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Some Advertisements make us go crazy, isn’t it? ?
“Instant Fairness”, “Instant Glam Look”.. Any product that claims to transform us instantly, becomes a ‘Must Try’ for the majority of us!
To be honest, I am not someone who uses or even believes in the claims of ‘Fairness creams’, but when i saw the ad for this face powder, about an year back, that claimed to change your entire look within​ minutes, I was tempted to try it out… ???
Today, I am going to put forward my review over the same..


DESCRIPTION: White tone face powder, with softshade formula.
By VINI cosmetics pvt. ltd.

INGREDIENTS: Talc, aluminium starch octenylsuccinate, calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, Titanium dioxide, mica, alumina, silica, perfume, dimethicone/ vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer.

COST: INR 55 for 30g; Bigger sizes available.

SHELF LIFE: 2years.


White tone face powder, as the name suggests, is an instant skin tone enhancing face powder that claims to whiten and brighten up the face.
The face powder comes in a pretty baby pink coloured bottle with flowers printed over it which is further enclosed in a cardboard box of the same colour..
The bottle has a sturdy flip cap that allows no leakage and is travel friendly.. ???

It has a mild, musky-sweet fragrance similar to the regular talcs. The powder is white in colour and very fine and smooth in texture.. ❤

Just a little of it is required on the face at a time, to brighten up the face and the complexion.. It does instantly remove the oily shine from the skin and makes​ it look really fresh and a shade fairer.. The powder just makes the face look brighter and doesn’t help covering up the pigmentation or blemishes..

It hardly stays on the face for 20-30 minutes even when you don’t sweat and are at home.. Also, a little extra amount of the powder makes the face look ghostly!

I don’t think it would go well with the darker complexions and the beauties might end up looking weirdly white!

It is actually helpful at those times when guests come over to your place for some time and you are least ready to attend them.. You can just skip washing or preparing your face and apply this instead to get the look.. ???(I use it for the same purpose! ?)

But remember not to use it alone while going out or it would wash away within minutes, even with a little sweat or sebum..

1. Inexpensive and travel friendly.
2. Easily available.
3. Can refresh the look instantly.
4. Makes the face look oil free and a shade fairer.
5. Didn’t breakout my acne prone skin.

1. Doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes even when at home.
2. Won’t help outdoors and wash away too soon.
3. A little extra application makes the face look ghostly ?!
4. Provides no coverage to any sort of pigmentation or dark spots on the face.

5. The shade is pure white in colour which might not go well with dusky to dark skin tones.

RATING: 2.75/5

FINAL TAKE: I think the formula should have been enough strong​ to last on the face for atleast a couple of hours. The effect it provides to the face is fine but the staying power is very low! Also, a tinted/buff-coloured shade would have suited the Indian skin tones better than a pure white one! ?

Hope it helps! ❤