Selling Your Life Insurance Policy Made Easy With Mason Finance!


In fiction: we find the predictable boring. In real life: we find the unpredictable terrifying.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Life is unpredictable and there is no doubt about that!
One day we are doing great, the next day we are all gloomy…
One day we are best friends, the next day we are sworn enemies…
One day we are here, the next day we are gone forever…
And that’s the reason, we all need to have life insurance policies – to provide for our children, our spouses and our loved ones when we are not there to take care of them!

Sell Your Life Insurance
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But that is not all!

Life insurance policies can also help their owners in times of need!
Suppose, you are in desperate need of money or you know that you won’t be able to afford the premiums anymore, selling your insurance policies can be a great solution! It can provide you with immediate money to meet your needs as well as free you from any responsibility regarding the premiums…

So, what are the common reasons for which people sell their life insurance policies?

Well, as I already mentioned, if one is not able to afford the premiums for the insurance policy, selling it is a great way to prevent the policy from lapsing.
If one has no immediate relative or a loved one who would claim the insurance in the case of their death, selling it would allow the person to use the money to fulfill his/her needs. Another big reason for selling one’s life insurance policies is the immediate, unexpected need for money which may arise due to sudden illness or unfortunate events in one’s life…

Sell Your Life Insurance
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Reading this, you must be wondering how can one know if they are eligible to sell their insurance policies… Well, one of the most important factors in this regard is that the face value of the existing policy should be at least $50,000-$100,000. Age and health of the policy owner as well as the policy type also play a vital role in determining the eligibility… Mostly, the people who are above 65 years of age or have certain health conditions sell their policies successfully as they have a shorter life expectancy.

There are many companies which help a person to sell their life insurance policies… There are life insurance agents, life settlement providers and brokers… However, this traditional way of settlement may take many months and an extensive amount of paperwork along with excessive broker fees and commission… And that is when Mason Finance comes into the frame!

Sell Your Life Insurance
Mason Finance

With Mason Finance, one can get the estimate of their policy’s worth within 60 seconds… There is full transparency and one gets all the information he or she needs about the life settlement (i.e., policy selling) process beforehand. Also, the company makes the seller’s work easy by matching them with licensed policy buyers instantly!

So, if you are planning to sell your policy, visit Mason Finance’s website to estimate your policy’s worth and to sell your life insurance with ease!

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  1. I always wished something like this facility to sell insured policy. This will definitely help a lot, that’s very helpful initiative by Mason Finance’s

  2. Honestly saying before this post k had no idea life insurance can be sold too, thank you for sharing this insightful blog, will definitely research on this more to get more information, and yes hat’s off to the amount of research you would had done ?

  3. That’s a very informative post about Mason Finance. I would love to know more details about the insurance policies.

  4. This is a great informative post. In our country there is not much awareness about life insurance and people often see it as a scam. I can say this firmly because my husband is a life insurance agent and often comes across people who are hesitant to take a policy because they think it is a scam

  5. I have heard of selling life insurance policy. Mason is definitely making the process easier and transparent

  6. This seems to be a promising proposition as when such sudden money need arises one cannot take a wise decision on his own. Glad there is someone to give right pricing in case of selling insurance policy.

  7. This is such a useful and informative article. I had no idea that Life Insurance could be sold too. Good to know about Mason finance and that they can provide estimate of insurance within 60 seconds. Thanks for sharing.

  8. this is something new to me, I wasn’t aware that life insurance can be sold. will check out the Mason finance, seems to be reliable financial security choice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mason Finance brings financial security to seniors by serving them with the best retirement finance products and services. Will check Mason finance ite to know more.

  10. Oh wow I was not aware that I could actually sell my life Insurance policy. I will check out the Mason Finance website for more details.

  11. I didn’t know we can sell our life insurance policies in the case of need! Will check Mason Finance for more details…

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