Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review

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Well, aloe vera gel is a necessity in my home… My mom just cannot live without aloe vera gel! It is a part of her daily skincare routine and she uses it every day without fail! And I have combination (sometimes oily) skin, so I don’t really have a choice – aloe gel is a must for me! 😛

Over the years, I have used many different brands and types of aloe gel – some were amazing, others just “meh“.
Today, I am going to review this aloe vera gel by Deyga… I have been using it for quite some time now… Let’s see how it fared for me! 🙂


Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

DESCRIPTION: Make your skin glow and have a radiant look with Aloe Vera Gel. The massage gel helps to cleanse your skin deeply and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Aloe vera prevents your skin from acne and helps to reduce marks and moisturizes your skin.
~It refreshes your skin and brings a natural glow immediately.
~It makes your skin soft and supple.
~It has healing and soothing properties.

INGREDIENTS: Aloe Barbadensis (Cold Pressed) Aloe Vera Extract, Aloe Hydrosol.

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

USAGE: Evenly spread aloe vera gel over the skin and leave it overnight. Incase of day-time usage apply & wash off in 30 minutes.
Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Kindly refrigerate after use for long life.

COST: Rs. 350 for 100ml

SHELF LIFE: 6 months

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel


Deyga aloe vera gel comes in a good-quality transparent plastic (acrylic) tub with a black-coloured screw-on cap on the top. It also has an inner lid which keeps the product safe and prevents leakage. The tub packaging may seem unhygienic to some people, but I have no issues with it since I always wash my hands before applying anything on my face!
Also, I, personally, find the packaging pretty travel-friendly… But if you don’t want to carry the tub around, you can always transfer the required amount of product to a smaller container for travel purposes! 🙂

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel

The gel is transparent and colourless. It has no ‘fragrance’ and smells pretty mundane…
In fact, the gel is pure and natural, cold-pressed, has no added colours, is handmade and also cruelty-free! ❤️
All these details, including the manufacturing date and shelf life, are mentioned on the tub.

One of the interesting things about this aloe vera gel is that it is really thick and yet, it is not sticky/tacky at all! After a wash, I take a small amount of the gel and massage it on my face and neck… It takes less than a minute for the gel to get absorbed into my skin and within a couple of minutes, my face feels totally matte! It makes my skin feel super smooth – almost as if I have applied a layer of primer! So, if you want to use something light and natural for your everyday makeup, you can use this gel instead of your regular primer!
The gel has a soothing and calming effect on the skin and I feel that it will work wonders when used after sun exposure or hair removal… You can also use it as a mask for both skin and hair! (**Use it chilled for best results!)

Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Deyga Aloe Vera Gel
Gets completely absorbed into the skin ~

This aloe vera gel will work as a good moisturizer for oily and combination skin types. It provides enough hydration to oily/combination skin and also keeps it matte for quite some time! People with drier skin types can use this gel under their usual moisturizer…
Regular use of this gel makes the skin soft and supple and it has added a nice, subtle glow to my face!
I do like this product a lot! 🙂



1. Quite affordable. (**Priced slightly higher than regular aloe gels because of it being pure and cold-pressed.)
Buy it – here
2. Sturdy, leak-proof packaging.
3. Free of artificial additives (fragrance, colour); uses certified natural preservative – Geogard ECT; cold-pressed and handmade.
4. Gets completely absorbed into the skin.
5. Leaves the skin matte and smooth.
6. Can be used as an everyday makeup primer.
7. Has a soothing and calming effect on the skin; can be used after hair removal/threading/sun exposure.
8. Can be used both as skin and hair mask.
9. Can be used as a moisturizer for oily and combination skin types.

[P.S. You can use this gel in your DIY beauty recipes, but because it is so thick and pure, I prefer using it as it is… 😀 ]


1. Availability can be an issue since it is only available on Deyga’s website.

RATING: 4.8/5

FINAL TAKE: Deyga aloe vera gel is one of the best gels that I have ever tried! It is pure and thick and suits my skin well!
So, if you are looking for a good aloe vera gel, I would recommend you to give this a shot! 🙂

Hope it helps! ❤️

**PR product but 100% honest review!**

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32 thoughts on “Deyga Aloe Vera Gel Review

  1. Thanks for the review, it says refrigerate after use , how do u store it usually

  2. I have aloe Vera plant at home and regularly use aloe Vera gel too. Thanks for listing all the benefits. Didn’t know some of them.

  3. Aloe Vera gel is must have product in girls makeup kit. They can be used in a variety of ways. 🙂
    Great to see good review about the product and the brand. I m definitely gonna check out the brand and there products. Not only the gel but other products too.

  4. Aloe Gel is a must have for me too. I can’t live without. It’s the only in my skincare routine. I will surely think about this brand.

  5. It gives a luxurious feel. The consistency of the aloe vera gel is quite thick. Great thoughts.

  6. This Aloe vera seems good .Tub packaging is bit unhygienic , I like the ones in tubes , easy to use and carry.

  7. I have this aloe vera gel by Deyga and it is pure and organic. I am using this regularly and loving it

  8. These products look really nice and like that they are all organic. I will check out their aloe vera gel though it does not suit on my skin. But will check out their aloe vera mask (if available)

  9. I am also using this and quite like it. As usual you have given a best review on this product.

  10. I love aloe gel. And I don’t mind trying one from a different brand. Your review has made me look up Amazon for this one.

  11. I have been using deyga on my skin and it feels so new from the goodness of natural ingredients. I completely reccomend them too

  12. I always appreciate Deyyga products. They never disappoint me. Will definitely check this Aloe Vera gel too.

  13. This looks like a real good product for a glowing and beautiful skin.
    Should definitely be tried out by every woman.

  14. Deyga Aloe Vera Gel sounds really good. Especially as it has the goodness of Aloe Vera and its action on the skin too seems to be gentle. Price-wise too it is reasonable and seems to be a good value for the money.

  15. Sounds like a good natural product to use…have been looking for one for a long time now!

  16. This gel sounds perfect to use. Thanks for the detailed review, I get the much-needed idea about the product, let me check it out.

  17. Thanks for sharing honest review about the product. The product really looks promising . My sister also need aloe vera gel daily for her skincare routine. I will definitely recommend her to try this gel once.

  18. I trust cold pressed products do much and indeed aloe vera is an indispensable part of our household skin care needs. So definitely gotta check out this brand

  19. I love aloe vera gel for face, its infact my go to treatment after having a beach day or for skin woes. This product looks really good, I hope they are shipping online

    1. These products look really nice and like that they are all naturally made. I will check out their aloe vera gel as I was looking for one.

  20. Good and informative review.
    I did not know that aloe vera can be used as a primer – this is such a great idea! Definitely, a natural product that is good for the skin would be a great, and healthier base to build on!

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