Chauth & Nagsan Hydrating Face Toner Review

Hello dear people! ❤️❤️❤️I hope you all are doing great! 🙂 Well, winter is coming... It's time to take out those lovely cardigans, fancy shawls, revamp your wardrobe and also, change your skincare regime!Our skin during the cold and dry months of winter, demands a lot more hydration, nourishment and care than it does during... Continue Reading →

White Tone Face Powder Review

Hello Lovely Ladies! ☺☺☺ I hope everyone is doing great! ❤ Some advertisements make us go crazy, isn't it? 😛 "Instant Fairness", "Instant Glam Look".. Any product that claims to transform us instantly, becomes a 'Must Try' for the majority of us! To be honest, I am not someone who uses or even believes in... Continue Reading →

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