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“Losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is normal!”- says the Internet!
Do you believe in it? Well, I don’t!!!

There was a time when no hair clips could succeed in holding​ my hair back… Today, the same clips just slip down my tresses!
Even though I never lost more than 50 strands of hair a day, the regular hairfall has left me with just one-third of the mane that I possessed a few years back!
So, yes! Every strand of hair that you lose, does count and should be kept in check!

But I also know how difficult it is to find a product that is really effective against hair fall, out of the millions of products, with tall claims, present in the market…
That’s why today, I bring you a tried and tested, miraculous hairfall control product that would put an end to all your hairloss worries and not only decrease the hairfall but also cease it completely within a few uses! ❤ (And it is my personal favourite right now, too!)

Read on to know more about the product! ❤


Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Premium Hair Oil


DESCRIPTION: Slows premature greying, promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff, stops hair fall!
Paraben free.
Natural colour variation may occur in this product. For external use only.
100% chemical free hair oil.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Gentle heating might be required in winter. Apply oil on scalp and massage it for 3-4 minutes. Leave it overnight and wash with alcohol free shampoo.
Apply oil 2 times a week​ and for 3 to 4 months for best results.

INGREDIENTS: Almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, emu oil, amla oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, olive oil.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

• E.V. Coconut Oil: Not only does coconut oil promote hair growth, it prevents dandruff and makes hair thick.
• Sweet Almond Oil: Smoothens cuticles and prevents shedding. It regulates blood flow to scalp.
• Castor Oil: Darkens hair and stops premature greying. Stops split ends.
• Amla Oil: Rich in vitamin A&C. It’s a Natural conditioner. Minimises hair loss and prevents greying.
• Emu Oil: Acts as a fortifying agent for hair. Stimulate dormant hair follicles and help with new hair growth.
• Jojoba Oil: Antifungal and unclogs pores, repairs hair and cleanses scalp. Helps balance pH levels.
• E.V. Olive Oil: Treats dry and damaged hair. Makes hair shine and become smooth and soft.
• Vitamin E: Provides antioxidants, keratin strength and reduces fizz.
• Grapeseed Oil: High in antioxidants, promotes hair growth and delays skin ageing.

COST: INR 599 for 100ml.

SHELF LIFE: 1 year.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Premium Hair Oil


This Premium, best-selling Hair Oil from Satthwa comes in a simple but sturdy, transparent plastic bottle with an​ air tight cork on the top which needs to be replaced with the white coloured flip cap that comes along with it, once you start using it! The packaging does not leak even under high pressure and is completely travel friendly! ❤

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

The hair oil has a mild smell of castor oil to it and is yellow to golden in colour! Even though it is a mixture of nine precious oils, the oil is not much sticky or thick in consistency and spreads nicely as well as washes off the scalp and the hair pretty effortlessly! ❤

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil
Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

I have used this oil for about 8-9 times till now and honestly (with hands on my heart!), I have never seen an anti hairfall​ product as effective as this hair oil! ❤

Just after the first application of this oil, I saw a noticeable decrease in the number of strands that I lost while washing​ or combing my hair! The amount of hair that I lost was around half the amount that I used to lose everyday! ❤
I have been using the oil for around 3-4 weeks now, and I do not fear washing my hair anymore… Now-a-days I hardly lose around 5-6 strands (Previously, I used to lose a minimum of 25-30 strands!) of hair a day even if I wash my hair daily or keep changing shampoos and conditioners! I am literally worshiping the oil these days! 😛

Coming to the effectiveness of this hair oil in removing itchiness and dandruff from the scalp; Initially, I was quite impressed by it when I saw the dandruff vanishing to some extent within a couple of washes, as I started using it regularly! But to my disappointment, it kept showing up again on my scalp within a day or two, and the itching continued without a pause!
So, I feel that if you suffer from Dandruff a lot, just like me, this oil won’t be of much help in that case; Other than that, I consider it the best hair oil available in the market for hairfall! ❤

Also, though I cannot comment on how effective it is in slowing down premature greying of hair, as I don’t have any, I can definitely say that it keeps the hair healthy and makes it strong while being completely natural and chemical/preservatives free! ❤

(Also read my review over Mamaearth Anti Hairfall Kit here !)

1. Available on Satthwa, Flipkart and Amazon, as of now!
2. Completely leak proof and travel friendly!
3. Non sticky and doesn’t stain the pillows; Spreads on the hair with ease; Washes off the tresses effortlessly!
4. Blend of nine precious oils and doesn’t contain any sort of chemicals!
5. Works against hairfall from the first use itself! ❤
6. With regular use, the oil stops even the worst cases​ of hairfall almost completely! My hairfall decreased from 30 strands to 5 in just a 6-7 washes! ❤
7. Works on the Dandruff and itchiness, although to a small extent!
8. A bottle goes a long way as a little quantity of the oil is enough to cover the whole head!

1. To me, the Oil seems​ to be a little pricey!
2. Although it claims to prevent Dandruff, I haven’t noticed enough difference in the flakiness or itching on my scalp to say that it can be used as an anti-dandruff product! The dandruff does go away to some extent, but keeps on recurring after a couple of days! 🙁

RATING: 4.65/5

FINAL TAKE: I’d definitely recommend the Satthwa Premium Hair Oil to everyone out there who is suffering from falling hair… Go grab your bottle of this magic potion and thank me later! ❤

**PR sample but completely (100%) honest review!**

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  1. Nice review. I have no dandruff or itching problems but very much concerned about my falling hair. I can not say how much i am worried about my falling hair. So, i will must going to try this oil.

  2. It’s been 3 weeks that I have been using this HAIR oil and I am already in love with this.What a wonderful magical oil, I loved the fact that it has reduced my hairfall to a great extent. Glad our views match.

    1. I agree, i also said it is quite pricey, but then I have tried a 100 products for hairfall and this has gave me such great results that none could.. ❤

  3. There ia nothing better than using a natural product. I have been reading a lot of great reviewa about the product. thanks for reviewing it for us !

  4. Wow nice review. If it isnt effective on dandruff then no ways I am trying this but for general use I can think of trying it.

    1. Yes, it is definitely not effective for dandruff but if you have hairfall you can give it a try ❤

  5. I am facing nowadays lot of hair fall and I am scared now. But thanks to this post of yours , I would love to try this out! thank you ❤

    1. Definitely try it out.. it’s amazing.. ❤
      And i am so glad i could help you.. keep visiting ❤

  6. This hair oil is my one of the favorite. It has benefitted a lot to my hair.

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