Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask Review

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We all love rich DIY face masks! Don’t we? ❀
But let’s admit it… How many of us have all the necessary ingredients at our disposal, every time one wants to apply a mask? Or how many of us have enough time to go find the ingredients and mix them together for the mask?
We hardly do! πŸ˜›
And that’s when the all-natural, ready-made face masks come into frame… The ready-to-use masks that are enriched with all the ingredients we would ever want to use – from regular to exotic, from inexpensive to rare! Sounds like a relief! No? ❀

The face mask that I am going to talk about today, is a perfect and actually a richer and more effective alternative to the Indian traditional DIY masks and contains sandalwood, rose petals, turmeric powder, orange peel, saffron and many more skin beautifying ingredients! ❀

Read on to know more about it… ❀


Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

DESCRIPTION: Make Me Glow Revitalizing Face Mask – “A cooling blend of Mysore sandalwood, turmeric and orange peels to detoxify and energize your skin. Nothing but the best for your highness! Your wish, my command!”

A powerful blend of sandalwood powder, sandalwood oil & orange peel to take care of your dark spots & dull skin. Sandalwood and turmeric also soothe skin and heal acne & acne spots. Orange peel powder & almond seed matter scrubs away dead skin and clogged pores revealing a brighter & clearer skin. Aloe vera and rose powder nourishes your skin and keeps it youthful and glowy. Get instant glow for a party makeover in one use. Use regularly to enhance your complexion and maintain a permanent glow.

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

All skin types. If you have dry skin type, sandalwood oil, aloe vera & rose powder will take care of the dryness. If you have oily skin, sandalwood powder, Fuller’s earth & kaolin clay will take care of the excess oil while sandalwood oil would balance the moisture level. Other skin types, will eventually fall in line.

INGREDIENTS: Mysore Sandalwood Powder, Mysore Sandalwood Oil, Handcrushed Orange Peel Powder, Organic Orange Oil, Sweet Almond Seed Meal, Silk Cotton Tree Extract (Semal Chhal), Indian Maddar (Manjistha), Himalayan Cherry, Touch-me-not Flower (Lajwanti), Saffron (Kesar), Kashmiri Daffodil (Nargis), Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin Clay, Xanthum Gum, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E.

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

CAUTION: Natural products can also cause allergy to some people. Test patch on inner elbow and leave for thirty minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

COST:Β MRP: Rs. 699 [Available online at a discounted price of Rs. 499!]

SHELF LIFE: 24 months


Ryaal Make Me Glow Revitalising Face Mask comes in a black-coloured, ice-cream tub kind of packaging with an outer screw-on lid and an inner transparent spill-proofing lid! The tub contains all the details about the mask, including the ingredients list and the benefits mentioned over it and it further comes inside an aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, leaf-themed cardboard box which can be reused to store random stuffs! πŸ˜›

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

The mask has a chrome yellow colour to it and is quite thick and slightly grainy in texture! It has a rather strong herbal smell of sandalwood mixed with turmeric but the smell is quite refreshing and natural and doesn’t irritate the senses! ❀

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

The mask can be used on its own or mixed with some honey or milk to dilute it, as per one’s liking! I prefer using it the way it is! πŸ˜€ The mask, although thick, spreads on the skin with ease and a little more than a teaspoon of it is enough to cover the face and the neck evenly! ❀
The mask provides an instant cooling and soothing sensation to the skin and make it feel calm and relaxed… It would make a great face mask after a tiring day at work or home! ❀

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

This revitalizing face mask tends to get completely dry within 15 to 20 minutes of application and needs to be massaged with some water to rinse it off… Due to its grainy texture, the mask gently scrubs away all the dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin, leaving it softer, smoother and brighter than before! ❀

The mask doesn’t irritate the skin and instead calms down any live acne present on the face due to the antibacterial and soothing properties of turmeric and sandalwood… I have noticed a gradual but visible improvement in the redness and size of the breakouts on my face with the regular use of this mask! ❀ It also tends to blur out acne marks and slightly fade away scars if used continuously for a prolonged period of time, although the effects are not very noticeable during the initial days! πŸ˜€

Ryaal Make Me Glow
Ryaal Make Me Glow

This mask works wonders for people with normal-combination to oily skin types and sucks away all the sebum and impurities from the pores on the face, leaving the skin grease-free and really fresh for quite sometime… The mask doesn’t dry out my combination-oily skin, and instead leaves it soft and supple [but not moisturised] but I have seen a few people, with drier skin types, feel that the mask dries out their skin… So, it might dry out the dry to extremely dry skin, due to its high oil-absorbing clay content! πŸ™

For me, the mask does a pretty amazing job and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth and makes it look quite bright and slightly glowy in just a single [or once in a while] use! ❀
It would definitely enhance the results and make the skin healthy if used on a daily basis! ❀ [Yes! It is safe for use daily or on alternate days, if you have a normal to oily skin type]

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1. Not effectively expensive, owing to the fact that a tub of 125gms would last for quite a few months! πŸ˜›
2. Easily available online on AmazonΒ and Ryaal’s own website!
3. Loaded with skin loving, natural ingredients including Mysore sandalwood powder, Mysore sandalwood oil, rose petals, turmeric, orange peel, orange oil, almonds, saffron and oil absorbing clays! ❀
4. Free from parabens, SLS and all other harmful, toxic chemicals and their derivatives! ❀
5. Provides an instant cooling and soothing sensation to the face, when applied, due to the presence of sandalwood oil in it! ❀
6. Gently scrubs away dead skin cells and impurities from the surface of the skin, making it look clear, bright and smooth! ❀
7. Calms down any live acne present on the face and regular use gradually heals the breakouts… It also fades the acne scars on the skin although to a very small extent! ❀
8. Sucks out excess oil and sebum from oily and combination skin and leaves it feeling refreshed! ❀
9. The mask makes the skin look really fresh, clean & smooth and enhances the complexion while adding a bit of glow to the face post use! ❀


1. Might tend to dry out drier skin types! [ dry to severely dry skin]

RATING: 4.6/5

FINAL TAKE: If you are someone who loves traditional DIY masks but neither has the time nor opportunity to hunt for ingredients or buy several of them, I would definitely recommend the Ryaal Make Me Glow face mask to you… Enriched with all natural ingredients, it makes the skin healthy and heals it gradually from within [with regular use]! ❀

Hope it helps! ❀

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