Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil Review

Hello My Dear Ladies! 🙂
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Well, we all have a few skincare products and cosmetics that we swear by and can’t live without! They occupy such a huge place in our heart! ☺❤

Today I am going to review one such product from my cupboard, for you all! ❤
It is a hair oil, absolutely pure and coldpressed, from the house of Soulflower! ❤

Read on to know more about it! 😀


Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil
Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil

DESCRIPTION: 100% pure and vegan high performance holistic pure and natural rosemary lavender oil! With real essential oil and Vitamin E.
Soulflower oils are extracted from Natural botanicals. Enriched with nutrients and antioxidants this natural hair growth oil strengthens follicles, gives deep nourishment to your strands, prevents hair thinning, repairs split ends and nurtures frizzy hair back to health.

Category- Cold pressed oil therapy.
For- Hair and scalp.
Action- Strengthen hair roots.
Type- All hair and scalp types.

Benefits- Conditions and strengthens hair roots. Delivers optimal anti hair thinning benefits. Restores hair damage. Has antifungal properties.
Rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil- Promotes hair growth by conditioning and strengthening hair roots. It restores hair damage like split ends and promotes blood circulation.
Juniper oil, amla oil and neem oil- This group of hair Moisturisers with antifungal properties effectively conditions your strands, restores hair vitality and delivers optimal anti hair thinning benefits.

Made in India. No animals harmed . Locally sourced.

INGREDIENTS: Rosemary essential oil- promotes hair growth, lavender essential oil- repairs split ends, juniper- prevents hair thinning, amla- strengthens follicles, neem, castor, olive, jojoba and Coconut oil.

DIRECTIONS: Dampen your hair. Apply oil on hair and scalp.
Leave overnight for best results.

COST: INR 400 for 225ml.

CAUTION: Use within 6 months after opening. For external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs.
Being a Natural product colour may vary without affecting its efficiency.

SHELF LIFE: 2 years. But to be used within 6 month after the seal is broken.

Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil
Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil


The Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil comes in a simple but beautiful packaging.. It is sealed in a sleek, transparent plastic bottle with a black flip cap, with all the Details of the product written over it. It is further packed in a cardboard box that has the maps of various states, from where the ingredients used are sourced, drawn over it. I, personally, love the packaging so much that I haven’t yet thrown the outer box, even after two months of use! 😛 😛

The Oil has a pleasant, relaxing herbal smell that I can somewhat relate to the smell of those oils that are used along with henna to darken its colour.. (If you know it! 😀 ) Actually, it has a predominant smell of essential oils, especially rosemary.. (Which I like a lot)! ❤

Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil
Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil

This Healthy Hair Oil is a really thick oil due to a high amount of castor oil present in it! It is so thick that I always end up using a large amount of the product on my scalp.. So, It is advised to ‘DAMPEN YOUR HAIR AND SCALP’ before using the oil so that it spreads easily and you don’t need too much of it!
But again, my bad! 🙁
I usually catch cold easily, so I have been using it without dampening my hair…( The only difference in using it on damp and on dry hair is in terms of the quantity of the product used.. So, if you are someone who catches cold and fever easily, just like me, you can opt to use it on dry hair too!) 😀

Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil
Soulflower Healthy Hair Oil

Now, as far as my hair is concerned.. I have always had a chronic dandruff problem ( Which leads to a hell lot of hairfall 🙁 ) which has got even more fuelled now, All thanks to my IBS and hypothyroidism! 🙁
So, apart from having an itchy scalp that starts irritating me within 30 hours of washing my hair with the best anti dandruff shampoo available, I usually lose about/more than 50-60 strands of hair every day.. 🙁

I have been using this oil on my hair for about two months now.. Sometimes daily, sometimes on alternate days and sometimes even after a whole week! (Lazy me!) 😀
I have used it for a total of 15-16 times now.. And One thing that I want to say is that this oil is going to be in my cupboard for quite sometime in near future! ❤

This Oil has worked wonders on my hair and I am really happy about it! ❤
First of all, It instantly calms down the itching of my scalp within a few minutes of application.. ❤
Also, the time gap of reappearance of my dandruff started to increase within just 3-4 uses.. And now, I hardly suffer from any dandruff or itching on my scalp even If I skip washing or oiling my hair for a week! ❤❤❤❤❤

