The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash Review

Hello dear people! ❤️❤️❤️
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There are certain fragrances which I believe one can never resist!
Fresh flowers, freshly brewed coffee and sandalwood of course… ❤️
Can you ever hate these beautiful aroma sensations?
I don’t think so! 😀

Out of these three, sandalwood is my absolute favourite and my love for the fragrance brought me to a product that I am going to review today – The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash!
Read on to know more about it! 🙂


The Nature's Co. Sandalwood Face Wash
The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash

DESCRIPTION: Sandalwood is truly one of nature’s most versatile skin-care remedy used since centuries. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin giving a radiant glow, while its antimicrobial, inflammatory and purifying properties removes excess oil and toxins from your skin by increasing blood circulation making it clean, fresh and acne-free. Wet face; squeeze a small amount into palm of hand. Gently massage into face in circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Use every day, morning & night.
For all skin types.
Cruelty-free and vegan.
Paraben and synthetic free.

Each 100g Contains:
Sandalwood Extract – 3%
Aloe Vera Plant Extract – 3%
Vegetable Glycerin – 3%
W/S Base, Aroma, Natural Preservatives Q.S.

The Nature's Co. Sandalwood Face Wash
The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash

COST: Rs. 695 for 125ml

SHELF LIFE: 24 months


The Nature’s Co. sandalwood face wash comes in a transparent plastic tube with a sturdy flip-cap… The packaging is really durable and leak-proof. However, it is quite bulky and may not be a great choice for travel purposes…
The tube has most of the necessary details about the product, mentioned over it… But, the list of ingredients present is incomplete and that is one thing I don’t like about it!

The face wash is brownish in colour and has a runny consistency… It has a beautiful (and kind of sweet) fragrance of sandalwood… The smell is not very mild but also not much strong and I feel that people who like sandalwood fragrance would love this! ❤️

The Nature's Co. Sandalwood Face Wash
The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash

This face wash lathers really well and just a tiny, tiny amount of it is enough for one use… It cleanses the skin well and removes all the dirt, oil and grime from the skin surface… It leaves my face clean, fresh and slightly fragrant (yes, the sandalwood fragrance lingers for quite some time post use)! ❤️

The face wash doesn’t suck the moisture out of my skin but it also doesn’t provide a lot of hydration to the skin… So, it wouldn’t leave the dry skin feeling moisturized but it also wouldn’t make the oily skin feel heavy and greasy…
In my opinion, this face wash is suitable for all skin types except maybe extremely oily and extremely dry ones!
The face wash also didn’t break out my skin or aggravate the live acne… Hence, I feel that people with acne-prone skin type too can give it a try! 🙂

The Nature's Co. Sandalwood Face Wash
The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash

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  1. Easily available online on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and The Nature’s Co.
  2. Durable and leak-proof packaging.
  3. Free of parabens and synthetic chemicals.
  4. Enriched with sandalwood extract, aloe vera extract and vegetable glycerin.
  5. Has a beautiful sandalwood fragrance.
  6. Lathers really well and just a little amount is needed for each use.
  7. Cleanses the skin well and removes all the dirt, oil and grime.
  8. Leaves the skin clean and fresh.
  9. Doesn’t dry out the skin.
  10. Suitable for all skin types.


  1. A bit expensive.
  2. List of ingredients is incomplete.

RATING: 4.5/5

FINAL TAKE: The Nature’s Co. sandalwood face wash is a good, natural face wash which cleanses the skin effectively… It doesn’t dry out the skin and is suitable for all the skin types!
So, if you are someone who loves the fragrance of sandalwood or just wants to try out a natural face wash, this is a good option for you! ❤️

Hope it helps! ❤️

**PR product but 100% honest review!**

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49 thoughts on “The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Face Wash Review

  1. I love the heavenly smell but sandalwood doesn’t work good on my skin. It’s a bit expensive but still will give it a try

  2. I love the refreshing feel sandalwood gives to the skin. Also this facewah being all natural adds to the reasons why I should buy it, this will definitely be my next buy

  3. Sandalwood fragrance is so enchanting. Have always loved the fragrance and effect of Sandalwood soap. Hence the Sandalwood facewash is something I would definitely love.

  4. I really loved the packaging of this product and your take on it. I love the fact that you give pros and cons towards the end which makes the buying simple

  5. I really love that little pack of facewash … it seems great and promising one will sure check as I love products from Natures Co.

  6. Sandalwood is always very good for the skin.. n it has aleo vera too.. and best part its easily available.. and its chemical free today.. wat else sumone want. Ll definitely check

  7. I loved your detailed review..nature’s co is an excellent brand.. I will surely check out this face wash .

  8. Looking for a good face wash.. n u solved my problem … Definitely give a try to this product

  9. I have tried Nature’s Co products and some are really good. You are absolutely bang on about the price. This facewash looks good for my skin will check this.

  10. The facewash looks amazing as it is Free of parabens and synthetic chemicals. Also, sandalwood is really good for skin. I’m definitely going to try this facewash

  11. I have always liked The Nature’s Co.’s products. This sandalwood face wash seems like a good investment in skin care.

  12. Nice review. It sounds really good. So, i wanted to try it after finishing my daily facewash.

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