Yami Herbals Skin Polishing Scrub Review

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I remember there were times when I would only go for the popular, well-marketed (and the chemical-laden! 🙁 ) brands that were available in almost all the stores in my neighborhood… 😛
The only thought in my mind being- ‘The bigger the brand, The better the products…’ 🙂
ALAS!!! I was so Wrong… 🙁

So today, as the World is moving towards the so-called urbanisation pollution, poor living conditions, toxic food, etc…
I am stepping backward, towards the homemade and organic, old school remedies for all my Health and Beauty needs… ❤❤❤

And in my quest for pure and organic beauty products, I have recently come across a few brands who have completely taken me by surprise, with the quality of their products and their dedication to work towards producing safe and natural cosmetics! ❤❤❤

‘Yami Herbals’ is one such Amazing Brand, which had always been on my wish list but I never really got the opportunity to purchase something from them… So, when I received this Skin Polishing Scrub from the brand in a monthly subscription box, a couple of months back, I was more excited than happy.. and have been using it since then! 😀 😀 😀

Read on to know my views over it! ❤


Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub
Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub

DESCRIPTION: Homemade with care and love; Deeply cleans the skin to promote good skin health.

INGREDIENTS: Walnut, badam, pistachio, organic green gram, ground nut, organic lemon peel, sandal wood, rose petals and turmeric.

DIRECTIONS: Mix desired amount of powder with water/milk to form a thick paste and apply it evenly over body. Scrub as you apply it over skin. Gently wash the paste.

COST: INR 80 for 25gms; Bigger sizes might be available.

SHELF LIFE: One year from the date of manufacture.

Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub
Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub


The Skin Polishing Scrub from Yami Herbals comes in a transparent plastic tub packaging with the name of the product and all other details mentioned on the body of the tub! Although the packaging is nothing fancy, but the tub is really sturdy and leak proof! 😀

The scrub comes in a powdered form and has a faded chrome yellow colour to it which is a result of the grounded grams, nuts and turmeric… ❤
One thing that I noticed about it, the moment I opened the tub, was that the powder smelt so NATURAL!!! I could actually identify the smell of green gram in it! 😛 😀 ❤

Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub
Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub

I usually mix around half a gram of the powder with a few drops of water to make a paste and this tiny amount is good enough to cover my whole face and neck! 😀
I gently massage the skin, after applying a thin layer of the paste all over and leave it on for a good 8-10 minutes, before rinsing, for added benefits! (Well, who wouldn’t like some pistachios and nuts on their face! 😛 ) ❤

Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub
Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub

The scrubbing particles in the paste are quite fine and honestly, I have felt that because of this fine texture, the scrub is able to remove even the tiniest of dead cell build-up on the skin and also the nasty blackheads to a great extent (which is not possible with regular scrubs with such big granules), leaving the skin as soft as a baby’s bum! 😛
Also, It makes the skin look really clean and fresh!

Now, if you follow my blog, you must be knowing that I suffer from a lot of health issues and also have an acne prone, oily skin, the cumulative effect of which makes my face very prone to breakouts and I usually have a minimum of 5 pimples attending my face, anytime, any day! XD
I have used this scrub so many times by now, and not for a single time did it break me out or hurt my acne! ❤❤❤
So, Yes! Any one with a sensitive or acne prone skin can go for it without any doubt over its efficacy! ❤

In one word, I am in love with this Scrub! 😉

Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub
Yami Herbals Homemade Skin Polishing Scrub

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1. Very affordable and easily available via Instagram ( @yamiherbals ), Facebook or WhatsApp (7358813032)! 🙂
2. The shipping is really quick! It just takes 2 days to deliver the product if you are based in Tamil Nadu and takes a maximum of 5 days for other states! ❤
3. Yami Herbals is a home-based organic brand, so you can be absolutely sure about the quality and freshness of the product! ❤
4. This Body Polishing Scrub is completely natural and has a lot of wonder ingredients in it; Plus it has no added fragrance and still smells amazing! 😀
5. A very little quantity of the scrub is needed for each use and so, one bottle would last quite long!
6. The scrub is really effective and makes my skin BABY SOFT after use; It scrubs away all the dead skin cells and even the blackheads and whiteheads to some extent and makes the skin look so clear! ❤❤❤
7. The granules present in the scrub are really fine and they don’t hurt the skin or any live acne present on the skin! I have an acne prone (Read: acne filled :P) skin and it never broke me out or hurt any existing acne! ❤

I couldn’t find ANY! ❤❤❤

RATING: 5/5 ❤❤❤❤❤ (Yes, I hardly give 5 out of 5 to any product, but this scrub has my heart! I have absolutely no reason to deduct even a single point!)

FINAL TAKE: With this rating, do I need to say anything more? 😀
I recommend this polishing scrub to everyone out there! Do try it at least once.. You would love it! ❤

P.S.- This post is NOT sponsored at all! 😛

Hope It Helps! ❤

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    1. Do try it out! This scrub is really effective! 🙂 Also, I don’t have any coupon code right now as this is a non sponsored post! 😀

  1. Home made scrub sounds good .. you have got some nice clicks here too.. nice write up .. your rating makes me want to try this product asap..

  2. A herbal polish removal sounds great. The only question I would have is that in the name of herbal, I hope there are no strong chemicals. N yes, have they tested on people before releasing to market ?

  3. Home made body polishing scrub is exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely give it a try.

  4. I love using organic and natural ingredients. It’s good that it’s not gives you break out to your acne prone skin. Mine is also oil skin. Worth trying

  5. I do really love to try new body scrub and this Yami herbal skin polishing scrub looks interesting and perfect for my skin type. and I’m so glad that you shared with us the review of this skin scrub.

  6. I used it scrub of time herbal. It made of completely natural ingredients and hand crafted. Love it

  7. I have never used Yami products but the body scrub looks great from your review. Shall try it during summer as right now am too lazy to use one hehe

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  9. I love anything organic, unfortunately most of the organic products are really expensive. I love that this one is affordable and yet does such a fabulous job

  10. Wow!! I would love to get my hands on this products. The fact that it’s 100% natural and leaves the skin baby soft. I’m sold already. 😀 Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  11. Sound very good as a home made body polishing scrub. Looking really very natural like as my granny s ubtan. Your review excited me to give it a try. So, i will definitely give it a try

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