Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack Review

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Well, in my last couple of posts, I talked about two amazing herbal products by Bogar Organics… And today, I am sharing my thoughts on another product by the same brand! This review has been pending for weeks… 😛
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Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack
Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack

DESCRIPTION/BENEFITS: Helps in whitening & brightening, gives glowing skin & even tone, prevents dryness & dullness, de-tans skin.

INGREDIENTS: Licorice Powder, Manjistha, Cucumber Seed, Red Lentil Powder, Almonds, Senna Flower, Orange Peels, Sandalwood, Chickpea Powder, Rose Petals, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Fuller’s Earth (Clay), Lotus Powder, Marigold Powder, Vetiver.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use the powder to make a smooth paste & apply all over your face & neck. Wash with lukewarm water after 20-30 minutes.
Wrinkled Skin – Mix & apply with rose water + 1 Vitamin E oil capsule
Dry & Normal Skin – Mix with raw milk
Oily & Combination Skin – Mix with Yogurt

COST: Rs. 250 for 100g

SHELF LIFE: 10 months

Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack
Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack


Bogar Organics instant glow face pack comes in a resealable plastic pouch. The pouch is quite durable, so, if you want to carry it along while travelling, you can! 🙂
The labels on the pouch contain all the necessary details about the product, including the list of ingredients and usage directions…

Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack
Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack

The face pack powder is brownish-yellow in colour and has a herbal, ubtan-like fragrance… I find the fragrance quite pleasant and I don’t think that it is going to bother sensitive noses! ❤️
The texture of this powder is fine, but not super-fine… This allows for mild exfoliation without making the skin sensitive, even if used regularly…

Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack
Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack

I have been using this face pack for the past couple of weeks… About 1 teaspoon of the powder is enough for one use… I mix the powder with water to make a thin paste and massage it on my face and neck, before leaving it on for about 20 minutes… Once the pack is dry, I rinse it off with lukewarm water and it leaves my face clean and fresh!

Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack
Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack

The face pack removes all the dirt and grime without drying out the skin… It also gently exfoliates and washes away dead skin cells and makes my face feel soft and smooth…
With regular use, it brightens up the skin and helps fade fresh tan to some extent…
Additionally, this face pack didn’t break out my acne-prone skin or harm it in any way… So, in my opinion, it is suitable for all skin types. (You can mix it with different ingredients, based on your skin type.) 🙂

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1. Quite affordable and available online on Amazon and Flipkart. (You can contact them via Call, WhatsApp ‘+91 63699 99043’ and Instagram ‘@herbals.bogar’, as well.)
2. Good quality, resealable packaging.
3. All-natural; no chemicals or preservatives used.
4. Enriched with the goodness of several herbs, seeds and other natural ingredients.
5. Has a mild, natural fragrance.
6. Removes oil, impurities and dead skin cells; doesn’t dry out the skin.
7. Leaves the skin clean, smooth and fresh.
8. Regular use may help lighten tan and brighten up the skin.
9. Suitable for all skin types.


1. Brightening and de-tanning effects are gradual (noticeable after a few uses) and 1-time use won’t give ‘miraculous’ results.

RATING: 4.4/5

FINAL TAKE: Bogar Organics instant glow face pack cleanses the skin well without drying it out. It makes the skin soft and smooth and brightens up the face with regular use!
So, if you are looking for a good herbal face pack, you can give this a try! 🙂

Hope it helps! ❤️

**PR product but 100% honest review.**

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40 thoughts on “Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack Review

  1. As monsoon begins, we need to take a lot of care of our skin. This mask sounds really good and promising. Will try it out soon.

  2. I’ve uneven skin tone. Sounds promising from your experience. Really like that it’s organic made from natural ingredients.

  3. This looks like a good face mask. I like trying such face mask for my skin. Will give it a try.

  4. Bogar Organics instant glow face pack looks best to cleans the skin well without drying it out. It is best to makes the skin soft and smooth and brightens up the face with regular use! Great thoughts.

  5. Im glad i came across this post ; i was looking to invest in good organic skin care product. That’s an insightful review . Totally getting this one.

  6. Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack seems to be a good product and value for money. Nice to see the packaging ensures that it can be safely carried during travel too.

  7. I love reading your reviews. This face mask looks very effective for skin, more so as I don’t believe in miracles just after one use. Gonna try it for sure.

  8. Really Amazing Review and seems great product for instant glow by using this face pack. Nice Information

    1. This face pack is apt for my skin type as my skin gets dry after face pack n washing… and I also need to get rid of that tan. Will give it a try. Thanks for the review n recommendation.

  9. This seems like a good product made with natural ingredients. I would love to try this one. Lots of pros over cons to buy this product.

  10. This seems like an Okay product , one needs to use it regularly for a long term to see some effect . I would skip this .

    1. This product seems promising with such a great list of ingredients. As I love powder cleansers or face masks, I’d definitely try this one.

  11. Looks like a nice product. Is it suitable for all skin types? And thanks for the detailed review.

  12. The best thing about the product is it is 100% organic handpicked ingredients were used in this face pack which helps to removes the dirt from the skin pores and gives brightness to the skin. My sister is using this face pack and she is happy with the results

  13. Bogar Organics Face Pack looks like a good product. I like face packs and washes that have mild fragrances. Also, the ingredients of this face pack look quite impressive. Would like to try this one.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful post, as always! Your review of the Bogar Organics Instant Glow Face Pack is so useful. For a person like me who has oily skin, this face pack will be very beneficial. I was looking for a product that not only cleanses the skin well, but also makes sure it does so without drying it. I plan to use this face pack regularly!

  15. I love the fact that the ingredients are mostly made of natural resources like chickpea and lentils. They do made a lot of difference to the skin. I will have a look at this product as it does look like a good one.

  16. Wow that’s sounds really good for skin, infact I was looking for such organic skin care product definitely going to get one

  17. This looks like a real interesting product for a healthy glowing face and skin.

    Should definitely try this out.

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  19. I don’t use facemasks and all. I’m too lazy for them. Good that this one has worked well for you. I’ve donated all of my face masks.

  20. I really can do with a face pack right now. I have been ignoring my skin so much these days and it’s high time I take it seriously. Thanks for this, I will have a look at this product.

    1. This is intresting.what caught my attention was the mix of amazing ingredients and how u spoke about the different mixes for skin types. Well documented

  21. Looks like the face mask blog has everything that one has the concerns about. Love the detailing in the pros and cons to make a fair decision

  22. Hey Mrinal, that’s an amazing review. I don’t remember seeing licorice in any face pack. (Or maybe I don’t read much on them). Thanks for listing the pros and cons!

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