Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser Review

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We women LOVE makeup! ❤
We can never have enough lipsticks and eyeliners and eyeshadows and neither can we ever have enough makeup removers (obviously)! 😛

Today, I am going to review a makeup remover from my stash, which I have been using for over seven months now!
It is free from preservatives and is ‘almost’ organic… Plus, it is quite effective! 😀

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Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser

DESCRIPTION: Almonds are the earliest and most nutritious of the entire world’s nut crops, rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. This soothing cleanser is blended with nourishing almond , safflower, sesame, neem and staff tree oils to dissolve heavy face and eye makeup easily and gently. Leaves skin silky-fresh.
For normal to dry skin.
Ayurvedic medicine; 100% botanical extracts; for external use only.
Organically pure & preservative free.
Dermatologically tested for safety.
No animal testing.
This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser

CONTAINS: Kusumbhi Oil – 2.5%, Arandi Oil – 27.0%, Neem Oil – 1.8%, Soya Oil – 15.0%, Badam Tail – 3.0%, Surajmukhi Tail – 12.45%, Malakanguni Oil – 0.75%, Til Oil – 37.49%

TO USE: Apply to damp cotton pads or washcloth and gently wipe over entire face and eye area, morning and evening.

COST: Rs. 175 for 120ml.

SHELF LIFE: 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser


Biotique Bio Almond Oil makeup cleanser comes in a translucent, plastic bottle packaging which has a plastic stopper on its mouth and a bottle-green coloured cap on the top! The stopper contains a 2mm wide hole in its centre that helps control the flow of the oil and prevents any sort of wastage! The packaging is totally leak-proof and sturdy which makes it quite travel-friendly! ❤
The bottle further comes inside a cardboard box which contains all the details about the product, including the ingredients list and the manufacturing details, mentioned over it! ❤

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser

The cleanser oil is almost transparent in colour and just has an oil-like yellowish tinge to it… It has a mild to moderately strong, pleasant fragrance and smells like a blend of nutty and floral oils! The cleanser is actually made up of 99.99% (sum of the percentages of individual oils) organic oils and is totally free from preservatives, which is quite impressive and makes it a great choice of people who are looking for an affordable yet organic makeup remover! ❤

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
On My Hand – Regular As Well As Waterproof Makeup – Applied And Air-Dried For 15 Minutes!

This makeup cleansing oil is very effective when it comes to removing makeup and just 10-15 drops of the oil are enough to completely remove the makeup from the entire face and neck! ❤
The cleanser removes regular/non-waterproof makeup in just 3-4 swipes (I use it with a cotton pad) while it takes around 6-8 swipes to completely remove good quality, waterproof makeup… I have used this remover on days when I wear very minimal makeup and I have also used it on days when I wear heavy, party-makeup and it has never disappointed me! ❤
The only issue that I have faced with this cleanser (and well, with all the other cleansers too 😛 ) is that while it removes the makeup, regular as well as waterproof, from the entire face within seconds, it takes a little longer to completely remove the ‘waterproof mascaras’ and ‘liquid lipsticks’! But then, I guess that is quite normal and would happen anyway, no matter what cleanser one uses! 😛

Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser
Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser – Removes All Kinds Of Makeup!

This almond oil makeup remover is not very thick or sticky and although it does feel oily it doesn’t weigh down the skin or make it feel very heavy! 😀
Now, I have a combination skin type which turns really oily during the summers and gets a little dry during the colder months… And although this cleanser claims to suit just the ‘normal to dry’ skin types, it perfectly suits my skin type, throughout the year! I have used it to remove my makeup even during the hottest days of the summer and followed it with a good face wash and I can assure you that it doesn’t increase the oiliness of the skin or the sebum secretion if you thoroughly wash your face after use, no matter how oily your skin type is!
In addition to that, it never broke out or harmed my skin in any way… And so, I believe that it is going to suit all the skin types pretty well! ❤

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1. Affordable and easily available both online as well as offline! You can get it from Amazon, Flipkart or Nykaa!
2. Sturdy, leak-proof and travel-friendly packaging!
3. Free from preservatives and made up of 99.99% organic oils!
4. Mild to moderately strong, pleasant fragrance; smells like a blend of nutty and floral oils!
5. Less than 15 drops of the cleanser are enough to remove the makeup from the face and neck completely!
6. Removes regular (non-waterproof) makeup in just 3-4 swipes while it takes a few more swipes to completely remove the waterproof makeup!
7. Suits all the skin types pretty well; doesn’t make the skin feel heavy or greasy once washed with a cleanser/face wash!
8. Doesn’t break out the skin!


