Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap Review

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We all love multitasking products, don’t we?
A moisturizer that doubles up as a sunscreen, a nail paint that nourishes the nails, a lipstick that also acts as a lip primer – multitasking products make our life a lot easier! ❤
So, when I came across this lemongrass soap by Vaadi Herbals which could be used as a regular soap as well as a scrub soap, I knew I had to give it a try! 😀

Today, I am reviewing the same for you all! Read on to know my experience with the product…


Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

DESCRIPTION: Vaadi Herbals enticing lemongrass scrub soap with charcoal.
A specially formulated soap to truly cleanse, detoxify and polish your skin. Anti-bacterial lemongrass paired with activated charcoal, draws impurities out of the skin; leaving it clean & healthy within. On the outside, the dead cells are scrubbed off; smoothing & adding glow!
• Lemongrass: Unclogs pores. Tones, hydrates & conditions skin.
• Charcoal: Detoxifies skin. Reveals smoother, healthier skin.
Organic. Chemical free. Earth and plant based ingredients. Paraben free. Ayurveda. GMP certified. ISO certified. Not tested on animals.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Schoenanthus) Oil, Charcoal Powder, Walnut (Juglans Regia) Shell Powder, Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil Derivatives, Pure Honey (Mel Extract), DM Water (Aqua).

Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

CAUTION: For external use only. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

COST: Rs. 44 for a bar of 75g

SHELF LIFE: 36 months


Vaadi Herbals enticing lemongrass scrub soap comes in a sturdy, green-coloured cardboard box packaging which contains most of the necessary details about the product mentioned over it… The soap inside further comes wrapped in two layers of plastic which keep it safe and uncontaminated until it is opened for use! The overall packaging is really impressive for such an inexpensive product and the only thing that I find odd is the absence of the complete list of ingredients!

Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

The scrub soap is slightly translucent and has a beautiful leafy-green colour… It is about 2 cms wide and has a 0.1 cm thick layer of scrubbing granules on one side of it… The rest of the bar contains just a few granules suspended here and there! 😛
The soap has a pleasant, natural lemongrass fragrance which is quite mild and I don’t think that it would trouble the sensitive noses!

Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

This lemongrass soap can be used in two different ways – as a regular bathing bar and as a scrub soap!
As a regular bathing bar, it lathers quite well (though not as heavily as Lux bathing bars and other such soaps) and produces a creamy foam when rubbed on the skin, especially with a loofah… The foam cleanses the skin really well and washes away all the dirt, dust, oil and impurities from the skin… It doesn’t leave the skin fragrant at all which in my opinion, is a good thing as it means that it doesn’t leave behind any sort of residue! ❤
When used as an exfoliator, one first needs to use the regular lemongrass side of the bar on the body… Then the granular side of the bar can be directly rubbed on the skin… The walnut granules present on this side exfoliate the skin quite well and scrub off most of the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth!
However, I faced a few problems while using this soap as an exfoliator… The soap bar is quite big and hence, it is not possible to use it to properly scrub the skin on those parts of the body where there are curves or corners (eg. under the knees, above the ankles, etc.). Also, the scrubbing side of the soap feels somewhat harsh against my skin… So, I feel that people will sensitive or delicate skin types may not find it comfortable to use this soap as a scrub!
But the biggest issue is that after 3 or 4 uses, the 1mm thick walnut layer completely withers away and you are just left with the regular lemongrass bar! 🙁

Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

I have a normal skin type right now and this scrub soap doesn’t leave my skin dry or stretchy post use! But during the winters, when my skin was more on the drier side, it left my skin dry and quite stretchy… So, in my opinion, this soap would work best for people with normal to oily skin types. While for people with drier skin types, it may leave the skin even more dry and stretchy!
One good thing about the soap is that it doesn’t melt at all on the bathroom shelf… Thus, one bar would easily last you for 3 to 4 weeks even after the scrubbing layer withers away! 😀

Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap
Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap

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  1. Inexpensive and easily available online on Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa.
  2. Free from parabens and enriched with the goodness of lemongrass oil, charcoal powder, jojoba oil, coconut oil derivatives and honey!
  3. Has a mild, natural fragrance of lemongrass.
  4. Lathers well and cleanses the skin of all the dirt, dust, oil and impurities!
  5. Exfoliates the skin quite well and leaves it soft and smooth!
  6. Doesn’t leave the skin dry or stretchy for normal to oily skin types!
  7. Didn’t break out my skin or caused any irritation.
  8. Doesn’t melt on the bathroom shelf and can easily last for 3 to 4 weeks, if used once daily.


