Deyga Vanilla Deodorant Review

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Well, body odour is something no one likes… When I was a teen, I hated it so much that I used to bathe in body sprays every time I had to go out! But as I grew older, I realised that most regular deodorizers are loaded with chemicals that are harmful to us in the long run… And slowly, my search for good natural alternatives began!

I have been using natural deodorants for quite some time now and I recently came across this handmade deodorant by Deyga…
Is it good? Did I like it?
Well, today, I am going to review it for you all!
Read on to know all about it… ❤️


Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

DESCRIPTION: Vanilla, with its creamy and mood lifting smell can catch you back in form! Its cheery fragrance is restorative and encouraging towards a happy day! Make your every day a great start with this aromatic delight. Handcrafted with passion and naturally formulated, it’s nozzle is ready for your pat!
-for all skin types.

INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil.

-Provides a cheerful odor.
-Doesn’t mess with the natural body process as it absorbs sweat instead of blocking it.

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

-Gently apply pressure on the entire push area and using your thumb apply pressure to the central push area to squeeze the deodorant out.
-Directly apply on hands, armpits, inner thighs or anywhere as per your requirement.
-Make sure the area you apply deodorant on is dry.
-Do not push out an excessive amount of the deodorant.
-In case you have taken out an excessive amount, use only what is required and use the cap to push the excess back into the tube. Do not use your fingers.

STORAGE: Do not keep in hot or humid areas. Store in a cool place. If there is excessive exposure to heat, the deodorant may melt. Refrigerating the deodorant for an hour will help solve this.

COST: Rs. 650 for 70g

SHELF LIFE: 8 months

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant


Deyga vanilla deodorant comes in an off-white, thick cardboard tube. The tube is very sturdy and has a cap that fits well. At the bottom of the tube is a cardboard lid/stopper with ‘PUSH’ printed on it. You need to apply pressure on this lid to push the deodorant stick out. (**Since the tube is not retractable, remember not to push out too much. In case you do, use the top cap to push the stick back in.) The overall packaging is sleek and travel-friendly! ❤️
All the necessary details about the product like the list of ingredients, manufacturing date and shelf life, are mentioned on the tube…

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

The deodorant stick is off-white in colour and has an organic lip balm like texture (probably due to the natural butters and beeswax content)… It has a beautiful, rich, warm fragrance of vanilla… Now, to be honest, I am not a huge fan of vanilla – if you ask me to choose between vanilla or any other flavour of ice-cream or cake, 90% of the time I would choose the other flavour! So, I was really surprised that I found the smell of this deodorant so amazing… It is not too strong, it is just warm and comforting! ^_^

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant

I have been using this deodorant everyday after bath. I apply it straight from the tube on my underarms and then use my fingertips to massage it into the skin. It spreads well and moisturizes the skin like rich body butters. But it doesn’t make the skin feel heavy and gets almost completely absorbed into the skin within 30 mins, leaving the area supple and nourished.
It does control body odour to a great extent and keeps me smelling good for 6 to 8 hours! Also, it doesn’t increase or decrease sweating, which is great!

Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
Deyga Vanilla Deodorant
After massaging it into the skin~

Now, this isn’t the kind of deodorant that will fill the entire room with fragrance as you step inside… If you sniff closely, you will get a whiff of vanilla, but it won’t radiate fragrance in every direction you go! And this is what I love about it! It is something I can apply both when I am at home or stepping outdoors… It nourishes my underarms, doesn’t harm my skin in any way and it doesn’t contain added colours or preservatives! ❤️
I also feel that it will suit all skin types, except maybe people with extremely oily skin! ^_^



1. A little expensive, but it is worth the price!
Buy it – here
2. Sturdy, leak-proof, travel-friendly packaging.
3. Free of added colours and preservatives; handmade and cruelty-free.
4. Has a warm and comforting fragrance of vanilla.
5. Nourishes the skin well.
6. Controls body odour to a great extent; effects last for 6 to 8 hours for me.
(Note: I don’t have an intense body odour. So, I can’t say how long it will last if you sweat a lot or have a stronger body odour.)
7. Doesn’t mess with the natural sweating process.
8. Can be used on hands, armpits, inner thighs, etc.
9. Suitable for all skin types, except extremely oily ones.


1. Availability can be an issue since it is only available on Deyga’s website.
2. If you have very long nails, pushing the lid to get the product out can be a little difficult.
3. The packaging is not retractable; can lead to product wastage if you accidentally push out too much of it.

RATING: 4.6/5

FINAL TAKE: Deyga vanilla deodorant is natural and handmade, loaded with the goodness of various natural ingredients, is quite effective in controlling body odour and it smells great!
So, if you are into natural skincare, or even if you are just looking for a new deodorant to try out, I would recommend you to give this a shot! 😀

Hope it helps! ❤️

**PR product but 100% honest review!**

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28 thoughts on “Deyga Vanilla Deodorant Review

  1. Hi Mrinal,
    How come your blog doesn’t feature a review of Lineal Deodorant?

    Should we send you a sample?

    Team Lineal

  2. How detailed are your reviews. I think I will like this product. Lots of pros so I am considering to buy

  3. Never seen deodorant in creamy form. Would definitely love to try this product only because of Vanilla flavour and different texture. Also Lately we have seen use of natural products and ingredients which actually is very benefiacial for us. I feel this product is worth the price.

  4. I feel that if the product is good paying up a lil more is alright. This looks good. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling and gets absorbed. Plus you liked it when you actually don’t prefer vanilla. So it’s a yes for me too

  5. This one looks great. The detailed review convinces me to try vanilla deo for sure. I am somehow liking products of Deyga. Will try this one for sure

  6. This deodorant is so creamy that makes our skin feel smooth, fresh, and there is no odour. Great thoughts.

  7. I am reading good reviews about this brand and vanilla deo will definitely smell good 🙂
    I am using a vanilla face cream and it’s fragrance is too good.

  8. This definitely is a very useful product to stay odourless.
    The pros and cons will definitely help in choosing it based on my skin type.

  9. Deyga Vanilla Deodorant sounds really nice and good to use. Natural ingredients also ensure the safety of use. It is also nice to note that it is suitable for all skin types too.

  10. Vanilla deodorant sounds very tempting. I want to try this out . Will check out the website to buy.

  11. Lovely review. You’ve honestly covered all the points through this article. As its all-natural, I think I might give this deo a try.

  12. I have used this product and liked it immensely. The Vanilla fragrance is my favorite, so would surely like to use this product.

  13. Deyga Vanilla Deodorant is made from natural ingredients which is important. Another good thing is that it does not interfere with the natural process of sweating which is really important. Also, the packaging looks good and ideal for carrying while traveling.

  14. Thanks for sharing honest review about the product. This Deo from Deyga looks very promising will definitely going to try this for sure.

  15. Very interesting to read about a deodorant that comes in a cardboard packaging. I was wondering why you explained the usage of the product in so much detail, on further reading, I realised that its because the product comes in a unique packaging. I agree with you, 650 is a bit expensive but the product looks worth the money. Natural ingredients in an eco-friendly packaging seems like a win-win. Kudos to your honesty – I enjoyed reading your review.

  16. Body odour can be a huge issue in summers and to have a deodorant that fixes the issue is a life savior according to me. Any deodorant that makes me smell good for 6 to 8 hours will be my first choice.

  17. I am very particular about skincare and lately there has been very promising on my skin. Will Try this product soon

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