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Have you ever thought of gifting something unique to a loved one? And spent hours browsing various shopping websites as well as your local stores and still found nothing that captivated your attention?
Well, it has happened to me a multitude of times!
I am someone who loves ‘artsy’ stuff – handicrafts, terracotta works, stone works, ceramics. If you ask me to choose between a gold ring and an intricately hand-carved stone showpiece, guess what I would choose? The showpiece! Such is my love for handicrafts. ❤️

In today’s technology- and industry-driven world, everything is mass-produced using machines and things have lost their uniqueness. Also, as machine-made goods are easily available and cheaper, our traditional crafts are being forgotten. And as potential customers forget about the beauty of these crafts, the artisans have no other means but to opt for other jobs to feed their families.
If we don’t do anything to revive these industries now, all the amazing skills and craftsmanship will soon be lost and that would be a huge loss to us, as a society.

In order to save the handicrafts industry, we need to use technology and connect the artisans to the global market. We need to bring together the customers who appreciate these kinds of products but have no access to them and the skilled craftsmen. The artisans of our country churn out beautiful works of art… All they need is a platform to display their work!
And that is what “” has provided them.
I recently came across ExclusiveLane – an online craft brand.

In their own words:
ExclusiveLane is an online craft brand started in 2012 with a vision to promote Indian handicrafts globally & help small artisans based in different parts of India earn a living out of it.
When I first visited their website, I was amazed to see the range, quality and collection of products they were offering. From beautiful ceramic pieces, cutlery, wall hangings, terracotta items to stone and metal work in various styles as well as handcrafted jewellery – they have it all!

You may think that I am joking, but I really spent 3 whole days gawking at the products because I couldn’t decide what to buy – everything is so amazing! XD
Finally, I decided to get a ceramic jug and a soapstone incense holder for myself. ❤️
My order arrived in 5-6 days and was securely bubble-wrapped. Both the products were in good condition and just as beautiful as they were on the website. I did find a slight defect in one of the pieces later and let the team know about it. Return and replacement were quickly arranged and without much hassle. ❤️

I am in love with both the pieces! They are absolutely beautiful, aren’t they?

1. ‘The Mughal Floral Scents’ Hand-Carved Incense Stick Holder In Soapstone: [MRP – Rs. 995; I bought it for Rs. 795]
‘The Mughal Floral Scents’ Hand-Carved Incense Stick Holder In Soapstone
‘The Mughal Floral Scents’ Hand-Carved Incense Stick Holder In Soapstone
‘The Mughal Floral Scents’ Hand-Carved Incense Stick Holder In Soapstone


2. ‘Indigo Chevron’ Hand-painted Ceramic Milk & Water Jug: [MRP – Rs. 680; I bought it for Rs. 545]
‘Indigo Chevron’ Hand-painted Ceramic Milk & Water Jug
‘Indigo Chevron’ Hand-painted Ceramic Milk & Water Jug
‘Indigo Chevron’ Hand-painted Ceramic Milk & Water Jug


Here are some of the other items that I really liked on the website:

1. A kettle-cup set for one (this is my favourite!): [Rs. 870]

2. ‘White-haired horse‘ terracotta wall hanging: [Rs. 999]

3. ‘Reading woman‘ brass figurine: [Rs. 1375]

4. ‘Aerial piggy‘ terracotta hanging planter pot: [Rs. 815]

5. ‘The bottle trio‘ terracotta hanging tealight holders: [Rs. 2625]

**The prices mentioned above are ‘MRP’. You can check the website for discounts.**

I am totally satisfied with the quality, finish and beauty of both the products that I received. Some of the products on the website may seem a little expensive but keep in mind that every single piece is handmade and handcrafted. They are worth the price!
I would definitely recommend you to check out ExclusiveLane if you love handicrafts or are looking to buy a unique gift for someone! ^_^

Hope it helps! ❤️

**I was provided with a gift coupon to make my purchase, but the opinions and experiences shared in this blog post are honest and my own.**

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26 thoughts on “Buy Indian Handicrafts Online At ExclusiveLane.Com

  1. Wow they do have a great collection…. i just checked their website and they have amazing collection… thanks for introducing me to this website

  2. OMG .. I am definitely checking out now as I love handicrafts so much. Also my parents anniversary is around the corner and I was looking to buy a unique gift for them in any case ☺️

  3. I think I will definitely buy that fish or the cow hanging. They are absolutely very cute. I have had a look at Exclusivelane website and loved so many products. Now I have the list which I can gift my friends and family members.

  4. Wow those Indian handicrafts are so pretty and cute. They definitely make amazing gifts especially here in Australia. I will have a look at the website Loved each one of them.

  5. I live such terracotta work and this site has some really great collection and I specially liked the white haired horse and the hanging planters which are simply wow.

  6. I did take the trouble of checking their website and like you mentioned they do have some unique pieces. I’ve come across a few stores for terracotta work but Exclusivelane do have exclusive pieces which stand out.

    1. Some wonderful decor pieces are available on Exclusivelane. The terracotta hanging tealight hooders are so beautiful. Would like to try some items for my home.

  7. Oh yes they have a lovely collection of products but I found it just a little costly

  8. The handicrafts look amazing! Thank you for sharing about this website- would love to check it out.

  9. Exclusivelane seems to be a real treasure-house of some of the best handicrafts. A great resource for selecting handicrafts for the home as well as gifts. The range seems really nice.

  10. I have used the products of Exclusive Lane, they are extremely good and sturdy. I love the way they have revived the ancient art or craft and wedded it with modernity. Even their Moroccan crockery connection is really good. The brand is worth exploring.

  11. Yeah I also bought a lovely spice box from their website. Very good quality and very good variety of handicrafts they have on their website.

  12. There are some amazing pieces listed. I am in love with White-haired horse and I am going to buy that. This website looks perfect for home decor items.

  13. Totally, even I like their products, designs and offerings. Have bought a bowl set before and like the quality too. Great listing

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