  1. The list of ingredients provided is incomplete; might contain sulphates.
  2. The scrub soap is not as efficient in scrubbing as a regular cream-based scrub.
  3. It may leave drier skin types even more dry post use.
  4. People with sensitive skin types may find the granular side of the soap to be quite harsh against their skin.
  5. The walnut layer withers away by 3rd or 4th use, leaving behind the regular lemongrass bar.


FINAL TAKE: Vaadi Herbals enticing lemongrass scrub soap is an affordable, handmade soap which cleanses the skin really well and can also double up as an exfoliator for a few uses. It doesn’t over dry normal to oily skin types but it leaves drier skin types quite dry and in need of a moisturizer…
So, if you like lemongrass fragrance and have a skin type that is not too dry or sensitive, you may give this soap a try! 🙂

Hope it helps! ❤

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68 thoughts on “Vaadi Herbals Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap Review

  1. This looks promising with effective skin exfoliating and free from toxins. I really like that it cleanses skin well

  2. As you suspect there might be sulphate present as the list of ingredients is missing. Wish brand could provide more info but I love the sound of this soap. Who doesn’t love multi tasking products!!

  3. I always look forward to your reviews as you weigh the Pros and cons very well. Helps me make an informed decision based on my skin type. I would like to try Vaadi lemongrass soap.

  4. I really like ur review style. In detail & quite catching.

    With pros & cons, it becomes easy for readers & customers to decide whether to buy or not.

    Vaadi lemongrass I would like to try.

  5. Very detailed review ?. Although I have already tried some of Vaadi products. Vaadi soaps seems really so affordable. Definitely looking forward to try them.?

  6. Soap cum scrub is definetly going to give a great bath..I will soon try it out and share my experience..

  7. I also prefer Vaadi products coz all are cost effective. Have used their body scrub also. And this kinda soap really works good. One side for regular use and another side for scrubbing purpose. I’m going to buy this soon.

  8. As I have experienced, the scrub soaps are generally over hyped. Either they are too harsh to be used or too mild to give any result. I anyway like lemongrass fragrance.

  9. Honestly saying, the incomplete ingredients list is something that is a bit bothering me, I would surely try to gather more information on the same, and yes thank you for putting forward such an amazing and true review ?

  10. This is very well written and a detailed review. I love the wonderful fragrance of lemongrass, I am going to check out the Vaadi Herbals for sure.

  11. Hmmm, your review leaves me in 2 minds about this soap. I love lemongrass and would love to try it as a soap but then I also have a sensitive skin. So need to think.

  12. The soap looks amazing as it is organic. And lemongrass fragrance is really good. The review was quite informative. Definitely going to check the product

  13. Looks like a nice lemongrass soap. But somehow I don’t like using soap on my body it makes my skin dry.

  14. That’s a very detailed review. Lemongrass is one of my favourite ingredients. Definitely gonna check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Vaadi herbals lemongrass soap looks really good and worth trying. Thanks for sharing it’s benefits and qualities. Will surely try it.

  16. The scrub soap sounded quite good but the cons are making me rethink it. For regular use cream-based soaps would be a better choice for me.

  17. The Lemongrass scrub soap from Vaadi sounds really nice. The best part, of course, is its natural ingredients like Lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and not to forget activated charcoal. The efficacy of these ingredients has been traditionally known in India for ages now and hence these products are the best.

  18. Ur pics are so nice. Watching it making me feel as if am really smelling the lemongrass fragrance .

    I would love to try Vasu.

  19. Thumbs up for multitasking products. They save so much money . Key ingredients sounds really nice but as you said complete list of ingredients should have been written on the soap.

  20. Scrub soaps are always less effective than the cream based scrubs , though overall these soaps give a good feel while bathing. This soap is quite affordable

    1. The soap looks promising. I really like that it’s paraben free, contain scrub and exfoliates the skin.

  21. I have used vaadi herbals manicure and pedicure kits before and how I totally love them..These soaps looks cool too.thank for the review.Looking forward to try them

  22. Thanx for this detailed review..I have used many Vaadi products and they are really good..will try this soap too very soon..

  23. Nice review. I like vaadi herbals soaps bqz they are affordable and chemical free but lemongras soap has gave me the same experience as you.

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