Bella Voste Brow Liner Review – Brunette Brown

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Well, if there is one thing that I have learnt about makeup over the course of years, it is that one should never miss out defining their eyebrows even if they are just wearing a dab of makeup… 😛
Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of our face and play a huge role in shaping our look… No look is complete without sculpted brows! ❤
But alas! Not everyone is born with a full, well-defined eyebrow and that’s why eyebrow fillers and liners come into the frame! 😀

Today, I am going to review the brow definer from Bella Voste, which I have been using regularly for the last few months… ❤


Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Brunette Brown

DESCRIPTION: Bella Voste’s ultimate eyebrow liner draws out a precisely refined finish to your eyebrow makeup. Bella Voste’s natural-looking versatile eyebrow liner from Germany, allows you to create perfectly arched result effortlessly and keeps brows nicely filled in which gives you a perfect look for any occasion. With a super soft expert spoolie brush, this water-resistant and long-lasting smudge-proof is a must-have in your make up essentials.

FEATURES: Dermatologically tested & approved | Confirm US, European & Japanese Regulations | High Coverage and rich color payoff | No Transfer | Easy to blend shortly after application | Smudge Proof | Enriched with Vitamin C & Vitamin E | Accurately filling & shaping of brows | 10 Hours Staying Power | Preservatives free | Contains Natural antioxidants

• To shape brows, use longer horizontal strokes along the base of your brow.
• Fill by drawing short, upward strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth.
• Gently brush through brows with the spoolie brush to evenly blend color and tame hairs.

Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Brunette Brown

Wipe with a cotton pad soaked with Bella Voste Aqua Makeup Remover

COST: Rs. 399 for 0.35g / 0.01 oz

SHELF LIFE: 30 months from the date of manufacturing.


The Bella Voste brow liner comes in a sturdy, pencil-like plastic tube packaging… The tube contains a retractable liner stick on one end and a spoolie brush on the other end… The retractable mechanism and the addition of spoolie makes the packaging really travel-friendly! ❤
The tube further comes packed inside a cardboard cover which contains all the necessary details about the product other than the ingredients list, mentioned over it! Now, the absence of the list of ingredients is definitely disappointing but one thing that clearly impressed me is that not just the outer packaging but also the actual tube contains the batch number and manufacturing/expiry date printed on it (because who really stores the outer cover for reference?)! 😀

Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Brunette Brown

The brow liner only comes in a single shade called ‘Brunette Brown’, which is a medium to dark, natural brown shade… This shade complements the Indian skin tones and hair colours and in my opinion, it would suit almost all the Indian skin tones!
This brow liner also claims to be free from preservatives and has no detectable smell, which is a great thing! 😛

Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Under Warm-Toned & Cool-Toned Light

The liner has a creamy but non-sticky texture and glides on the skin like butter… It is also very easy to work with and remains creamy for around 5-10 minutes after application which facilitates easy blending and doesn’t leave the brows looking patchy and ‘made-up’!
I have been using this liner to line as well as fill my brows everyday for the last 3 to 4 months and never for once did it disappoint me!
It works great on a regular day, when I don’t wear makeup and just ‘lightly’ define my brows and it also works great on a special day, when I put on heavy makeup! ❤❤❤
The pigmentation is buildable to a great extent and the spoolie brush helps blend and lighten the strokes…

Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – After Rubbing Vigorously For About A Minute

The brow liner sets completely after about 10 minutes and stays put for more than 10 hours even on a hot, sweaty day! Yes, it does fade a little with time, sebum and sweat, just like any other makeup product would, but the brows still look defined after 10 hours… So, yes! It stands up to it’s ’10 hour’ claim! 😀
The liner is also smudge-free and doesn’t transfer or smudge once set!
And it is also water-resistant to a great extent and doesn’t wash away with sweat, rain or splashes of water! 😛

Bella Voste Brow Liner - Brunette Brown
Bella Voste Brow Liner – Removed With An Oil-Based Makeup Remover

The Bella Voste brow liner comes off very easily with a good quality makeup remover (preferably bi-phased or oil-based, rather than water-based) and doesn’t leave behind any residue or stains… It also doesn’t react with the skin in any way and so, it would suit all the skin types, including the sensitive skin type! ❤❤❤

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1. Quite affordable and easily available online on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Bella Voste’s own website!
2. Sturdy, retractable packaging; comes with an attached spoolie brush; travel-friendly!
3. Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and natural antioxidants, free from preservatives and contains no detectable smell!
4. A medium to dark brown shade that would suit almost all the Indian skin tones!
5. Creamy yet non-sticky formulation; easy to blend and work with when applied; doesn’t smudge or transfer once set!
6. Stays put (with very little fading) for more than 10 hours and doesn’t smudge or wash away with water!
7. Looks natural; great for daily use as well as for special occasions!
8. Can be easily handled by beginners and a great option for touch-up on the go for makeup enthusiasts!
9. Comes off easily with a makeup remover and doesn’t react with the skin in any way!


1. Doesn’t come with an ingredients list! 🙁
2. Fades a little with time, sweat and sebum secretion! 😛

RATING: 4.5/5

FINAL TAKE: The Bella Voste brow liner is my current favourite eyebrow definer and I can vouch for its performance! If you are a beginner in makeup looking for an overall brow product or a makeup expert/enthusiast looking for a brow definer for on-the-go use, I would definitely recommend this to you! ❤

Hope it helps! ❤

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70 thoughts on “Bella Voste Brow Liner Review – Brunette Brown

  1. I love the brown liner shade. Colour is perfect for me.i only wish the liner was waterproof to avoid washing off due to rain or sweat. However you cant go wrong at this price though. Thanks for sharing..

  2. Must say that the shade is so perfect for fill in the brows. Thanks for sharing such detailed review on this product. Will definitely try out.

  3. I have used few makeup products from Bella Vosta and have liked then. Yet to try out this liner. I am okay with this liner being non water proof.

  4. Even I didn’t do my brows before but now I won’t leave my house without doing my brows. Even if I’m wearing nothing i’ll do my brows. This bella voste pencil sounds good and how convenient that it comes with a spooly. Do they have more shades?

  5. Bella Voste seems like a very value for money option especially for someone like me who is on the lookout for a new brow pencil.

  6. This brow shade is perfect for my skin tone too. With that spooly, it is even more convenient. And that 10 hours claim is super awesome! I was looking for a brow pencil, I must get this one asap!

  7. I just love this ..using it from quite some time and result is simply awesome….You have just given perfect review

  8. Ooh! This seems like a great product. Although, I have pretty thick eyebrows so I don’t use eyebrow pencils but I would like to try it for sure. Is it also available in black?

  9. Looks like a must try brow liner, the Swatches looks perfect for Indian skin tone. Love that they are re free from preservatives

  10. I need to make my brows a tad darker for the sake of my videos. Up until YouTube happened to me I hadn’t used a brow pencil but these days I am using a cheap brown liner to draw my brows. The switch was much required.

  11. I couldn’t have agreed more with the fact that defining the brows literally changes the whole look.. this brow liner looks very interesting

  12. Looks like a good eye brow liner. I already have few which i am using might give this a try in future.

  13. I would love to try this as I always experiment with eyebrows and browliners. it would have been good if brand could mention the ingredients.

  14. Amazing and beautiful post. Bella Voste is the trusted brand and quite affordable. I have applied their liquid lippies and must say that it is quite worthy. I also like this brow liner and definitely try it. Great thoughts.

  15. I wish the liner was waterproof but it’s still an amazing option for this price. I could totally use it during winters when I won’t

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