Secondly, although it took some time, my hairfall has now decreased greatly.. After 7-8 uses, I started to notice that I lose much lesser hair while shampooing or combing.. By 12-13 uses, It had already reduced to half the quantity that I lost before! Also, recently I have noticed quite appreciable amount of tiny, new little hairs all over my head!(Now that calls for a party! 😀 )

Again, I generally face split ends after a few months of a hair cut and it sometimes even splits upto 2-3 centimetres! 🙁 But ever since I am using this oil, it has been more than 6 months of my last hair cut, and I haven’t noticed a single splitted or thin/weak hair yet! ❤❤❤
So, yes! It really makes the hair healthy! ❤❤❤

The best thing that I find about​ this oil is that its effects are for a long term even though they might take some time to show up! I don’t find any increase in my hairfall or dandruff even if I skip the oil for a week or more! 🙂
Plus, unlike many other hair oils, one wash is enough to wash off all the oil and greasiness from the hair and scalp! ❤

Also, this oil has only pure oils and essential oils and no preservatives, mineral oil or colour and fragrance.. So, you know you are massaging only pure goodness onto your scalp! ❤

(Also read my review over Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil here )


1. Easily available online and value for money! Buy it from here !
2. Travel friendly; the cap is sturdy and doesn’t leak!
3. No preservatives, colour, mineral oil or fragrance; Made up of pure and natural oils and essential oils.
4. Reduces dandruff and prevents it from recurring.
5. Helps reduce hairfall greatly; the effects are long termed.
6. Keeps the hair Healthy, helps with split end and thinning hair! ❤
7. Washes off​ easily; Just one wash is enough to remove the oil from the hair!
8. Doesn’t stain the pillows, when kept overnight.
9. Promotes hair regrowth!

1. The oil is extremely thick, hard to spread and weighs down the hair when applied!

RATING: 4.85/5

FINAL TAKE: I am totally in love with this hair oil from soulflower and I am going​ to buy this again for sure! Also, I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there to try it atleast once and see the effect for yourselves! ❤

Hope It Helps ❤

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  1. Applying hair oil on damp hair sounds different well I wouldn’t try it as I get headache. But the ingredients look interesting. Can we heat it and then use?

  2. This sounds great for the scalp. The fragrance of essential oils can have a very calming effect on the mind too. Would love to try this !

  3. I have been looking for a good hair oil from long time. This looks reasonable and with good benefits will try this one

  4. I am anyways using Castor oil so will go with this one for sure. cause I feel it will be helpful in many ways.

  5. Cold pressed oils retain all the important nutrients that can in turn benefit the hair … Lovely pics and the products look so good. Am going to surely check them out.

  6. This post came right in time. My search for hairfall and dandruff ends here ?❤. I’m surely purchasing this and will keep in mind to apply on damp hair as I have super oily scalp and this tip will help me.

  7. This post came right in time. My search for hairfall and dandruff ends here ?❤️. I’m surely purchasing this and will keep in mind to apply on damp hair as I have super oily scalp and this tip will help me.

  8. I will surely try it as my hairs are falling in huge number. this is cold pressed oil so looks as if it can do me some good.

  9. I love a good oil massage on my hair. This oil seems like a fantastic option, as I don’t mind heavy feeling oils.

  10. I was looking for hair oil which is non sticky this seems good will try for my daughter and as its travel friendly I am happy can carry this on our trips too!!

  11. I’ am all game to tryout relaxing herbal oil which promotes hair growth as well. I am a huge fan of rosemary too. Soulflower healthy hair oil looks like a safe and affordable choice to reduce hairfall and control dandruff.

    1. I use to get split ends within 2months of trimming my hair.. it has been 5-6 months i have got no split ends.. so it definitely works ❤

  12. I am using this oil for hair fall too. I find it slightly sticky for my taste but can’t deny benefits it provides. Hairball is worst thing that can happen to you. Lived your review and second you on recommending this

  13. Hair care is extremely important, we sometimes neglect it. Thanks for sharing your review.

  14. This really sounds so amazing… I’ve been suffering from frizzy hair since a few months and nothing I’ve done yet has helped giving me the results I desire… I’m going to try this out

    1. This is a great one.. might not work for very frizzy hair.. but works great for the overall health of hair 🙂

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