Titanium dioxide, niacinamide, silicaand cl 73360, di sodium edta, perfume, linalool, butylphenyl, methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, citronellol.

Pond's White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub
Pond’s White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub

STORAGE: Store away from direct sunlight and heat.

WARNING: In case of contact with eyes rinse with water immediately.

SHELF LIFE: 24 months.


The Scrub comes in a tube packaging with a sturdy and leak proof flip cap.. It comes in tubes of 50g and 100g, so I guess one can easily carry the smaller ones in handbags.. πŸ™‚

The tan removal scrub has a mild fragrance, almost similar to the White beauty foaming face wash, and a white, creamy texture with very small pink beads in it! ( The TanSolve beads, as the company claims!)… A tiny amount of the scrub is enough for one use as it lathers quite well.. So one tube would last you for atleast a month and a half even if used regularly.. ❀


Pond's White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub
Pond’s White Beauty Sun Dullness Removal Daily Facial Scrub

This scrub is not at all harsh on the face but effectively removes all the dirt, dust and oil, as it claims. It also works quite great as a tan remover and removes most of the tan accumulated during the day (I apply it in the evening, after returning from college).. My face feels quite fresh and bright after using it and all the redness( Due to the Sun) and oils vanish.. ❀❀

One thing I want to add here is that although I have a combination-oily skin which becomes oily during the Summers, after using this scrub, my skin feels a little stretchy and dry. I have also used it during Winters when my skin becomes quite dry( My cheeks and chin become dry and patchy while my T zone still secrets oil! πŸ˜› ), and the skin feels a bit more stretchy! But for me that’s not a problem as I apply a moisturizer after washing my face, anyway! ❀

(Also read my review over Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash here)



1. It’s quite affordable and easily available. Buy it fromΒ here…

2. It isn’t harsh on skin.

3. Though it is non-organic, it still doesn’t contain parabens! πŸ˜€ (Atleast it is not mentioned)

4. It removes dirt, dust, excess oil and gives a nice fresh feel to the face. ❀

5. It removes TAN quite effectively.


1. It is quite drying even for combination-oily skinned beauties, so a good moisturizer becomes important after using the scrub.

2. It doesn’t remove makeup completely, but then it doesn’t even claim to do so.
Except these, I have no other complaints as it has worked beautifully for me! ❀

FINAL TAKE: It is a great product from Pond’s. It works effectively on tan. And I guess everyone can give it a try.. ❀

RATING: 4.5/5

Hope It Helps ❀

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  1. Ponds is amazing brand for skin. I really love your honesty in reviews. Definitely going to check out this product. Looks amazing

  2. This is a good review! Glad to have found an effective product … Tan is such a huge problem for me… and i sadly do get all different patches on my skin due to everything tanning at its own pace πŸ™
    I will try this out – the pricing is good and i hope it will work on my skin too.
    Thanks for the tip about the moisturiser ! Any particular one you would recommend to use after using this scrub?

  3. I loved the way you have listed down each and every point, I haven’t tried this product yet, but it sounds interesting for sure, thank you for sharing this amazing bit will definitely like to give it a try!

  4. This is truly an amazing product. I used it a lot. Except for the drying part, this is a pretty good scrub. Loved your detailed review.

  5. The harsh Indian summers are upon us and with it comes challenges to the skin like tanning etc. This Ponds product seems effective in combating the effects of tanning and is something that will be useful to us especially when travelling.

  6. I loved this complete review that you have done. Ponds is a trusted brand and I don’t mind trying…My only issue is the dryness it might cause. But lemme get a good moisturiser and then go for this scrub.

  7. You have given this product a very high rating but I usually stay away from all kinds of β€œwhitening” type of products. Thank you for sharing an honest opinion though.

  8. I am yet to try out this scrub but I already in love with their anti pollution face wash. This scrub seems like a great product for tan but definitely need a nice moisturizer afterwords.

  9. Honest review. I have used it and quite like the scrub. As you said that skin feel dry after using it yes i too feel dry but afterall we all used a good moisturiser after washing our face. So, no matter its a good daily tan removal scrub

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