Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar Review

Hello Peeps! ❤❤❤
What’s up with you all? 😀

So, how many of you are comfortable using a soap on your face? 😀
Well, honestly, I never was!
Yes, I too used to use the Dove bars on my face like everyone else.. But that was around 8 to 10 years back when my mom was the only source of beauty products for me… 😛 Never did I let a soap touch my face ever after! 😀

Now, a few months back, while trying to add some extra, but inexpensive products in my cart on Nykaa, so as to qualify for free shipping (I know! I know! XD), I came across this tiny puny facial bar from Vaadi Herbals which claimed to de-tan the face and even out the complexion………. Anddd….
And what? Obviously… It said “De-tan”, so I was sold! 😛

Read on to know if I loved it or regretted the buy! ❤


Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar
Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar

DESCRIPTION: Kesar Chandan facial bar with extract of orange peel. Skin lightening / Anti tan. A handmade product with essential oils. A superb formulation, enriched with the goodness of Kesar and Chandan, this soap gently cleanses your skin, while smoothing the texture and lightening the tone. Sandal cools the skin and soothes rashes. Saffron lightens the complexion; fades dark patches; and adds natural radiance to your face.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Sandal Oil (Santalum Album), steam distilled Saffron (Crocus Sativus) extract, Coconut oil derivative (Cocos Nucifera), Orange peel (Citrus Aurantium Amara) extract, DM water (Aqua).

Saffron: Lightens the complexion; fades dark patches; and adds natural radiance.

Sandal: For soft supple skin. Cools the skin and prevents pimples and rashes.

Orange Peel: Rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Imparts glow to the skin and reduces under eye circles.

DIRECTIONS: Apply over wet face and neck. Gently work up rich lather. Massage gently in circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry.

COST: INR 30 for 25g.

SHELF LIFE: 36 months.

Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar
Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar


The Vaadi Herbals facial bar comes in a colourful, sturdy, cardboard box packaging with all the details about the bar mentioned over it! The soap inside is again wrapped in two layers of plastic which ensures that the soap remains uncontaminated or untouched till use! The overall packaging is really impressive for a product priced at Rs. 30! 😛 😀 ❤❤❤

This Kesar Chandan soap is dark saffron in colour (slightly translucent too!) but smells nothing close to saffron or sandalwood! It has a mild and pleasant, artificial, soapy kind of fragrance (somewhat like the old Lux soaps)!!! 😛

Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar
Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar

Now, I bought this soap somewhere around July-August, which means during the peak of Indian Summers! 😀 So, it was a real test for this baby claiming to remove the sun tan from face as I tan a lottttt! I hell lot! 😛
Also, my facial skin turns extremely oily and dark during the hot Summer days as I remain outside for almost 7-8 hours on a regular weekday and only get the chance to freshen up once I get back home.. 🙁

The one thing that I noticed about this soap from the first use itself was that it lathers exceptionally well! Although it doesn’t lather like the Lux or Godrej soaps, it still lathers a lot which proves that it contains a good amount of SLS/SLES! 🙁
But this property also makes it a great cleanser as it pulls away all the dirt, dust and sebum accumulated on the skin throughout the day and makes the skin look absolutely clean and fresh without over drying it! ❤❤❤

Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar
Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar

Now, coming to the tan removal property of the soap… Well, I used the soap twice daily, for around a month and a half and it actually removed almost 80% of the fresh tan from my face! I won’t say that it is 100% effective against tan and well, even the scrubs worth a couple of hundred rupees too fail to do that…. But still, it works really well! I didn’t use any scrub or mask on my face for those one and a half months and I didn’t really feel that my skin was getting any darker with time… So, yes! This soap does remove the tan to a great extent and also makes the skin feel slightly smoother and even toned! ❤❤❤

Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar
Vaadi Herbals Kesar Chandan Facial Bar

I would also like to add that this tiny soap bar is actually very resistant to melting down under water… Most of the times, I would just use it and keep it back in that dripping condition and it still lasted me for more than one and a half month! ❤❤❤

What more can you expect from a soap that comes for 30 bucks??? 😛 😛 😛

(Also read my review over Biotique Bio Papaya Tan Removal Scrub here!)


1. Very inexpensive and easily available! ❤ Buy it from here!
2. Lasts really long! One bar lasts for a minimum of one and a half months even if used twice daily!
3. Lathers really well and cleanses the face of all the dirt, grime and oil and makes it look fresh!
4. Even after being a good cleansing soap, it doesn’t dry out my combination skin!
5. Works really well against the Sun Tan and removes almost 80% of the daily tan! ❤
6. Slightly even tones and smoothens the skin!

1. Complete ingredients list is absent! 🙁
2. Contains quite a good amount of surfactants…
3. Not travel friendly as it is a bar of soap but one can definitely get their Saffron face wash which has almost the same claims and properties as this soap! 😛

RATING: 4.25/5

FINAL TAKE: I really like this facial bar from Vaadi (And have already bought a different one from their range of facial soaps :D).. It is inexpensive and quite effective when it comes to removing tan! ❤ If you are not very repulsive to soaps, I would definitely recommend you to try it once! 😀

Hope it helps! ❤

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  1. I’m a little skeptical if using soaps on face but your blog has changed my views. I would like to give this one a try and see the results. Great write up

    1. Do try it! It definitely doesn’t cause any harm to the skin! ❤ And thank you for visiting! 🙂

  2. i truly appreciate all the honesty in this review. the soapy ness andthe lux-like fragrance are atotal buzzkill for me.

  3. I use soaps on my face from some good organic brands. Never used from this brand. The key ingredients attract me to give it a try.

  4. The biggest USP of your blog reviews are – you get products for everyone. I like this herbal offering which you have here. Can be used by everyone and anywhere.

  5. Would love to try this. I mean with effective results for tanning at super affordable prices just 30rs worth trying

  6. I think im gonna be sold too ? i get all hyper when I hear tan removing too! In expensive also is another word that is making me hit that “add to cart” button! ? lets try this one! Love ur review!

  7. I have heard about the innumerable benefits of kesar & chandan. This sounds like a must try.

  8. Look affordable and effective for tan from your experience. Its great that you don’t notice any breakout in your skin. Worth trying.

  9. Wow… Even I haven’t used soap on my face since ages but you review has tempted me to definitely try this.. And at 30 rs so many pros is definitely something

  10. I find it difficult to read a full review as it gets boring after the first few paragraphs. But your review was entertaining and seemed from the heart. Great review. Enjoyed it.

  11. Not having a full ingredient list is a little problematic.But for the cost its a good value for money.How long did you use this for ?

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