Gift Ideas For Women Of Different Age Groups!

Yes, it is! ❤❤❤
But choosing a gift, a gift that ‘SHE’ would love to receive, can get really difficult and confusing at times! 😛

So, today, I thought why not talk about the gifts that women of different age groups cherish! 😀


Gift ideas for women of different age groups


This age group consists of babies and toddlers… So, there aren’t many gender specific gifts! 😛

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Rattling Toys: These toys do a great job at diverting the attention of babies and have been made and used for centuries… Make sure that the toys you buy have no sharp edges and are of a good quality!

• Clothes: Onesies, frocks, baba suits or dresses… The market is flooded with cute, trendy and comfortable clothing items for babies and toddlers!

• Baby Accessories: Bows, headbands, ties, colourful teething necklaces, fluffy shoes… Cute and funky baby accessories are a great choice when you are in a doubt! 😛

• Babycare Gift Sets: Most of the baby care brands like Johnson and Johnson, Himalaya, Mamaearth and Chicco have their own gift sets for babies and you can pick one according to your budget! Make sure that you choose a safe brand or a brand that the parents are already using for the baby! 🙂

• Play Gyms: With all sorts of attachments, toys and bright colours, play gyms keep the babies engaged for quite some time and would make an amazing gift!

• Books: It is never too early for books! Gift them a cute and colourful book; there are a lot of options in the market to choose from! 🙂

• Plush Dolls/Pillows: Babies and toddlers love big, bright and soft plush toys and would enjoy cuddling and sleeping with them! Make sure that the dolls/pillows are of good quality (hypoallergenic) and not very furry, as the furs can irritate the babies and their nosies!

• Perambulators/Walkers/Baby Carriers: Carrying the baby in the arms, while one shops or works or just goes out for a walk, can be very hard and challenging at times! Baby carriers and prams are something, all new parents would appreciate! 😀


This age group consists of children who have crossed the toddler phase and are in the play schools or kindergartens! ❤

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Chocolates And Candies: Because we all know what kids love the most! 😀

• Pencil Boxes/Lunch Boxes/Stationeries: Believe me, kids are obsessed with new, colourful stationeries… 😛

• School Bags: Cute, funky, colourful school bags… Gift kids a reason to look forward to going to school everyday! 😀

• Toys: Dolls, doll houses, play sets, kitchen sets, cars, trains, legos… Childhood is incomplete without toys! ❤

• Soft Toys: Babies, toddlers, kids or adults… Everyone loves soft toys! ❤

• Educational Toys: Because children learn as they play! Today, we have a lot of options for educational toys in the market to choose from… Puzzles, word builders, sorting games, augmented reality games and many more!

• Kids Perfumes: Because everyone wants to smell good! 😛

• Clothing Items: Kids love receiving new clothes… Just make sure that you have a clear idea of the size and type of clothes that the child wears!

• Accessories: Bows, belts, kids jewellery, cute kids handbags, shoes or jackets… Because everyone loves accessorizing!


This age group consists of slightly older children and tweens! ❤

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Chocolates And Candies

• Stationeries And Books: Pens, pencils, pastel colours, water colours, pencil bags, lunch boxes, story books, comic books… School goers need them all!

• Cute And Funky Handbags Or Bag Packs: Because girls love cute stuffs! Gift her a handbag or a bag pack with fluffy dolls or teddies over it or just one with a lovely pattern… She would love it! ❤

• Soft Toys

• Toys And Playing Accessories: Roller skates, ludo, chess, carrom boards, badminton/tennis sets and regular toys like cars, play sets and dolls… These are just a few of the hundreds of different options available in the market for you to choose from! 😛

• Kids Perfumes: Again, who doesn’t want to smell good! Soft floral, fruity or citrusy fragrances are most loved by the kids!

• Kids Makeup: Because girls love makeup! Gift her a good quality kid’s makeup set so that she can play as much as she wants without making her mother cry! (Reference: Himawari from Shinchan 😛 )

• Accessories: Headbands, belts, cute sling bags, funky watches and sunglasses… Because every girl tries to copy her momma! 😛


This age group consists of the teenagers! ❤

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Flowers: Because women love flowers! Roses, sunflowers, lilies, daisies, orchids, tulips, chrysanthemum, carnations… Give her a bright and happy flower bouquet! ❤

• Chocolates: Because everyone loves chocolates! ❤

• Teddy Bears: They are a teenage girl’s best friends! Never underestimate the power of a huge, fluffy teddy bear! 😀

• Handbags And Slings: Handbags, slings, totes, satchels… Bags with funky, cute or delicate work! A girl can never get bored of bags! ❤

• Watches: Gifting a watch is a pretty common idea… But if you are planning to gift a watch to a teen girl, make sure that you choose a funky, cute or a dainty one and don’t go for a very matured design! ❤

• Sunglasses: Gift her a trendy or a classy pair of sunglasses, she would love them! 🙂

• Headphones And Wireless Speakers: And you don’t need a reason for this! Do you? 😛

• Cute Collectibles: Because ‘cute stuffs’ are every girl’s weakness! 😉 Just remember not to splurge too much, as most of the ‘cute stuffs’ have no practical importance! XD

• Makeup Accessories: Because every teenage girl tends to develop a ‘serious’ love for makeup and would surely appreciate good makeup accessories as gifts!


