Flormar Pretty Cream & Glaze Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino – Review

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‘Nude’ and ‘Brown’ lipsticks can never ever go out of fashion! ❀ What say? πŸ˜€
‘Red’ or brights can definitely transform your dull look into a gorgeous one but a nude or brown can make your OTT and too-colourful-to-handle looks look subtle, easy to carry and beautiful! ❀

I, personally, can never have enough nudes and browns in my collection and so, during my recent visit to Reliance Trends, when I saw this gorgeous warm-toned coffee-brown beauty from Flormar (A famous yet affordable Turkish brand which is imported and marketed in India by the Reliance group), I just couldn’t stop myself from getting it… ❀ And today, I would be reviewing the same! Read on to know if I loved or regretted my purchase! πŸ˜›


Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

DESCRIPTION: [On The Website] Pretty Lipstick; It covers the lips perfectly with its rich, creamy and moisturizing structure. Softens the lips with its nourishing properties and gives them a shiny look.
[ Made in Turkey; Imported & marketed in India by Reliance Retail LTD.]

INGREDIENTS: Not mentioned.

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

SHELF LIFE: 5 years

COST: Rs. 250 [for 3.9g]


The Flormar Pretty lipsticks come in a basic but cute, pink-coloured tube packaging with the cap of the tube being wider than the body! πŸ˜› The body of the tube bears the name and shade of the lipstick while the cap has most of the other details like the manufacturing and import date, price, etc! The packaging is definitely nothing fancy, but quite sturdy and travel friendly, as the cap closes with a click sound, ensuring a good lock! ❀

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

The lipstick bullet has a very mild but pleasant fragrance of chocolates, which goes quite well with the funky and cute pink packaging and doesn’t actually make the lipstick feel cheap! πŸ˜› The shade that I have is called ‘P306 Cappuccino’ and is an extremely gorgeous warm-toned, deep yet bright, coffee-brown colour! The shade seems to have quite a bit of orange-coral undertones to the basic brown which gives it that rich, warm-toned, coffee colour! ❀❀❀

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

The lipstick is really soft & creamy and glides on the lips with utmost ease… But even after being rich and creamy, it doesn’t settle into creases, neither does it amplify the cracks and patches on the lips and hence, one can easily skip scrubbing their lips prior to use! It is also very nourishing and keeps the lips moisturised until removed! ❀

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

The colour payoff of the lipstick is really good and it gives a rich, opaque colour in just a single swipe! The finish of this lipstick is quite creamy and glazed! It isn’t very shiny or glossy, neither it is a creamy matte! It actually has a slight sheen to it, as if glazed with a little butter! πŸ˜›

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
On My Lips: Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

Talking about my experience with the lipstick, well, it covers all the pigmentation on my lips in just a single swipe, which is something I really love about it! ❀ It is also very lightweight and doesn’t feel even a bit heavy or tacky on the lips! ❀ The lipstick, due to being creamy, is not at all smudge or transfer resistant and easily leaves a mark on anything and everything that comes in the contact of the lips… It transfers very easily on coffee mugs, glasses and even bare hands, in case you decide to touch your lips! πŸ˜› But even after being easily transferable, the best thing that I noticed about this lipstick is that it remains on the lips for hours at a go! I have had 2 complete meals, beverages, water, etc., within a period of 8-9 hours and although the lipstick transferred on to every single cutlery, at the end of the day, I had lips almost as full as they were when I had applied the lipstick… Although the sheen had faded slightly! ❀
I feel if meals and beverages are taken with a little care and one doesn’t absent-mindedly wipe the lips, this lipstick would easily stay for more than 9-10 hours! ❀

Flormar Pretty Lipstick - P306 Cappuccino
Flormar Pretty Lipstick – P306 Cappuccino

The lipstick can be removed using a makeup wipe or just a cloth/tissue and it goes away with ease, without leaving behind any stains! ❀

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1. Priced very affordably at just Rs. 250! ❀
2. Sturdy, cute and travel friendly packaging!
3. The lipstick bullet has an extremely mild but pleasant, chocolatey aroma which goes well with the cute packaging and doesn’t make the lipstick feel cheap (unlike many others)! πŸ˜›
4. The lipstick is very soft and creamy and glides on the lips like butter! It also doesn’t settle into creases!
5. The colour payoff of the lipstick is amazing and just a single swipe can give a rich, opaque, warm-toned ‘coffee-brown’ colour! ❀
6. The finish of the lipstick is “Creamy & Glazed”, as suggested in the name… The lipstick doesn’t look glossy or very shiny but looks rich and creamy on the lips!
7. Due to the moisturizing texture, one doesn’t need to use a lip scrub or a lip balm before application!
8. Although the lipstick is not transfer-proof (due to it being creamy), it survives meals and drinks easily, if handled with a little care and not wiped intentionally!
9. Stays put for more than 8-9 hours; even after a lot of transfer, a layer of the lipstick still remains on the lips and doesn’t make it look bare or patchy!


1. Available in India only in Reliance Retail outlets, as of now!
2. Too creamy, hence, smudges and transfers very easily!
3. Ingredients list is completely absent, both on the product and on the website! πŸ™

RATING: 4.5/5

FINAL TAKE: I would highly recommend this lippy to beauties who want a budget lipstick, that is super gorgeous and doesn’t dry out the lips and also to everyone who is comfortable with *non smudge-proof, creamy lipsticks! πŸ˜€ I, personally, love this shade and the colour payoff and wouldn’t mind purchasing it again! It’s no doubt an amazing one at this price point! ❀

Hope it helps! ❀

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  1. I must say a detailed review. I love the brown shades and the fact that these lipsticks are so reasonable. I can have a lot many shades at the same price I would spend for two lipsticks of other brands.

  2. This shade is looking to cool on you , I never try this color but now will give it a try ,as it come in an affordable price too..

  3. The new lipstick from Flormar look well packaged with shades. I am sure ladies will benefit after reading its benefits. Nicely written article. Have already shared the same with my friends.

  4. First of all, I loved the detailed review of lipstick, you have covered all the important points which a reader cum consumer can ask for. Now coming to the lipstick, I loved the shade and considering the pros you mentioned, I would like to get it for myself too.

  5. I haven’t tried this brand and the shades are totally obsession. I would love to try that.

  6. The shade is really awesome. Love how young age showed the swatches in cool and warm light. Great review

  7. I am totally in love witht he shades . Never heard of this brand . Thanks for introducing me to such an affordable lipshade.

  8. loved the detailed write-up, explaining each and every aspect. also just today my sister in law was asking me an affordable brand of lipstick, we are going to get this soon.

  9. Nice review. A good and affordable lipstick with a nice and beautiful colour also. So, i will be definitely try this lipstick.

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