Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack Review

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If you know or follow me, you would be aware of the fact that although I do use the regular skincare and makeup products, I patronise organic and natural skincare! ❤
I always believe that ‘Natural is awesome because Nature, herself, is awesome!’ ❤

And lately, I have been so glad, witnessing several home-based natural brands come up with products as amazing and effective (but a lot more safer!) as the regular chemical laden, high end brands! ❤❤❤

Today, I will be talking about a face pack from one such organic skincare brand, that’s also a favourite of mine…. Yami Herbals! ❤

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Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack

INGREDIENTS: Badam, pista, whole green gram, cinnamon, orange peel, aavarampoo, cucumber seeds, samba wheat, oats, potato starch and pudina leaves.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix the pack with milk or curd and make a thin paste, apply and scrub the paste all over the face and neck. Wait for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water and massage with ice cube.

Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack

COST: INR 200 for 100gms

SHELF LIFE: 24 months

Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack


The Yami Herbals face pack comes in a sturdy and really good quality plastic tub with a green coloured screw on lid and a spoon to take the product out! The packaging is totally reusable and the addition of the spoon makes it quite handy as well as travel friendly! ❤
The complete ingredients list, the cost, directions and shelf life… Everything is mentioned on the body of the tub! 🙂

Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack

The face pack powder is muddy brown in colour and has a fragrance that resembles the smell of several spices mixed with gram! 😛 Anyway, I find the smell quite appetising! 😀

Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack

I usually take around one spoonful of the powder and mix either curd or milk with it to form a paste of medium consistency! I apply it all over my face and neck and leave it on for around 12-15 minutes after which I dampen my face and scrub the pack off my skin! ❤

Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack
Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack

The face pack gently scrubs away all the dead skin cells and impurities from the face and makes the skin look quite bright and fresh! It also makes the face feel really soft and smoothens the texture of the skin with regular use! ❤ I have used this face pack for about 6-7 times till now and I absolutely love the texture of my skin after using it! 😀
Also, I tan a lot and so, after using it for quite a few times after sun exposure, I can clearly say that it works amazingly against sun tan and removes almost all the fresh tan from the skin, at the end of the day! ❤
Although, it wouldn’t be able to remove old tan from the skin easily and would require a lot of uses just like any other tan removal scrub or masks! 😀

The face pack contains some really beneficial ingredients like cinnamon, orange, oats, badam, pista, pudina leaves, potato starch, cucumber seeds, etc., which are proven to brighten the skin, fight infections as well as aging, boost the skin health, cure blackheads and acne, moisturize the skin and deal with dry patches, heal acne marks, treat sunburn, reduce inflammation and do much more! ❤❤❤

The best thing about this face pack is that it is completely natural and free from any kind of artificial fragrance, colour or ingredients and what makes it even more special is that it is homemade and fresh! ❤❤❤
Plus, with regular use, it benefits the skin not just for the time being but also in the long run! 🙂



1. Very affordable and easily available online! ❤
Process to Order :
• Finalise your order & inbox Yami Herbals on FB or WhatsApp them at 7358813032.
• Send them your Address + Contact number for Shipping purposes.
• ‎Payment can be made via Paytm or Bank transfer.
• Delivery by courier/post within 2 working days if it’s in Tamil Nadu.. To other states it would take around 4 to 5 working days!

2. The packaging is of a great quality! It is sturdy, travel friendly as well as reusable! ❤
3. The face pack is completely natural and contains no added fragrance, colour or artificial ingredients! So, it is absolutely safe for use! 🙂
4. The face pack contains grounded grams, seeds, nuts, peels and many more amazing ingredients that are not only being used since ages in skincare but are also scientifically proved to be beneficial for skin! ❤
5. The face pack provides a mild scrubbing action and cleanses the skin of all the dead skin cells and impurities, hence, brightens up the face!
6. It makes the skin really soft post usage and the effect lasts for quite sometime! 🙂
7. Quite effective against sun tan if used on fresh tan accumulated on the skin! ❤
8. A spoonful of the powder is enough to cover the whole face and neck, so one tub would last for months! ❤


Honestly, I tried a lot, but I couldn’t find any! 😀
It anyway doesn’t claim to do anything magical, so as a face pack I find it really good! ❤


FINAL TAKE: If you are an organic skincare lover or a DIY skincare enthusiast, you are going to love this face pack, just the way I do! I totally love it for the softening and smoothening effect it provides to my skin without harming it by any means! ❤

Hope It Helps! ❤

**PR sample but 100% honest review!**

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74 thoughts on “Yami Herbals Homemade Face Pack Review

    1. This one is just like the homemade face pack but contains a lottt of ingredients! 😀

  1. I would love to try this face pack, since i have a sensitive skin, hopefully it won’t harm the skin.

    1. It won’t harm the skin at all! Just apply it, keep for 15 mins… Then dampen it, let it get loosen up a bit and then rinse it off! 🙂

  2. this is one of the best face packs I have used, which have given me the instant glow. My skin felt so fresh and rejuvenated after I used it! Love YAMI herbal products

  3. Great ingredients but would have loved if their products were available in shops too. Informative review.

    1. They are handmade and fresh! Availability in shops would have meant not so fresh Products! 😀

  4. Though I’m not a fan of powder masks but the ingredients in this one look really nice. I have my whole tub of May Lindstorm -The Problem Solver mask and the ingredients are quite strong for my skin but I will give this one a try and see if it works for me. Thanks for sharing. This looks really promising.


  5. I am surely going to try this face pack. I have already tried one by one of the herbal parlors in Mumbai and they had similar ingredients. Thanks for the post 🙂

  6. somehow i don’t have affection with packs that need mixing at home. some days you have the product and some days you dont.. so i prefer premix ones.

  7. Have personally used the face pack and i can totally vouch for it – it is an amazing pack and mine being a sensitive skin have found it totally useful and it does not harm the skin too

  8. I actually love to use organic products since they are good for skincare. Look like you have great experience with face pack.

  9. I have been trying herbal products for quite some time and I must say they are the best.I haven’t tried Yami Herbals yet but would love to try them out.

  10. Basically i prefer organic product.bt i didnt use it before..after ur review i will definately use this one..thank u for ur honest review..keep it up..

  11. Thanks for the honest review. I can try this pack for the lovely smell you described. I don’t expect anything magical either. ?

  12. Nice review. I really like organic products bqz it is safe and didn’t harm our skin. So, i will definitely going to purchase this face pack. Love you

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