• Skincare For Teen Skin: She is going through a lot… And so is her skin… Pamper her with some good skincare products; products that made especially the teen skin! ❤

• Trendy Junk Jewelleries & Accessories: Because girls, young or old, love accessorizing! 😀

• Perfumes: Soft floral, fruity, musky fragrances… Fragrances that look as well as smell beautiful, make a perfect gift!


This age group consists of girls in their late teens and young to middle-aged adult women! ❤

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Chocolates

• Flowers

• Books: If she is a book lover, there can be no gift better than a good book! Try to find out her favourite genre and gift her either a best seller or a timeless classic from the same genre!

• Perfumes

• Handbags & Slings: Evening bags, vanity bags, clutches, slings, totes… You can never run out of choices if you plan to surprise her with a bag!

• Junk Jewellery

• Dainty Precious Jewellery: Because be it office or home, party or just a day out, dainty and classy jewellery pieces are something that she can flaunt all the time! ❤

• Watches & Sunglasses: Because they are timeless! ❤ Pick a more matured and dainty/classy design and skip those excessively funky ones!

• Branded Makeup: Gift her a trendy or a classic makeup product… Believe me, she would love it! ❤

• Branded Cosmetics: Buy her a skincare essential that she has been wanting to buy for long! Make sure that you don’t make random guesses or buy just anything that you see… Every woman has a different skin type and choice for skincare products, and your ‘guesses’ might go disastrously wrong! 😛

• Aromatherapy Gifts: Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that not just refreshes the senses but also rejuvenates the mind and the body… Aromatherapy candles, a set of essential oils, diffusers and aroma oils would make a great gift!

• Fitness Tracker: Because a woman does so many things, throughout the day… Attending classes to doing household chores, running after the kids to finishing office projects! Gift her a fitness tracker and let her know that you care for her health! 🙂

• Electronic Devices: A new phone, a wireless speaker or a headset… Is she is a ‘Tech’ lover? Gift her a cool gadget!

• Gift Cards: When you are confused or have no time to figure out what to gift her, gift her a gift card for an online shopping portal or a spa and let her decide how she wants to use it! 😉


This age group consists of women in their middle ages as well as older women… ❤

Gift ideas for women of different age groups


• Flowers: Nothing can beat a beautiful flower bouquet! ❤

• Fruit Baskets: Because organic fruit baskets make a perfect & healthy gift! ❤ If she has a digestive issue or is diabetic, select fruits that are easy to digest or are low in sugar content, respectively! 🙂

• Handmade Cards (Or Store Bought Ones): Try to make a DIY card for her, even if that looks basic and nothing ‘extraordinary’… Because it is the effort that makes them feel loved! ❤ And in case you cannot, a store-bought card would do… Just write a few lines inside it to let her know how much she matters… ❤

• Books

• Watches & Sunglasses

• Branded Skincare & Makeup (If She Is Interested In Them)

• Face, Body & Foot Massager: With age, comes wisdom, experience and body aches! 🙁 A massage chair, a foot massager or even just a handy face massager would make an amazing gift!

• Jewellery: Women of this age group love less ‘trendy/funky’ and more ‘matured’ jewellery pieces… Precious jewellery is something you can gift them without a doubt! ❤

• Perfumes

• Handbags: Clutches, tote bags, vanity bags and handbags… You can choose from a wide range of designs and colours available in the market, just make sure that you don’t choose something too bright or funky and instead choose a design comfortable for them to carry! 😛

• Assorted Chocolates: Pick the flavours that she likes, give her a box full of her favourite chocolates! ❤ (Make sure she isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients or diabetic; choose the chocolates accordingly!)

• Assorted Dry Fruits: Dry fruits always make a great gift! ❤

• Home Decor & Essentials: Paintings, flower vases, wall decors, furniture accessories… If she is a home decor lover, these would make an amazing gift for her!

• Kitchen Essentials: Is she a cooking enthusiast? Then maybe she would love to receive a beautiful crockery set!

Aromatherapy Gifts

• Sarees & Shawls: These are the gifts that we have watched our parents give their mothers or their elders, all our lives! Classic gifts can never go wrong!

• A Collection Of Old Songs: If she loves old songs and often talks about the days when those songs were a hit, gift her a collection of old songs along with a portable audio player! ❤

• Religious Items (If She Is Religious): Religious books, a small idol, aromatic candles… Gift her something religious, if she is religious, and she would cherish it! 🙂

Apart from all these, you can always give them a personalized gift… Just choose any of the gift ideas listed above (for all the age groups, respectively) and get it personalized from a store that excels in the task! ❤❤❤

I hope this list was of some help to you…
Happy gifting! 🙂
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  4. Amazing gifting ideas for different generation groups. These gifting ideas is very beneficial for all the age groups. Great thoughts.

  5. Amazing gifting ideas for different generation groups. These gifting ideas is very beneficial for all the age groups. Great thoughts.

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