1. Takes a bit of time to remove waterproof mascaras and liquid lipsticks completely!

RATING: 4.7/5

FINAL TAKE: Biotique almond oil makeup remover is a chemical and preservative free makeup cleanser that removes both waterproof and non-waterproof makeup really well, suits all the skin types and doesn’t break out the skin! If you are looking for an affordable and comparatively safe makeup remover, I would recommend that you give this cleanser a try! 🙂

Hope it helps! ❤

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90 thoughts on “Biotique Bio Almond Oil Soothing Face & Eye Makeup Cleanser Review

  1. At times my face’s skin can be a little itchy and dry I think for those days I am surely giving the face cleansing oil a try. Since it is Biotique product I can totally rely on it

  2. Look like affordable product good choice for makeup removal. Good thing that they are free from preservatives.

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. Biotique is the trusted brand and quite affordable. I like biotique cleanser for the removal of the make up effectively. Great thoughts.

  4. I have quite a range of products in boutique brand especially the face wash and toner.. I will check out this one soon.

  5. I like Biotique products in general and have noticed they are very gentle to the skin. I have not seen this oil cleanser yet but I have a strong love for almond oil in skincare. 4.7 is such a high rating so I must check this one out. Thanks for sharing x

  6. Was looking for a good makeup remover ! Would love to have this product soon in my beauty kit :).

    What I loved about this oil is that it contains so many natural ingredients and comes in a pretty bottle which is travel friendly and the price is worth . So it is a must buy for me ?

  7. I personally trust this brand and totally love most of the products from them. Seeing your review I am tempted to try this almond oil soon too…

  8. Oil based makeup cleansers work great but my skintype is prone to breakouts. Looks like this one should suit me perfectly. The natural components in it makes this even more viable!

  9. This oil seems lot more effective than the cream-based cleansers or wipes I’ve used. Definitely getting this one. I like Biotique products.

  10. I have used it earlier as well. The oil is the best way to remove make up without harming your skin. In fact, I have been using Biotique products for over two decades now.

  11. The product seems to be very effective and hassle free. Would love to try it soon . Boutique is one of the most reliable brands.

  12. This seems like a Effective and skin friendly makeup cleaner. Sounds organic and promising from your experience

  13. I have tried a lot of products from biotique but not this one. I think i should now try this one too as it is looking very effective…

  14. I have actually stopped using a make up remover since I get break outs easily if I use one and now I use only coconut oil. But oil makes my skin super oily & dull. I have always liked Biotique products but never tried their make up remover. Looking at your review, I feel like giving it a try. Hope it comes out to be just the way you have described.

  15. Biotique products really need no introduction. My current make up wipes leave my skin dry. Must try this one out.

  16. This is so good for eye makeup removal and coming from such trusted brand make me more interested to grab

  17. Very nice review. I don’t know if the con you have mentioned is really a con coz atleast this gets the makeup off. Some of the others i have tried don’t remove water proof makeup completely and it’s a bother!

  18. Yaaa removing mascara and kajal is a task! It’s a pity this cleanser too couldn’t impress you on that front. Barring that it looks like a great product.

  19. I like to use pure almond oil specially to remove eye makeup as it dissolves eye makeup very well. This cleanser sounds fabulous. Would try it.

  20. Makeup and eye cleanser is must, after coming back from any party we do so laziness in removing makeup but it is an essential thing to do block skin pores and nothing is best than my trusted brand biotique

  21. Nice review. I love biotique products and this make up remover is one of them. It is really good as it is not only chemical free but pocket friendly too

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