VLCC Skin Defense Lavang Moisturiser Review

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All of us have gone through a phase, once upon a time in our lives(Especially during the teenage), where embarrassment, frustration, anger came hand in hand with pimples! 🙁

It’s not just the hormonal imbalance of teenage but pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and oily skin, that further aggravates the problem causing more and more breakouts and though the zits subside later, they leave their cruel, confidence-killing marks and scars behind which might take years to fade! 🙁
Further more with an oily, acne prone skin, we usually tend to skip our facial moisturizer causing the skin to produce more sebum and hence even more breakouts! 🙁

So.. When I actually came across this antibacterial skin lotion from VLCC, I had very little expectations from it! I just wanted a moisturizer for my OILY skin that won’t break me out or make my skin more greasy!


It worked WONDERS for me and I have completely fallen in love with it! ❤❤❤


VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser
VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser

DESCRIPTION: Lavang moisturiser- This Moisturiser enriched with Clove (Lavang) and extracts of neem and Euphorbia helps in controlling acne and excess sebum secretion, leaving the skin non-greasy, smooth and radiant.

METHOD OF USE: After cleansing the face and neck, apply with gentle upward strokes. Use alone or under makeup.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply twice daily after cleansing and toning.


Ananas sativus(pineapple) extract 4%, gandhak (sulphur) powder 3%, melia azadirachta (margosa neem) extract 2%, Euphorbia thymifolia (Euphorbia chhoti dudhi) extract 1.5%, syzygium aromaticum (Clove Lavang) oil 1%, lotion base q.s.

VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser
VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser

COST: INR 140 for 100ml.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years.

I was in a hunt for a good moisturizer for my skin type when I found this pretty bottle on Amazon and I actually got it at a discounted price for just INR 90! ❤❤❤ (I am somewhat like Shin chan’s mother, when it comes to sale & discounts.. *Grab**Grab* 😛 )

This Lavang Moisturiser comes in a simple white bottle with a flip cap.. The packaging is really sturdy and travel friendly.. ❤

The lotion is white in colour and has a thin consistency and a gel like texture.. It has a very strong and overwhelming fragrance of Lavang oil which fades away a slightly, once the seal of the bottle is broken… 😀

VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser
VLCC Skin Defence Lavang Moisturiser

Initially, it stung a bit on applying(More sort of cool, menthol like sensation), but with regular I have got quite used to it! 😛

The lotion easily blends into the skin and gets absorbed without leaving any oily residue or any greasy feeling as such.. It doesn’t make the face oily, unlike other moisturisers, even the gel ones for that matter! 😀

Also, it did control the sebum secretion to quite some extent! ❤
And, it controlled my acne & breakouts! Yes! It did! Within a few days of application, I could see a visible difference on my face! My acne reduced greatly… And with regular use, it totally ceased the appearance of acne on my face! ❤

Occasionally, I still find a few zits here and there, but they subside automatically on using this lotion.. ❤
But you know what made me fall for this cutie?

Something that is not mentioned on the pack! 😀


I couldn’t believe my eyes! Just 3 days, and I could see all the old scars fading away ( I want to mention that I used Dermatologist recommended creams to fade these scars for 2 years and they didn’t work even a bit!!!) 😀

Within a month of application, my face was clear of all the marks and even the new zits didn’t leave behind any scars, no matter how much I picked them.. ❤

This has surely become my HG product now and I just can’t do without it! ❤

It’s a boon for oily, acne prone skin! ❤

(Also read my review over Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash here!)



1. Dirt cheap and easily available! Buy it from here..

2. Little goes a long way; I have been using this bottle twice daily for 3 months and still 25-30% of the lotion is left! 😀

3.Great for Oily Skin, reduces sebum secretion.

4.Great for acne control; it really works!

5. It has greatly faded all my scars! ❤

6.Even dry skinned beauties can use it to control pimples and top it with their regular moisturizer.


1. Sensitive noses will find the fragrance quite overpowering.

2. COMPLETE INGREDIENTS LIST is not mentioned!

RATING: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for incomplete ingredients list!)

FINAL TAKE: I am simply in Love with it from head to toe! ❤

Hope It Helps ❤

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  1. I was looking for a moisturiser that does not feel oily on my skin. I use serum, so with moisturiser on top, my skin just feels to greasy. I found this moisturiser on Ebay, but wanted to read a bit about ut on the web, before ordering it. After reading these rewiews, I have decided to buy it.

  2. what… it faded your acne marks?? i think i should get a pack for me soon. I have got a got of acne marks recently.

  3. I am going to try it out soon since I too have acne scars that are quite visible.. hopefully it gives me good results..

  4. The moisture looks Effective in controlling excess sebum and reduce acne from your experience. Would love to try

  5. VLCC changed their packaging some time ago, right? I like the new branding. I have used several products by the brand. Never been disappointed by it!

  6. Dude!your words have already made me fall in love with this lil beaut here. I am buying this totally bcz even tho I have a clear skin I fell in love with its ingredients.

  7. I have not tried many products from the VLCC line but this moisturiser seems too good to pass up, as per your review!

  8. I am using VLCC moisturizer from months and feel this brand gives what it promises will sure check this one too!!

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