Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm Review

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I don’t know if I should be feeling Happy or Guilty over my Love for cute tiny puny tubs of lip balms.. But because of it, now I have a box full of them! 😀

Today I am reviewing one of the lip balms I bought in my recent haul from Nykaa… ❤❤❤


Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm
Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

DESCRIPTION: Ultra Moisture Lock strawberry lip balm.

INGREDIENTS: Strawberry extract, vitamin E, honey and almond oil.

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm
Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

SHELF LIFE: 3 years.

COST: INR 30 for 6 gms, INR 40 for 10 gms.


The Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm comes in a thick, transparent plastic container with a black screw-on cap.. The container is quite sturdy and resembles a glass tub! ❤ The name and other details of the product are mentioned on the body of the container..
The packaging is quite cute and travel friendly! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm
Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

The texture of the lip balm is quite soft and smooth but still it doesn’t melt much during the hot Summers( Yaay!! 😛 )!
The balm smells exactly like those strawberry-cream candies we used to have when we were kids… 😀
The fragrance is heavenly delicious but quite mild and doesn’t irritate the Sensitive noses.. ❤❤❤

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm
Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

The balm looks bright red in the tub, but when swatched, it goes on to give a somewhat sheer look.. Although it still has a slight red tint, it hardly shows up on my pigmented lips! 😀

Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm
Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm

Now coming to the efficacy of the balm.. ❤
I have quite dry lips than tend to crack if I skip on the moisturization part for more than a day( Which my lazy bum forces me to do quite often).. 😛 😛 😛
I have been religiously using this lippy for about a week now and when I say it stands true to its claims of “Ultra Moisturisation”, BELIEVE ME it does! ❤
It stays on my lips for 8-9 hours and keep them soft and moisturised the whole time..
It somewhat survives heavy food and beverages too but goes away on wiping the lips.. But even after wiping it off, the lips feel moisturised for quite some time..

The only con that I felt was the incomplete ingredients list.. Only the active ingredients are listed and the mention of the base, colours and fragrance is completely skipped! 🙁

Also, it lacks sun protection, but for the price it comes at, we should be expecting​ that much! 😀

(Also read my review over the Himalaya Lip Butter here !)


1. Very affordable and travel friendly.
2. Easily available in both online and offline stores. Buy it from here and here !)
3. Provides great moisturisation to the lips.
4. Stays on the lips for 8-9 hours; survives meals and succumbs only to washing or wiping the mouth!
5. Can be used under the matte Lipsticks for hydration, as the tint is not much visible.. ❤

1. Full ingredients list is absent!
2. No SPF present.
3. The tint doesn’t really show up on the lips.

RATING: 4.5/5

FINAL TAKE: I love the quality and efficacy of this strawberry lip balm! It keeps the lips completely moisturised and smells delicious too! I wish it had some SPF and it would have been just perfect! ❤❤❤

Hope It Helps ❤

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  1. I loved the fact that it’s tiny and hence Tavel friendly. As I travel a lot so I like tiny products a lot. Also it’s super affordable.

  2. This looks affordable and we’ll moisturised lip balms especially during winter. I would love to try.

  3. It’s obviously my next buy. That moisturizing part and the smell you are talking about are insisting me too much to give it a go!!.

  4. This is a new brand I am hearing from your blog. But reading your post and the comments here makes me think of trying their products out.

  5. Lip balms are such a necessity for me! I have really chapped lips, both in summer and winters, so Kronokare was working for me – but I guess I can try this too!

  6. The price of this lip balm is unbelievable.. These days it is bit difficult to find a product in range of 30-40₹.. Thanks for sharing hun ?

  7. Wow never tried Vadi the strawberry lip balm looks very good packaging is sturdy and price is very affordable. From your review it seems to hydrate really well and if it survives heavy good I am definitely going to try it.

  8. We can never have enough lip balms ?. The lip balm is quite affordable too. Would give it a try soon!

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